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More Branches on the Kent Goldsack Trees

John Goldsack (1705-1734)

John was baptised at Nonnington, Kent on 13 January 1705.  He was the second son of Petter Gouldsacke and Sarah Arthur.  He married Sarah Redman (d. 1734) on 14 May 1733 at Buckland. Sarah was the granddaughter of Mark and Mary Redman of Guston. These are the children of Mark and Mary:

            (2) John Redman (1671, Guston)

            (2) Mary Redman (1676, Guston)

            (2) Mark Redman (1683, St. Margaret’s) **Sarah Redman’s father

            (2) Susannah Redman (1686, Ripple)


Mark Redman married Elizabeth Christian on 18 Jan 1701 at St. Margaret’s.  Elizabeth was baptized there on 2 Dec 1677 and buried there on 31 July 1747. Mark was buried in St. Margaret’s on 21 Oct  1744.  Mark and Elizabeth had 4 children (all baptized at St. Margaret’s):

            (3) Mary Redman (9 Aug 1702) m. (18 Apr 1725, St. Margaret’s) John Wellard

            (3) Richard Redman (22 Apr 1705) m. (1729, St. Margaret’s) Mary

                        (4) Sarah Redman (bap. 18 Oct 1730, St. Margaret’s) m. (26 Oct 1756, St. Margaret’s) Michael Upton

                        (4) Mary Redman (bap. 22 June 1738, St. Margaret’s) m. (20 Oct 1761, Walmer) Valentine Upton

                        (4) Richard Redman (bap. 6 April 1746, St. Margaret’s)


            (3)Sarah Redman

            (3) Ann Redman (16 Sept 1709)


John and Sarah had two sons, Mark  was baptised at St. Margaret’s on 5 Aug 1733 and John was baptised at St. Margaret’s on 18 July 1734.  At the time of John’s baptism his father was already dead.  He had died on 10 July and been buried on the 26th  at St. Margaret’s.  John Jr. was buried on the 23rd of July and Sarah was buried on the 28th of July.  Within 18 days three quarters of the family was dead and buried.   It is not known who raised Mark, but, perhaps he lived for a time with his grandparents, Mark and Elizabeth Redman in St. Margaret’s. The Redman family  must have been important to him as the naming of his children would seem to indicate


Mark Goldsack (1733 – 26 Dec 1806, Guston) married Elizabeth Castle ( 1732-1799)  28 Oct 1758 at St. Augustine, East Langdon.  Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Andrew (d.1735) and Ann (d.1751) Castle from East Langdon.  These are the children of Andrew and Ann:

            (2) Andrew Castle (1694)

            (2) Richard Castle (1695-1748) m. Elizabeth ** Elizabeth’s parents

            (2) Thomas Castle (1697)

            (2) William Castle (1700)

            (2) Mary Castle (1701)

            (2) George Castle (1704) m. Elizabeth

                        (3) Andrew Castle (bp. 25 Feb 1727, Chillenden)

                        (3) William Castle (bp. 8 Feb 1729, Chillenden)

                        (3) Henry Castle (bp. 14 Oct 1733, Chillenden)

                        (3) George Castle (bp. 23 May 1736, Chillenden)


            (2) Henry Castle (1710)

            (2) Margaret Castle (1712) m. (2 Oct 1756, Dover) James Hambrook

                        (3) Richard Hambrook (bp. 13 Dec 1758, Cheriton)


Richard and Elizabeth lived in East Langdon.  Their children were all born there:

            (3) Elizabeth Castle (bap. 11 Sept 1732, St. Augustine) m.(1758) Mark Goldsack

            (3) Henry Castle (1736)

            (3) Sarah Castle (1740)


Mark and Elizabeth moved to Guston where they lived the rest of their lives.  Elizabeth was buried there on 15 Nov 1799 and Mark on 26 Dec 1806.  At the time of his death Mark was the Clerk of the Parish at Guston. All children baptised at Guston except their firstborn, Mark in 1759.

