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British Cemetery at Verdun c. 1918
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Lists 14 Goldsack Men who gave their lives for their Country. To date, 10 of those men have been connected to my Goldsack research.
Private ROY FREDERICK GOLDSACK, son of Henry Goldsack, Reigate, Surrey. Died: Sunday June 30, 1918, aged 20.

Private JOHN GEORGE WILLIAM GOLDSACK, son of John George and Jane elizabeth Goldsack, Eltham, London. Died: Sunday September 29, 1918, aged 23.

Private GEORGE GOLDSACK, son of Edward Henry and Ada Goldsack, Newton In Makerfield, Lancashire. Died: Thursday October 12, 1916, aged 18.

Private WILLIAM GOLDSACK, son of George William and Isabel Goldsack, Dover. Died: Sunday September 26, 1915, aged 24.

Private THOMAS TINDALL GOLDSACK, son of Thomas William and Maria Louisa Goldsack, Crossways, Surrey. Died: Saturday September 25, 1915, aged 26.

Private STEPHEN EDWARD GOLDSACK, son of Stephen and Ellen Goldsack, Folkestone. Died: Tuesday July 4, 1916, aged 37.

Private ALFRED GEORGE GOLDSACK, son of William George and Lucy Goldsack, Canterbury. Died: Saturday May 1, 1915, aged 25. (NZEF)

Private EDWARD JOHN GOLDSACK, son of Henry and Ellen Goldsack, Dover. Died: Friday August 10, 1917, aged 29.

Petty Officer (1st Class) ALBERT JOHN GOLDSACK, son of Henry and Sarah Ann Goldsack. Died: Thursday December 5, 1918, aged 41. (HMS"Victory")

Troop Baker STANLEY GORDON GOLDSACK, son of John Thomas Samuel and Julia Goldsack, St. Margaret's At Cliffe. Died: Wednesday January 30, 1918, aged 27. Mercantile Marine, SS "Minnetonka". Lost at Sea.

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