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Stephen Goldsack (1741-1809) married Ann Birch 7 January 1768 at Folkestone.  Ann was born in 1740 and died in 1803. Stephen died at Woolwich in 1809. There is speculation that Stephen may be a son of George (1708), the son of Petter Gouldsacke (1679) and Sarah Arthur (1675). George was married to Ann Austin on 20 Oct 1740 at Kennington (near Ashford). At the time of their marriage George was described as being “of High Halden”(also near Ashford). While there has been no evidence found that definitively links George to Stephen (yet!) it is interesting to note that George (1708) was a member of the Ashford congregation of Baptists.  Many of Stephen’s descendants were baptised and married in the Baptist church in Woolwich.  Also, it is interesting to note that the naming pattern of Stephen’s eldest children is consistent with his being a child of George and Ann.


The information presented on this page is derived from the work of Margaret and Arthur Jackson and from files sent to me by Jim Goldsack from Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve added the Coveney information provided by Tom Brennan and material from the 1881 and 1901 UK Census.


Children of (1)Stephen Goldsack and Ann Birch


(2) George (1769-1848) m. (1789) (Sarah Clarke 1769-1802) (2m.) Sarah Belcher (d. 1813)

Children of George and Sarah Clarke: Note: there were two George Goldsacks at Woolwich in 1841, both married to Sarah.

      (3) Stephen (bp.13 June 1790, St. John, Hackney, Middlesex -1871) m. Sarah Rose Taylor  * Emigrated to Chile. According to information sent by Delia Goldsack from Santiago, Chile;  Stephen was an expert in “armaments for boats” and went to work for the Chilean Navy, under the command of Lord Thomas Cochrane.  Lord Cochrane took command of the Navy in 1818 and helped gain Chile’s independence from Spain. He used mostly skilled individuals from England to equip and run his fleet. After the war an unofficial “British colony” was established in Chile.

                (4) Alfredo (b. Chile- d. 1894, Chile) m. Catalina Navarro Mena

                       (5) Arturo (d. 1946, Chile) m. Adela Gayner Hidalgo

                              (6) Arturo (died as an infant)

                              (6) Alfredo (1897-1985) m. Ruth T. Favard (Richardson) (d.1991)

                                     (7) Ronald R.(c.1939) m. Gabriella Arrau Merino

                                             (8) Alfredo

                                     (7) Vivien *Unmarried


                              (6) Guillerno m. Carmen Rodriguez Ewart

                              (6) Jorge m. Eugenie

                              (6) Olivia m. Anibal Landrazadal Rojas


                       (5) Pedro  m. Laura Embry Legrand

                              (6) Pedro m. Matura Bananana

                                    (7) Rafael (1920-1952) m. Elcira Jarpa Gana (1920)

                                            (8) Rafael (1946) m. Lucia Trevilcock * 5 children

                                            (8) Maria Ester (1948) m. Gerge Rojas Zegers * 7 children

                                            (8) Arturo (1950) m. Veronica Perez Garcia (1954) * 4 children

                                            (8) Luis (1952) m. Maria Eugine Gil * 3 children


                                    (7) Ema


                       (5) Juan m. Catalan

                       (5) Lucretia m. Ramon Alvarez

                              (6) Ramon Alvarez m. Maria De La Bora


                       (5) Carlotta

                       (5) Tita m. Roblia Cantallano

                       (5) Catalina m. Estaban Marin

                              (6) Estaban Marin


                       (5) Bertola m. Juan Gonzalez

                       (5) Sofia m. Santos De La Cerda

                       (5) Alfredo m. Ester Cacgres

                       (5) Manuel

                       (5) Juna


                (4) ?? m. ? Guinazo * Emigrated to Argentina.     


      (3) Marion (1792-1796)

      (3) Hannah (6 May 1791) m. Edward Cowell * In 1851 at Reading Street, St. Peter-in-Thanet. In 1871 Hannah was a widowed Pauper.

