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STRAY GOLDSACKS – as yet,  not connected to the Kent Line



Isaac (1818, Weymouth, Dorset -Q1 1905, Truro) m. Elizabeth Jane (1823, Barnstable, Devonshire- Q4 1897, Truro)

* In 1861 Isaac was at Mullion with his wife and daughter, Elizabeth. In 1871 Isaac and his family were at St. Agnes, Cornwall, Isaac was a Coast Guard Pensioner. In 1881 Isaac was a Naval Pensioner living at Vicarage Road, St. Agnes, Cornwall with his wife and two daughters, Mary C. and Isabel.  In 1901 he was still on Vicarage Road, St. Agnes, Cornwall.

                                                () Sarah Caroline (died Q2 1850, Helston)

                                                () Elizabeth Jane (Bessie)( 1849 , Lizard)  m. (Q1 1869, Truro) Isaac Vodden (1845, St. Agnes, Cornwall) *In 1881 Isaac and Bessie were living on Vicarage Rd., St. Agnes. Isaac was a Butcher. In 1901 Elizabeth was living on her own means at St. Agnes. The only other Vodden in St. Agnes was Ethel.

                                                () Annie Vodden ( 1870, St. Agnes) *In 1901 Annie was unmarried, living in London with her Uncle George and family.

                                                () Minnie Vodden (1872, St. Agnes)

                                                () Lilly Vodden (1874, St. Agnes)

                                                () Ethel Vodden (1893, St. Agnes)


                                       () Mary Caroline (bp.3 Dec 1850, Mullion) * Unmarried in 1881

                                       () Juliana H. (bp. 2 Jun 1852, Mullion) m. (Q2 1871, Truro) * General Servant in 1871

                                       () Georgina (bp.30 Oct 1853, Mullion- Q1 1854, Helston)

                                       () George Henry (21 Sept 1854, Dorset, bp.5 Nov, Mullion) m.(Q3 1884, Lambeth) Mary Ann Giffen (1855, Bassingbourne) *In 1881 George was a Hotel Porter at Newington, Surrey. In 1892 he entered the Royal Navy. In 1901 George was at 147 Wandsworth Road,  London working as a Coffee House Keeper. His niece, Annie Vodden (1871, Cornwall) was living with them.

                                                () Mary I. (1891, London)

                                                () George (1896, London)


                                       () Emma (bp 12 Oct 1856, Mullion)

                                       () Matilda (bp.29 Aug 1858, Mullion) m. (Q3 1882, Redruth) * In 1881 Matilda was a General Servant for Joseph Warburton (Wesleyan Minister) at Chapel Road, Phillack, Cornwall.


                                       () Georgina (bp.23 Aug 1859, Mullion)

                                       () Caroline (1856, Mullion, bp.14 Feb 1862) * In 1901, unmarried, living with her father at St. Agnes, Cornwall.

                                       () Isabel (14 Feb 1862, Mullion) m. (Q1 1898, Truro) Thomas James Kemp (1861, Hayle, Cornwall * In 1881 Isabel was a Dressmaker.   In 1901 Isabel and Thomas were living at St. Agnes, Thomas was a Sailor.                                       


                                       () William John (Q2 1863,Mullion, bp. 18 October) m. (Q4 1889, Plympton) Sarah (1862, Pomphlett, Devon) * In 1878 William entered the Royal Navy. In 1881 he was a Boy, RN, on the Vessel “Iris”. In 1901 he was a Petty Officer (1st Class) in the Royal Navy, at Plymouth.

                                                () William John (died Q4 1897, Plympton)

                                                () William John (Q1 1898, Plymouth)

                                                () Gladys Mary M. (Q2 1900, Plymouth)


Elizabeth Goldsack (1808, Fleet, Dorset) * In 1881 Elizabeth was living at Weymouth, Dorset, she was a widow and was receiving a Naval Pension. Possibly the wife of Peter Goldsack, mother of the following Jane.



Jane Goldsack: Baptised 1 April 1832, Wyke Regis, Dorset. Her parents were Peter and Elizabeth Goldsack.


George Goldsack: Baptised 7 Jul 1833, Wyke Regis, Dorset. His parents were George and Jane.