             Mark (30 May 1759-1759, St. Margaret’s)

            Sarah (25 Jan 1761) m.(15 Oct 1783, East Langdon) Mathew Darby (from St. Margaret’s)

                        (3) Sarah Darby (12 Dec 1784, St. Margaret’s)

                        (3) Elizabeth Darby (5 Feb 1786, St. Margaret’s) m. (24 Jan 1813, Greenwich) John Stafford

                        (3) Mary Darby (8 Jul 1787, St. Margaret’s) m. (16 Apr 1810, Dover) John Davis * All children baptized at Dover, St. Mary the Virgin.

                                    (4) Edward Davis (24 Feb 1811, Dover)

                                    (4) John Davis (12 July 1812, Dover)

                                    (4) William Davis ( 21 Aug 1814, Dover)

                                    (4) Mary Ann Davis (10 Mar 1816, Dover)

                                    (4) Jane Davis (21 Dec 1817, Dover)

                                    (4) Emma Davis (9 Jan 1820, Dover)

                                    (4) Richard Davis (8 Apr 1821, Dover) m. Rebecca (1824, Southwark) *In 1881 Richard was a Salesman (employing 13 men and 1 boy). They were living at 24 Flaxman Road, Lambeth, Surrey.

                                                (5) Clara R. Davis (1847, Lambeth)

                                                (5) Adeline H. Davis (1858, Lambeth)

                                                (5) Frederick Richard Davis (1860, Lambeth)

                                                (5) Isabel A. Davis (1861, Lambeth)

                                                (5) Harry C. Davis (1865, Lambeth)


                                    (4) Frederick Davis (20 Apr 1823, Dover) m. Sarah (1826, Putney) *In 1881 Frederick was a Landscape Painter. They were living at 28 Weddington Road, London, Middlesex.

                                                (5) Caroline Davis (1853, Kent) * Living with parent in 1881 – Landscape Painter.

                                                (5) Sophia Davis (1854, Kent)

                                                (5) Katherine Davis (1863, Kent)


                        (3) Lucy Darby (20 July 1788, St. Margaret’s) m.(16 May 1815, Dover) Thomas Goldfinch

                                    (4) Martha Darby Goldfinch (12 Apr 1816, Dover-24 Jun 1882) m. (Q3 1843, Blean)

                                    (4) Charles William Goldfinch (1817, Deal-May 1818)

                                    (4) John Goldfinch (Nov 1818, Deal-Dec 1819)

                                    (4) John George Matthew Goldfinch (26 May 1820, Deal-28 Nov 1905) m. Sophia (1830, Faversham) *In 1881 John was a Shipwright (employing 8 men and 5 apprentices). They were living at Standard House, Faversham.

                                                (5) Frances A. Goldfinch (1859, Faversham) *Unmarried in 1881, with parents.


                                    (4) George Lynch Darby Goldfinch (28 Feb 1822, Deal-7 Apr 1904)

                                    (4) Lucy Darby Goldfinch (Apr 1824, Deal-25 Apr 1825)

                                    (4) Sarah Darby Goldfinch (bp. 5 Aug 1832, Dover, St. Mary)


                        (3) Frances (24 Apr 1796, St. Margaret’s)


            Elizabeth (6 Feb 1763– buried 22 Jan 1786, Guston) m.(24 Feb 1785, Guston) Joseph Arnold (bp. 22 Jun 1760, Ringwould)  Joseph was the son of Henry and Sarah Arnold. When Joseph married Elizabeth in 1785 she already had two children:

                        (3) Henry Goldsack (1782, Guston) The father of Henry was Henry Bowles. Henry Bowles was born at Dover and married Ann Jordan there in 1787.

                        (3) Joseph Arnold (1784, Whitfield) The father of Joseph was Joseph Arnold.


            Mary (25 Jan 1765) m.(10 Apr 1793, East Langdon) John Gann (from Coldred)

Tree 1 Redman (23 Aug 1767-29 Aug1841) m.(11 Jul 1795) Sarah Standen (1767)

Tree 2  Mark (4 Feb 1770-3 Oct 1847) m. (3 Sept 1791, Whitfield) Sarah Jones (1772-1834)

            Stephen (1773) ??