                        (9) Edward Cowell (1825, Reading Street)) m. Harriet (1830, Reading Street) * In 1881 Edward was a Farm Labourer and Harriet was a Laundress. They were living at 15 Joss Treet, Cottages, St. Peter’s.

                                    (10) Charles Cowell (1855, Reading Street) * A Tailor on 1881, unmarried, living with parents.


      (3) George (1 Jan 1795- 1872) m. (1814) Mary Ann Handford * In 1841 George, Mary, Joseph and Rebecca were living at Sandy Hill, Pledges Row, Plumstead. George was a Smith and Joseph was a Saddler’s Apprentice. In 1845 George is described as a Turner. He was living on Sandy Hill Road in 1861 and he retired from the Woolwich Arsenal in 1862. “According to George Warden Goldsack (son of George Robert ) his great grandfather was the inventor of ‘The Forge’, a 6 boro cannon. There is reportedly a painting by James Sharples that shows the Forge at Woolwich Arsenal, with the inventor George Goldsack (1795).


ATTENTION, WE NEED YOUR HELP: There is great interest in determining the validity of the claim that George Goldsack invented the ‘Forge’. Also in locating the Sharples painting. In Wilbur Goldsack's MS on "The Family of Goldsack Thanet Kent", he mentions that the Sharples' painting "is preserved by the family". Please, if you know anything about this story contact me with the details.  Note: it is possible that the painting was the work of Paul Sandby            


                  (4) Joseph (1823, Woolwich, Plumstead- 15 Feb 1902) m.(6 July 1845, Deptford) Eliza Ann Swallow (1827, Bucks Beaconfield-1903, Lewisham) * Eliza was the daughter of Robert Swallow. He was a Potter.  In 1845-51 Joseph was a Metal Turner living on Beresford Street. In 1853 he was on 5 Bright Terrace, Plumstead. In 1861 he was on Melbourne Road, Plumstead. In 1881 he was an Engineer, living at 100 St. Mary’s Road, Camberwell. In 1901 he and Eliza were still at Camberwell. Joseph was the Inspecting Engineer at the Railway Plant.  On 7 Mar 1902 Joseph’s Will was proved by Thomas William, stationer, and George Robert, engineer.

                                (5) Sarah (1847-1847)

                                (5) Eliza Jane (1850, Plumstead) m. (1873) Frederick Davis (1851, Chatham) * In 1881 they were living at 23 St. Marys Road, Camberwell, Frederick a Commercial Clerk. In 1901 they were at Lewisham, London. Frederick was a Mercantile Clerk.

                                             (6) John F K Davis (1877, Deptford)

                                             (6) Frederick J Davis (1878, Deptford)

                                             (6) Maud Davis (1880, Peckhan)


                                (5) Joseph (22 May 1852)  (m.) (Q2 1872, St. Saviours) Hannah Elizabeth Wood (m2) (Q2 1876, Leeds) Annie Sophia Blackburn.  *Joseph remarried in 1876, the same year he emigrated to New Jersey.  He left two daughters in England, Edith and Sophia. Annie died in 1880. The 1880 census shows Joseph (aged 32) living in the household of Mary J. Hawkins (age 50) and her two children. Joseph was a Machinist. There were 4 other machinists living in the house.

                                             (6) Joseph Lacey (Q2 1872, Woolwich-1917, Jersey City, New Jersey) m. Susan Peters (25 July 1877-2 Aug 1944, Bergenfield, New Jersey). * In 1880 Joseph (aged 7) was with his brother John in a Children’s Home at Plainfield, Union, New Jersey. Joseph died as a result of being kicked by a horse. Apparently an explosion caused the horse to kick

                                                         (7) James Francis (15 Sept 1890, Jersey City-10 Jan 1938, Bronx, NY) m. (1912) Jennie Beck (2m) (20 Mar 1923, New York City) Elizabeth Veronica Connolly (2 Mar 1900, New York City-25 Jul 1983, Florida).  James was a New York City Transit Worker, in 1930 he was a Ticket Taker for IRTRR.  The children of James and Jennie:

                                                                  (8) Evelyn (5 May 1916-Apr 1978, Bergen, NJ) m. (2 Mar 1937, Bronx) Paul McLees, Jr. (20 Sept 1907-Dec 1986, Wisconsin)

                                                                  (8) Daniel (1918, NJ)

                                                                  (8) David (1921, NJ)

                                                                  (8) Joseph (1922) * Not on 1930 census


Children of James and Elizabeth Connolly:

                                                                  (8) James Francis (1930)



                                                        (7) Edith (1895) m. William Rodestock

                                                        (7) Robert (13 Jan 1898, Brooklyn -Mar 1982, Hoboken, NJ) m. (1918, New York) Helen (19 Sept 1901-July 1984, Hoboken, NJ)  *In 1930 they were in Hoboken, Robert was a Labourer on the Docks. The record shows that Robert was 20 when he married and Helen was 16.

                                                                 (8) Edward (5 Dec 1918, Hoboken- March 1973)

                                                                 (8) Helen (1921, Hoboken)

                                                                 (8) Robert F. (20 Nov 1922-25 Jul 1990, Secaucus, NJ)

                                                                 (8) Edith (1925, NJ)

                                                                 (8) William (March 1827, NJ)

                                                                 + 3 more children


                                             (6) Edith Hannah (Q2 1872, Greenwich(Deptford) -1919) m. (Q2 1898, Lewisham) George William E. Bartlett (1873, Bermondsley, London) *In 1901 Edith and George were living at 73 High Holborn, London, George was a Tobacconist Manager.  According to MJ they had 8 children.

                                                       (7) Constance Ruth Bartlett (Q2 1898, Holborn)

                                                       (7) Francis William Bartlett (Q4 1902, Holborn)

                                                       (7) Joseph A.W. Bartlett (Q3 1905, Holborn)


                                             (6) Sophia K. (Q2 1875, Darlington, Durham) * In 1881 Sophia was living with her grandparents, Joseph and Eliza at Camberwell. In 1901 she was still at Camberwell, unmarried.

                                             (6) John W.(1876, NJ -1950) m. Adeline (1885-1911) * In 1880 John (aged 4) was with his brother Joseph in a Children’s Home at Plainfield, Union, New Jersey. In 1930 John was at Queens living with his brother-in-law, Samuel P. Pope at #20 119 – 193rd Street, Queens, NY. He was a Baker for Pie’s Baking Company.

                                                        (7) Adeline B. (7 Jul 1909- 12 Dec 2000,Flushing, Queens, NY) Unmarried in 1930. Living with her father at the home of her Aunt Sadie M. Pope in Queens. She was a Stenographer.


                                             (6) Florence Kate (1878-1930) m. Theodore Luerrsen (1859-1915)

                                                        (7) Florence Edith Luerrsen

                                                        (7) Theodore Luerrsen (1904)

                                                        (7) Mary Eleanor Luerrsen (1906)

                                                        (7) Albert Luerrsen (1910-1910)

                                                        (7) Dorothy Luerrsen (1912-1916)

                                                        (7) Elizabeth Luerrsen (1916-1916)


                                             (6) Robert Swallow (1880, NJ -1947) m. (1903, New York)  Anna Elizabeth (1882, NJ-1945) * Anna’s parents were both from Sweden. In 1930 the family was living at 916 Front Street, Plainfield, NJ. Robert was a Machinist for Mack Motors. Ironworker, Frederick G. Franks (age 54, England) was lodging in the home.

                                                        (7) Robert (1905, NJ -1963) m. Marguerite (Margaret L.) Hickey (30 Sept 1905, NJ-1 Apr 1998, Somerset, NJ) *In 1930 they were at Plainfield, Robert was the Manager of a News office. Margaret was a Clerk at the same office. Margaret’s aunt, Mary A. Kinnery (age 58, Mass.) was living with them.