George Goldsack married Jane Symes at Wyke Regis, Dorset on 27 July 1828. Parents of above George (1833)


Stephen Goldsack   married Q3 1842, Dover. From 1851-1855 Stephen was a Beer Retailer, living at 38 Oxenden, Dover.


James Goldsack (21 Sept 1845, St. Margaret’s-22 June 1901, St. Margaret’s) m.(Q3 1873, Canterbury) Mary Potts(1845, Canterbury). James served in the Royal Navy (44741/11999A). In 1881 Mary and the family were living at 52 Oxenden Street, Dover. In 1891 James was a Mariner at 18 Union Row, Dover. In 1901 James was the Quartermaster on board the “Empress”, moored in Calais Harbou, he was a widow.                                  

                                    () Edith Mary ( Q4 1874, Dover) m. (Q2 1900, Eastry) *Living at 1 York, Street, Dover in 1901.

                                    () Bessie Louisa (bp.13 Dec 1876, St. John, Dover) * Dressmaker (working at home) at Dover in 1901.

                                    () Walter James (13 Apr 1878, Dover) *In 1901 Walter was boarding at 54 Southwater Road,  St. Leonard, Hastings, working as a Telegraphist.

                                    () Edwin Henry (bp. 12 May 1880, St. John,  Dover) *Working as a Nurseryman’s Assistant at Dover  in 1901, living with his sisters. On August 13, 1907 Edwin arrived in New York on board the Zeeland from Dover. He was traveling with a family named Wild. He was going to stay with his friend Fred Wild in Seattle, Washington. In 1930 “Edward” was a living as a boarder in Seattle.



George Goldsack (b. 1884) , Able Bodied Seaman on board "Linnell", out of Buenos Aries, Argentina. The ship left Argentina on Oct. 13 and arrived in New York on Oct. 25, 1923. George was 39 years old, could read and was of  British Origin. He signed on board the "Linnell" at Liverpool on May 13, 1922. He was 5'-11'' tall and weighed 176 pounds. He was missing his forefinger and the top off the second and third fingers on one of his hands.


William Henry Goldsack (b.1873) A US citizen. Arrived in New York in 1909. His place of residence is listed as Bisbee, Arizona (his friend Mr. Bray lived there) He was on the Ship "New York" out of Southampton. Unmarried.


Edith Goldsack : left Liverpool to New York on the Cunnard Line, RMS “Carmania” on November 23, 1912. Second class Passenger. There was an Edith Goldsack (aged 44) living on South Road, Stockbridge,  Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1920. She was unmarried and working as a Governess (living in). The record shows that she had first come to the US in 1882. The In-Laws in the home, F.M. and Rosa Rundall also arrived in the US in 1882.


Maude Goldsack : arrived in New York on October 17, 1896 on board the “Lucania” out of Liverpool. She was 36 years old and a US citizen. She is listed as wife. Also on the same ship was Alexander Goldsack, aged 38. He was a Clerk and of US origin.  This Alexander may have been the son of Daniel McDonald Goldsack – there are not enough details on the manifest to make this determination, however if it is Daniel’s son, Maude would not be his wife. Alexander’s wife was Emily Sarah Busby.


Mary Goldsack : in 1901 she was 56 years old, born in St. Margaret’s. She was widowed and living at Hope Cottages, St. Margaret’s at Cliffe. She was working at home as a Laundress. Her son, William (18, St. Margaret’s) and daughter, Susey (15, St. Margarets) were living with her. William was a General Labourer and Susey was a General Servant Domestic.


George Goldsack : appears on the 1880 US Census at San Francisco. He was 18 years old and working as a Hotel Porter. I wonder if the above mentioned Maude Goldsack who arrived in New York in 1896 on board the “Lucania” was George’s wife.


Henry Stephen John Goldsack (1879, Buckland) * In 1881 Henry was a Nurse Child living with John and Mary Tritton at Whitfield Village. John was born in 1853 at Folkestone. Mary was born in 1833 at Deal. John was a Farm Labourer. In 1891 Henry is listed as a Lodger with John and Mary at Whitfield. In 1901 Henry was a Nursery Gardener at Dover. On 13 Jan 1907 his daughter, Rose Annie Goldsack was baptised at Whitfield (born 14 Nov 1906). He was married to Rose Annie.


Polly Goldsack * In 1891 she was living at 3 Saffrons Place, Folkestone. She was 35 years old, a widow and working as a Laundry Woman.