Tree 3  Richard (17 March 1776-22 Feb 1844) m.(1 Mar 1800, Guston) Sarah Dixon (1781-1853)

            George (22 Jul 1781- 2 Sept 1783)


Tree 1 – Redman Goldsack (1767-1841)

(1) Redman was baptised at Guston 23 Aug 1767 and died at Blean (near Dover) on 29 Aug 1841.  He married Sarah Standen (1767-30 Jun 1844, St. Dunstan) on 7 Nov 1795 at Blean. In 1841 he was an Agricultural Labourer at Vale of Dunkirk.  Their children were:

            (2) William (18 Oct 1795-18 Dec 1869, Blean) m. (5 Feb 1820, Blean) Sarah Hoult (1801, Whitstable)* In 1841 and 1851 he was living at Vale of Dunkirk. In 1861 at Royal Oak. In 1881 Sarah was living at 16 Swanfield, Whitstable with her daughter Elizabeth A. Iadenden

                        (3) William (1821-1832)

                        (3) Elizabeth Ann (1823) m. (1843) ? Hoult  m2.(Q1 1873, Sevenoaks) ? Iadenden * In 1881 Elizabeth was the head of the household at 16 Swanfield, Whitstable. She was married, Her widowed mother was living with her, as was her unmarried son, Albert.

                                    (4) Frederick Charles Hoult (1847, Whitstable) m. (Q2 1870, Blean)  Eliza Sandy (bp. 21 Nov 1847, Blean) * In 1881 Frederick was a Mate Seaman on board the “Flora” at Monkwearmouth, Durham. Eliza was lodging in the home of her parents, Edward and Harriet (Judges) Sandy, at Whitstable Road, Blean. Edward was a Wood Dealer. Harriet’s father was John, she was from Dunkirk. Eliza remarried (Q4 1887, Blean) to John Thomas Gammon (1857, Blean). In 1901 they were living at Blean, John was a Wood Dealer.

                                                (5) Frederic Charles Hoult (1871, Blean) m. (Q1 1893, Blean) Alice Louise Packham (1871, Ashford) *In 1901 Frederic and Alice were living at Blean, Frederic was a Draper’s Assistant.

                                                            (6) Hettie Hoult (1894, Blean)

                                                            (6) Dorothy Hoult (1895, Dunkirk)

                                                            (6) Grace Hoult (1896, Aldington)

                                                            (6) Cyril Hoult (1900, Blean) *7 months old on census day.


                                                (5) Frank Edward Hoult (1875, Blean) m. (Q2 1900, Blean)


                                    (4) Albert Edward Hoult (1848, Whitstable) *In 1881 he was a Mariner.

                                    (4) James Hoult (1850, Whitstable) * In 1881 James was an Able Bodied Seaman on board the “Aberdeen” at South Shields, Durham. He was married. In 1901 James was a Driver at Tynemouth, Northumberland.


                        (3) Henry Robert (9 Feb 1826, Blean -12 Dec 1855) * In 1851 was an unmarried Farm Servant

                        (3) Jane Ann (6 June 1830, Blean) m. (Q2 1851)

                        (3) William (26 May 1832, Blean -1841)

                        (3) Maria Ann (1834-1856)

                        (3) Thomas James (25 Sept 1836) *In 1861 Thomas was a Servant for John Martin at Blean

                        (3) James Edward (1838-Q1 1876, Elham) m. (15 Dec 1863 – witnesses were Onslow James Foreman and Mary Ann Goldsack) Ann Jane Browning (1843, Whitstable-1915) * Captain James Edward Goldsack was a Mariner in the Coasting Trade. In 1876, whilst retuning from the pub, James slipped on the gangplank and drown in the mud. (as told by James Henry Goldsack).  In 1881 Ann was living at 15 Gorrel Road, Whitstable working as a Laundress. She was still at Whitstable in 1901 – working as a Professional Nurse.

                                    (4) Ada (1866, Whitstable) m.(Q2 1886, Blean) Edward Foreman (1864, Whitstable) * In 1881 Ada was living with her unmarried aunt, Mary Ann Browning (age 40) at 8 Swan Terrace, Whitstable. Edward was living at 3 Bexley Street, Whitstable. He was an Assistant Baker for  Master Baker Alfred Southwell.  Ada and Edward were living at Whitstable in 1901. Edward was working as a Baker. All children born at Whitstable:

                                                (5) Herbert Foreman (1890)

                                                (5) Edward Foreman (1891)

                                                (5) Edith Foreman (1892)

                                                (5) Maud Foreman (1897)


                                    (4) James Elgar (1867-1937) m. (1892) Kate Marsh (1870, Whitstable-1923) * Kate was the daughter of Henry (1840, Herne Bay) and Mary A. (1842, Margate) Marsh. In 1881 she was living with them at 54 High Street, Naval Reserve, Whitstable. Henry was a Licensed Vicualler. Kate had 3 brothers and two sisters. In 1901 James and Kate were living in Whitstable. James was at sea on census day.