                                                                 (8) Robert J. (1931)

                                                                 (8) Ann Marie (1936)


                                                        (7) Grace (1909-1981) m. Adams (d.1942) (m2) Sullivan (d.1962)

                                                        (7) Wilbur Wood (10 Aug 1914-5 Nov 1988, Somerville, Somerset, NJ) m. Jane Hartley (28 Sept 1915-Feb 1975, Somerville, NJ) In 1930 Wilbur was living at Plainfield, Union, NJ.

                                                        (7) Elizabeth F. (1918-1973) m. J. Harris (died in WW2)

Note: There was a Joseph S. Goldsack who married ( 6 June 1883, Cook Illinois) Stella A. Otis * In 1880 there was Stella A. Otis (1868, NH) living at Lee, Strafford, NH with her father, Avis J. Otis ( 1837, NH) There was also an Estella Otis (1861, IA)  living at Pike, Missouri with her brother, Baldwin Otis (1853, NY). There is a record of an Estella who was born in Peoria, Illinois (1861-1894). Note: There was a family named Otis, living in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1880. Head of the household was John Otis (1834, Cuba) he had a brother named Manuel (1815, Cuba) living with them.

It is likely that the above Joseph is the father of the following Joseph:

Joseph Manuel Goldsack(16 Feb 1889, Edgewater, Cook, Illinois) Father:Joseph P.Goldsack. Mother:Estella Edell Otis




                                (5) George Robert (18 June 1853, Lewisham-26 Dec 1928) m. (Q3 1874, Camberwell) Laura Ann Warden (1852, London-1904)  Laura was the daughter of John W. Warden, Fireworks maker. In 1861 George was living on Melbourne Road, Plumstead. In 1874 he was working as a Fireworks Maker at Peckham. In 1901 the family is at Leeds, York. George is an Inspecting Mechanical Engineer.

                                             (6) George Warden (Q1 1876, Stourbridge) m. (Q4 1901, Southwark)  Olive Witham (Olivette Witton) (3 Dec 1881-Aug 1981, Wilkes Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania) * Apprenticed to Mausing Wardle & Co.(Leeds) from 1892-1897. Later he worked for Marshall’s Gainsboro as an Engineer for the Tea Plantation.  Later he was on staff of Falsh W. Watson consulting Engineers from Leeds. No mention in 1901 Census. On November 20, 1922 Olivette, Lillian and David arrived in New York on board the “Zeeland” from Southampton. They listed their place of residence as London. They were going to visit Olivette’s brother, William Witton in Pennsylvania. They were planning on becoming US citizens and had never been to the US before. In 1930 Olivette was living with her divorced brother, Rupert Witton, at 22 Carlisle Street, Wilkes-BarreCity, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Rupert was a Photo Engraver.

                                                           (7) Lillian (Q3 1901, Canterbury) m.(1925) Hugh Roberts (1901, Wales) *In 1930 they were living with Uncle Rupert at Wilkes Barre City, Hugh was a Salesman at a Bakery. Hughie had first arrived in the US on 25 Aug 1906 at New York.

                                                                   (8) David Roberts (Nov. 1928, Pennsylvania)               


                                                           (7) David (30 May 1907-May 1980, Wilkes Barre, Penn.) m. M. Williams *In 1930 David was living with his mother at his uncle’s home in Pennsylvania. He was a Watchmaker / Jeweller.


                                             (6) Albert Warden (Q3 1878, Beckham) m.(Q2 1908) L. Mabel Henderson * In 1901 Albert was a Mechanical Engineer living at Leeds, York.

                                                           (7) Mabel


                                             (6) Thomas (1880, Middlesboro, York) m. (Q3 1910, Leeds)  P. Wear * In 1901 at Leeds working as an Apprentice Mechanical Engineer.

                                                          (7) Jack D.


                                             (6) Fanny (1883, Salcoats, Scotland) m. (Q4 1906, Leeds) C. Dyson

                                                          (7) George Dyson

                                                          (7) Elizabeth Dyson

                                                          (7) Joan Dyson


                                             (6) Laura Jane (5 Mar 1885, Leeds-27 Apr 1980) m. (8 Oct 1910, Leeds) Arthur Edward Stokes  * In 1901 Laura is a Dress Makers Apprentice at Leeds.