Alice Goldsack (1868, Wisconsin) * In 1920 Alice was a widow living with her father, Irving Robinson (1842, Wisconsin) in the Township of Linn, Walworth, Wisconsin. Irving was a Dairy Farmer.


Grace R. Goldsack (13 September 1891, Walworth, Wisconsin) * Likely the daughter of the above Alice.


Sarah Goldsack (1853, St. Margaret’s) m. (Q4 1881, Dover) William Port (1843, Ash) * In 1891 Sarah and her children were living at 1 Vine Cottages, Dover. William was at Sea. There was a servant, Louisa H. May (age 13) living with them. In 1901 William and Sarah were living at 11 Finniss Court, Finniss Hill, Dover. William was a Mariner. Sarah was listed as 46 years old (1855).

            (2) William H. Port (1886, Dover) *Errand Boy (Tailor) in 1901

            (2) Albert G. Port (1887, Dover)

            (2) Ethel J. Port (1888, Dover)

            (2) Alice B. Port (1889, Dover)

            (2) George R. Port (1892, Dover)

            (2) Sarah Port (22 Oct 1893, 1 Vine Cottages, Dover) * Her father was William Port – Mariner Packet Service, mother was Sarah, formerly Goldsack. Not with the family in 1901


            (2) Helen E. Port (1894, Dover)


George Henry Goldsack  m. (Q3 1884, Lambeth) Martha Susan Kent

            () Alma Hannah (Q3 1887, Camberwell) *In 1901 there was a 15 year old Alma Goldsack working as a Servant for John Savage on High Street, Walton on Thames. I am certain it was not the daughter of George.


Joseph S. Goldsack m. ( 6 June 1883, Cook Illinois) Stella A. Otis * In 1880 there was Stella A. Otis (1868, NH) living at Lee, Strafford, NH with her father, Avis J. Otis ( 1837, NH) There was also an Estella Otis (1861, IA)  living at Pike, Missouri with her brother, Baldwin Otis (1853, NY). There is a record of an Estella who was born in Peoria, Illinois (1861-1894). Note: There was a family named Otis, living in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1880. Head of the household was John Otis (1834, Cuba) he had a brother named Manuel (1815, Cuba) living with them.

            () Joseph Manuel (16 Feb 1889, Edgewater, Cook, Illinois) Father:Joseph P.Goldsack. Mother:Estella Edell Otis


Elizabeth Goldsack married (7 Nov 1795, Dover, St. James) to James Broomfield

            () James Broomfield (bp. 27 Feb 1797, Dover, St. Mary)


Thomas William Goldsack (1857, Ewell-12 Feb 1932, Charlton) married to Alice (Olive) (1853, East Hendred, Berkshire- 14 Feb 1936) * In 1881 Thomas and Alice were living at 2 New Place, Dover (St. James), Thomas was an Iron Monger’s Porter. In 1885 Thomas (Porter) and Olive had their son baptised at St. John, Dover. In 1891 Thomas was an Iron Monger’s Assistant, living at 12 Dour Street, Dover, his wife was away. In 1901 Thomas was a Store Keeper, they were living at 30 Dour Street, Dover

            () Thomas Harris Goldsack (bp.18 March 1885, St. John, Dover)

            () Agnes Goldsack (1892, Dover)

            () Ernest Goldsack (1896, Dover)

            () Sydney Goldsack (1897, Dover)


Elizabeth Goldsack (1813, St. Margaret’s-1898) m. (Q4 1837, Eastry) William Fakely (1816, Alkham-1900). In 1881 they were living at Alkham, William was a Waggoner. Richard Beer (1813, Alkham) and Alfred Fagg (1862, Alkham) were boarding with them.

            () Mary Fakely (1840, Alkham -1909) m. Edward Champion (1831, Alkham-1910) * In 1881 They were living in Alkham, Edward was a Farm Labourer

                        () Edward Champion (1868, Alkham)

                        () Elizabeth Champion (1870, Alkham)

                        () George Champion (1873, Alkham)

                        () Susanna Champion (1874, Alkham)

                        () Frances Champion (1878, Alkham)


            () William Fakely (1842-1843)

            () William Fakely (1845-1847)

            () John Fakely (1852-1867)

            () Sarah Anne Fakely (1854) m. (Q2 1879, Dover)

            () Susannah Fakely (1856) *In 1881 Susannah was working as a Domestic Cook for Barrister, John Clerk at Rolleston Hall, Billesdon-Rolleston, Leicester.


