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We are one among the pioneers in sheep farming in Kerala. Our clients are exporters of sheep production in Kerala. Our farms are located in a beautiful echo-friendly environment spread over a total area of 35 Acares of land including the 15 Acares of gracing grounds covered by a rich grouwth of nutritious grass specially cultivated for the best health of selected varieties of sheep.

We have a well maintained and well protected heard of sheep numbering about 300 Malbaries and 100 Jamna Pari varieties at the moment. We have a team of vetanary doctors and technically trained live stock technicions to bring up our good verieties of breeds sheep with assured quality acceptable to criteria of export markets.

We have well established vatanery labs for testing of our live stock according to the established standards of vatenary science. So that our sheep can be well protected against the attack of all common epidemics afflicting the cattle population. We have also a small team of vatenary technitions to work in these labs.

Our farm site is blessed with perennial supply of water as also a salubrious climate most suitable for sheep farming. It is also gifted with transport facilities such as high ways and local roads leading up to the farm site.

Our future expansion plan is to buy Boyers from Australia and we just have started the study before introducing in Kerala. Our team members are planning to visit Australia to have a detailed study about Boyers and soon we will introduce Boyers in our market. We will announce the details in our web site and kindly pay a visit to see the updates in the very near future.

We always assure top quality products to our fellow customers and we will always keep your  trust in us. If you have any query about anything related our products, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service.

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