                                                          (7) Arthur Stokes

                                                          (7) Dorothy Stokes

                                                          (7) Marjorie Stokes


                                             (6) Robert William (1888, Leeds-1888, Leeds)

                                             (6) Joseph (1892, Leeds) m. Ida

                                             (6) Kate (1894, Leeds) m. J. Greenwood

                                             (6) Edith  (1896, Leeds-1968)



                                (5) Robert Edward (1855, Plumstead-Q2 1887,Camberwell) m.(Q4 1878, Woolwich) Alma Hannah Baker (1854, Plumstead) * In 1881 Robert was a Commercial Traveller living at Russell Terrace, Plumstead. In 1901 Alma was a widow living on High Street, Walton at Thames, Surrey, working as a Shirt Maker. There is another Alma (aged 15, born at Peckham) also living on High Street, in the home of John Savage and working as his Servant.

                                             (6) Alma E.E. (1880, Deptford)

                                             (6) Louise Alice (Q3 1881, Greenwich) * Moved to Canada. In 1901 she was in the City of Toronto. Also in Toronto was Paul Goldsack (aged 52).

                                             (6) Caroline Annie (Q2 1882-Q3 1882)

                                             (6) May (Q2 1882) * In 1901 May was living at Walton on Thames working as a Laundress

                                             (6) Robert Percy Joseph (Q3 1883-Q4 1883, Greenwich)

                                             (6) James Robert (Q4 1884,Greenwich-Q2 1885, Greenwich)

                                             (6) Edward Joseph James (April 1, 1886) m. Mamie Beulah * In 1901 Edward was living with his mother and aunt, Emily Baker, at Walton on Thames, Surrey. On February 23, 1916 James enlisted at the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He gave his name as James and address as Stony Plain. He was a Farmer. His birthplace is listed as London. He gave his mother, Alma Hannah Goldsack , St. Catherine, Ontario, as next of kin. That was crossed out and his wife’s name was added. James was 5’-4’ tall with a fair complexion, blue/grey eyes and auburn hair. He served with the 194th Overseas Battalion.

                                                       (7) James m. Helen Latka * Living at Grande Prairie, Alberta in 2002


The following Goldsacks are buried in an Edmonton Cemetery:






                                (5) Rebecca Mary Ann (Q3 1857, Lewisham) m. (Q3 1882,Greenwich) Arthur W. Hill (1859, Lewisham) *In 1881 Rebecca was living with her parents at 100 St. Marys Road, Camberwell. In 1881 Arthur was living with his parents (Wenman and Priscilla Hill) at 149 Shardeloes Rd., St. Paul, Deptford. In 1901 they were at St. Paul, Deptford, London.

                                             (6) Arthur Hill (1883, Streatham) * Commercial Clerk in 1901, at Deptford


                                (5) Harriet (1859-1859)

                                (5) Mary Ann Diana (Q2 1861, Lewisham) m. (Q2 1???, Camberwell)

                                (5) Thomas William (Q2 1863, Lewisham-1932) m.(Q2 1887, Camberwell) Maria Louisa Tindall (1864-1936) * In 1881 Thomas was a Stationer, living with his parents at 100 St. Mary’s Road, Camberwell. Later he was the manager at Waterlow&Sons, Crossways, Foxley Lane, Purley. In 1901 Maria is at Lewisham, London – no mention of Thomas. In 1915 they were living at Crossways, Foxley Lane, Purley, Surrey.

                                            (6) Thomas Tindall (Q2 1888, Greenwich- Saturday 25 September 1915, France) * Thomas served with the “C” Coy. 1st and 20th Battalion. London Regiment. He is buried at CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ Pas de Calais, France.  Souchez is a village 3.5 kilometres north of Arras on the main road to Bethune. The cemetery is about 1.5 kilometres south of the village on the west side of the D937 Arras-Bethune Road.