Emily E. Goldsack (1853, Dorking, Surrey- Q1 1901, Reigate) * In 1881 Emily was working as a Domestic Cook for Frederick Powle at Alders Road, Reigate. In 1901 Emily was a Domestic Cook at Slaugham, East Sussex.


Harriet Goldsack

            () Alexander McDonald Goldsack (bp.31 Dec 1820, Dover, St. James- bur.11 June 1834, Whitfield)

Note: There was another Alexander McDonald Goldsack born at Dover in Q4 1852.


Harriet Goldsack * Had two children baptised at St. Andrews, Buckland as a single woman.

            () Jane Goldsack (bp. 4 May 1859)

            () James William Goldsack (bp. 25 Dec 1862)


Ann Goldsack  Daughter of George Goldsack, Labourer. Married at St. Margaret’s at Cliffe on 25 Dec 1845 to William Collins. William was in the Militia and from Deal. The census shows that he was later a Maltster. He was the son of John Collins, Labourer. * Note she may have been Ann Goldsack, born 18 Jan 1828, daughter of George (Mariner) and Sarah.



Mary Goldsack  Widow. Married William Longley at St. Margaret’s on 15 Aug 1825. Witnesses were John and Ann Newton.


Amy Amelia Goldsack  *Buried at Canterbury, St. Dunstan 26 Jan 1869 at 2 weeks old. Address was Whitstable Road.


Elizabeth Goldsack  *Buried at St. Dunstan, 2 July 1869. I think she was 22 months old. Address was Whitstable Road.


Walter Watson Goldsack (27 Oct 1895, Montreal) * Walter enlisted in the CEF on 3 Sept 1915 at Montreal. He was unmarried and listed his next of kin as his mother, Elizabeth Goldsack, 325 Ontario East, Montreal. He was a Machinist who had served in the 3rd Battery Canadian Infantry. He was 5’-9’’ tall with a fair complexion, grey eyes and auburn hair. He was assigned to the 35th Overseas Battalion as a Gunner.


Richard Goldsack (13 Dec 1897, Montreal) *Richard enlisted in the CEF on 9 March 1916 at Montreal. He was an unmarried Labourer. He listed his uncle, W. Richardson, 1948 Delormier St., Montreal, as his next of kin. He was 5’-5 and a half inches tall with Brown complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. He was assigned to the 2nd Field Ambulance Depot.



Susan (Susannah or Susanah) Goldsack (27 Oct 1867, Rochester) m. (Q4 1887, Dover) Alexander Richard Davis (1863, Gloucester, Bristol) *In 1901 they were living at Chatham, Alexander was working as a General Labourer.

            () Alexander Davis (1893, Chatham)


Emma Goldsack m. (Q3 1878, Hastings)


Emma Goldsack m. (Q4 1894, London City)


Daniel James Goldsack (8 July 1913, Carroll, Ohio7:05 AM, 29 April 1999, Mahoning, Ohio) *Daniel served in the US Army and died at his residence. Note: James Francis Goldsack and Jennie Beck had a son named Daniel who appears with them on the 1930 census. He was 12 years old and born in New Jersey.


Morris Goldsack (1885, Russia) m. (1908, Russia) Rebbeca (1885, Russia) * Morris and Rebecca emigrated to England and then in 1910 the moved to New York. In 1930 they were living in the Bronx, New York City, neither could read or write. Morris was the Proprietor of a Moving Company.

            () Jack A. (4 June 1903, England-22 Aug 1993, Great Neck, Nassau, NY) m. Gertrude (28 Jan 1905-1Mar 2000, Great Neck, Nassau, NY) *Living with parents in 1930. Working as an Advertising Salesman.


            () Esther (1908, England) * Living with parents in 1930. Working as a SalesLady for Dresses.

            () Mildred (1910, NY) *Living with parents in 1930. Working as a Stenographer for a Lawyer.

            () Bessie (1919, NY) *Living with parents in 1930 and attending school.


Leon A. Goldsack (5 May 1912-2 Oct 1992, Los Angeles, CA)