                                            (6) Elsie Alice (Q1 1904, Lewisham) m. (c.1930) J.B. Pittman  m2. Rowbotham * Elsie was a singles and doubles All England tennis champion 1928-1935.



                                (5) Kate (1865, Plumstead) m. (Q3 1900, Camberwell) Charles Anderson (1864, Bermondsley, London) *In 1901 they were at Lewisham, Charles was a Chartered Accountant – 4 children


               (4) George John (5 Nov 1814, Woolwich-14 Jan 1889, Australia) m.(26 May 1834, East Ham, Essex) Eliza Mould (1816, Woolwich) (2m) (1866, Australia) Jane O’Donell. *In 1841 George was an Engineer living on Queen Street, Woolwich. From 1847-1853 he was an Engineer for the Royal Navy. In 1858 George left for Australia. In 1851 Eliza was living at 12 Lower Woodland Terrace, Woolwich. In 1861 she was at 13 Springs Building, Plumstead with two of her children. In 1881 Eliza was living at 137 Maxey Road, Plumstead, she was an annuitant.

                                (5) Eliza Mary Ann (bp. 20 July 1834, Woolwich-1841)

                                (5) George John (1837, Lambeth, Surrey-Q3 1881, Woolwich) m. (1859) Sarah Jane H. (1837, Devonport-1898, Woolwich) *In 1841 George was with his parents on Queen Street, Woolwich. In 1861 he was an Iron Turner living at 19 Arthur Street, Plumstead. In 1881 they were still in Plumstead, living at 147 Maxey Road. George was a Metal Turner. From 1893-96 Sarah was living at 147 Maxey Road.

                                             (6) Sarah (1860, Woolwich) m.(Q4 1880, Woolwich)

                                             (6) Eleanor Emma (Q2 1862,Lewisham) m.(Q4 1882, Greenwich) *In 1881 Eleanor was a Tailoress living with her parents.


                                             (6) George William (1864, Plumstead) m.(Q4 1889, Woolwich) Ellen Jane Hadley (1867, Woolwich) * In 1881 George was an Office Boy at the Arsenal. He was living with his parents. In 1881 Ellen was living at 11 Clara Place, Woolwich with her parents, Henry and Emma Hadley. Henry was an Engine Fitter. From 1896-1898 George was living at 5 Conway Road, Plumstead. In 1901 George was a Blacksmith living at 51 Bannockburn Road, Plumstead.

                                                         (7) Gladys Lillian (Q3 1897, Plumstead) m. (Q1 1922,Camberwell) ? Hicks

                                                         (7) Ruby Kate (Q1 1901, Plumstead)


                                             (6) Edith Alice (1868, Lewisham) m.(1909, Woolwich) * In 1881 visiting Frederick and Ann Green at 69 Friar Street, Southwark.  In 1899 she was the executor for her mother’s Will.


                                             (6) Kate Minnie (Q3 1870, Woolwich) m.(1897, Woolwich)

                                             (6) Joseph Lacey (1874, Plumstead) m. (Q3 1900, Woolwich) Ellen Jackson (1875, Plumstead) * In 1881 Ellen was living with her parents, William and Mary Jackson at 3 Church Cottage, Plumstead Road, Plumstead. William was a Carpenter.  In 1901 Joseph was a Gun Turner at Plumstead. From 1905-1912 Joseph lived at 27 Bramblebury Road, Plumstead. 1913-1920 he was at 64 Bramblebury Road.


                                             (6) Arthur Henry (Q2 1872, Woolwich) m. (Q3 1906, Woolwich) * 1911-1914 Arthur was living at 54 Frederick Place, Plumstead.


                              (5) Jessie Mary Ann (bp.31 Oct 1841, St.Mary, Woolwich) m. (Q4 1883, Woolwich)  *In 1861 Jessie was living with her mother at 13 Spring Buildings, Plumstead. In 1881 she was a General Domestic Servant at Woodland Cottage, Charlton Next Woolwich in the house of Dairy Manager, James Nicholson.


                              (5) Henry Joseph (1853/54, Plumstead) m. (Q2 1874 Greenwich) Jane Price (1845-1901) * In 1861 Henry was living with his mother at Plumstead. In 1881 he was working as an Engine Fitter and living at 137 Maxey Road, Plumstead. He was still at 137 Maxey Road 1893-1895.  From 1899-1924 Henry was the Inn Keeper at the Cricketer Inn, Shirley Road, Surrey.

                                            (6) Elizabeth (Lizzy) A.(1878, Plumstead) m. Will Chapman * Elizabeth was at Croydon in 1901. Will was a Butcher from Suffolk.

                                            (6) Henry James (16 March 1879, Plumstead) m. Ethel Howard. * Henry went to homestead in Manitoba, Canada (Winnipegosis). He returned to England to marry his wife, who was from Suffolk. On the return trip to Canada Ethel gave birth to twins. During the early 1920s Henry and his family returned to England to live.

                                            (6) George William (Q4 1884, Plumstead)  m.(Q1 1906) * A Turner of Iron in 1901 at Croydon

                                            (6) Walter Arthur (Q2 1887, Plumstead) m. (Q1 1916, Croydon) ?? Livingstone

                                            (6) Jane (Jinny) Emily (Q3 1891, Plumstead) m. (1919) William A. Short * Will and Jinny were Innkeepers in Sussex.

Note: Information supplied by Elizabeth Clark, granddaughter of Henry James Goldsack.


           (4)  Mary Ann (1817-1817)

           (4)  Amelia (28 May 1819, Plumstead-26 May 1891, Plumstead) m. (Q2 1846, Lewisham) James William Hitchcock (1813, Middlesex) * In 1841 Amelia was living at Plumstead Common, working as a Servant. In 1881 James and Amelia were living at 37 St. James Place, Plumstead, James was a Retired Chief Examiner for the Department.

                                (5) Daniel William Hitchcock (6 Aug 1847) m. Ellen Roffey * Immigrated to the US. In 1880 they were living at the 2nd Ward, Oskaloosa, Mahaska, Iowa. Daniel was a Machinist.

                                               (6) William Hitchcock (1869, England)

                                               (6) Ellen Hitchcock (1871, Iowa)

                                               (6) John Hitchcock (1873, Iowa)

                                               (6) Charles Hitchcock (1875, Iowa)

                                               (6) Eliza Hitchcock (1875, Iowa)

                                               (6) Nellie Hitchcock (1877, Iowa)

                                               (6) Ruth Hitchcock (1880, Iowa) * 3 months old on census day


                                (5) Mary Hitchcock (1849)

                                (5) John Hitchcock (1856, Plumstead) * In 1901 John was at Clapham, London working as a Supervisor at the India Store, Depot India Office.

                                (5) Rebecca Hitchcock (1859)

                                (5) Joseph Hitchcock (1864, Plumstead) m. Sarah (1865, Woolwich) *In 1901 they were living at 7 Kilworth Avenue, Prittlewell . Joseph working as a Secondary School Master.

                                              (6) Stanley (1892, Plumstead)

                                              (6) Ethel (1890, Plumstead)


            (4) Thomas (1821-1822, Woolwich)

            (4) Joseph (19 Jul 1823, Woolwich)

            (4) Hannah (10 Oct 1825, Woolwich) m. (Q3 1859, Epsom) ?? Cross

            (4) John (1828-1830)

            (4)  ?? Daughter (1830)

            (4)  Rebecca or Rebecka (2 May 1835, Plumstead) m. (Q3 1854, St. Olave) Alfred Cross (1835, Edgwear, Middlesex) * In 1881 they were living at 45 Walmer Road, Plumstead, Alfred was a Furnaceman.

                               (5) Alfred Cross (1856, Plumstead) * In 1881 Alfred was an Unemployed Metal Turner. In 1901 Alfred was living at the St Olave’s Chambers (Institution) on the corner of Silvester Street and Great Dover Street, London. He was Labourer.


                               (5) William Cross (1865, Plumstead) m. Annie M. (1867, Blackheath, London) *In 1881 William was a Butcher’s Assistant. In 1901 William was a General Labourer. They were living at 19 Princes Road, Plumstead.

                                        (6) Arthur W. Cross (1890, Plumstead)

                                        (6) Ethel A. Cross (1893, Plumstead)

                                        (6) William J. Cross (1896, Plumstead)

                                        (6) Ivy R. Cross (1898, Plumstead)


                               (5) Edward Cross (1868, Plumstead) m. Sarah (1870, Plumstead) * In 1901 They were living at 63 Bloomfield Road, Plumstead. Edward was working as a “Clicanest”.

                                        (6) Edward Cross (1889, Plumstead)

                                        (6) Francis Cross (1891, Plumstead)

                                        (6) Allen Cross (1893, Plumstead)

                                        (6) Florence Cross (1900 Plumstead)

                                        (6) Daughter Cross (1901, Plumstead) * 1 month old on census day


                               (5) Celia Cross ( 1875,Plumstead)




Children of George and Sarah Belcher:


      (3) John (1804, Hackney-1814)

      (3)  Rebecca (1806, Hackney-1806)

      (3)  Sarah (1808-1809)


(2) Thomas (1770) m. 13 April 1804, Deal) Ann Woodland *Both were from the parish of St. Leonard’s at the time of their marriage. Thomas was employed at the Devonport Dockyard from 1842-1848.

      (3) Sophia Helen Everett (31 Oct 1808, Devonport, Baptist)

      (3) Charles Agustus Everett (21 Jun 1811, Devonport, Baptist- Q1 1882, Plymouth) m. (Q3 1838) Stoke Deveral *In 1844 Charles was a Teacher of Drawing at 28 King Street, Plymouth. In 1850 Charles was living at 28 King Street,  he was an Artist. In 1881 Charles was a widower, earning a living as an Annuitant, and lodging at 19 Portland Square,  Plymouth, Devon in the home of China Dealer Merchant Nancy Paine.


(2)  Ann (1771-1813) m. (19 Aug 1790, Finsbury) Daniel Hitchcock

(2)  Stephen (bp. 14 Mar 1785, Woolwich, Baptist-1823) m. (4 June 1804, East Wickham) Sarah Taylor

      (3) Stephen (1 Jan 1805, Woolwich-Q3 1886, Wandsworth) m.(28 June 1838, Bethnal Green) Mary Ann Atkins *In 1881 Stephen was a messenger, lodging at 7 Dutch Yard High Street, Wandsworth.

                (4) Jesse George (16 Oct 1836, bp. 6 Nov 1836, Old Church, St. Pancras, London) m. (Q2 1867, Lambeth) Elizabeth Ann Trott (1841, Southwark) * In 1881 Jesse and Elizabeth were living at 41 Portland Place, Lambeth, Surrey. Jesse was a Letter Carrier. Elizabeth’s nephew,  William Trott (1860, Camberwell) was living with them.


                (4) Amelia Margaret (bp12 Mar 1839, Old Church, St. Pancras – Q2 1883, Thanet)


      (3) Thomas (10 May 1808, bp. 1 Jun 1808, Woolwich) * May be the father of George Lawrence Goldsack (1830)

      (3) Richard David (29 July 1810, bp. 19 Aug 1810, Woolwich)

      (3) George (1811, Woolwich) m. Eliza

      (3) Sarah (21 Jan 1812, bp. 8 Mar, Woolwich- died as an infant)

      (3) Jesse (1 July 1813, bp. 29 Aug, Salem Chapel, Powis Street, Woolwich)

      (3) Sarah Matilda (20 Jul 1815, bp 17 Sept 1815, Salem Chapel, Powis Street)

      (3) Sarah Matilda (bp. 21 Jan 1817, Salem Chapel) m. (Q3 1839, Woolwich)

      (3) Amelia Sarah (13 Nov 1817, Woolwich) m. (Q1 1850, Greenwich)