                                                (5) Kitty Maud (1893, Whitstable-1983) m. Bertie Bison (d. 1916) m. Bert Field

                                                (5) James Henry (1895, Whitstable-1978) m. (1918) Harriet Martin (1894-1982)

                                                            (6) Margaret Enid (1921-1972) m. (1950) Herbert Outram

                                                            (6) James Elgar Martin (1922-22 Oct 1999, Orpington) m. (1948) Jacqui Wilson.  m2. (1962) Sybil Heaton.

                                                            (6) Daphne Dorothy (1928) m. (1948) Lewis Kings

                                                            (6) Doreen Ruby (1928) m. (1949) Norman Wright

                                                            (6) Guendeline (1931) m. (1953) Ronald Saunders


                                    (4) Minnie Flora (1870, Blean) m.(Q3 1893, Blean) Harry Collar (1869, Whitstable) * In 1881 Harry was living with his parents, John and Elizabeth Collar, at 12 Victoria Street, Whitstable. John Collar was a Shipwright. The family was in Whitstable in 1901. Harry was employed as a Shipwright.  All children born in Whitstable:

                                                (5) Nellie (1894)

                                                (5) Minnie (1896)

                                                (5) Harry (1897)

                                                (5) Sydney (1900)


                                    (4) Egetha (1872)

                                    (4) Emmeline Lydia (20 Nov 1875, Norfolk Street, Whitstable) m.(Q2 1900, Blean) James John Taylor * In 1901 Emmeline Taylor was living in Whitstable

                                                (5) Algar John Taylor * Living in Calgary, Canada in 1995


                        (3) Sarah Ann (13 March 1841, Whitstable- Q3 1874, Easington, Durham) m. (12 March 1860, Seaham Harbour, Durham) John Edward. Henzell (1840 – Q3 1874, Easington, Durham)  In 1861 and 1871 Sarah and John were living at Seaham Harbour. They had 5 children and both of them died in 1874. (Information provided by John Smith, grandson of Sarah Ann Henzell, Nov. 2003)


                        (3) Mary Ann (1 Aug 1846 – Q3 1878, Maidstone) m.(1 March 1870, Herne Bay) Onslow James Foreman(Born 9th October 1841, baptised 7th November 1841 at Whitstable).  In adult life he was a mariner. He was apprenticed in the oyster fishery trade in 1856, to  James and Eliza Foreman. The marriage ceremony was conducted, under licence, by Thomas Blandford, and was witnessed by James and Julia Goldsack.( James was her brother and Julia was the widow of Mary Ann’s cousin George)  In the 1851 census return for Whitstable, Onslow was living with his parents at 7 Argyll Road.  In the 1871 Census return they were at 20 Argyll Street, and the 1881 census they at 7 Argyll Road again. In 1881 Onslow and Eliza were living at 7 Argyll Road, Seasalter, he was a Mariner Oyster Dredger. Onslow was the owner of the fishing smack 'Eleanor Ann' from 1877 to 1883.  When  he died, it passed to his second wife, Eliza, who had it until 1900.   Onslow died on 6th March 1883, when he was drowned in a storm off Whitstable.  His funeral was attended by over 100 oyster men.

                                    (4) Ernest Goldsack Foreman (16 October 1871,Whitstable) He was apprenticed in the oyster fishing trade on 7th January 1886.  He married Elizabeth G. Wood in 1924. 

                                    (4) Annie Jane Foreman (1874, Whitstable) In 1901 she was a School Teacher at Whitstable.

                                    (4) Hubert Charles Foreman (24th November 1875, Whitstable).  He was apprenticed in the oyster fishing trade on 7th July 1889. In 1901 Hubert was at Canterbury (Formerly St. George the Martyr) working as a Draper’s Assistant.


Onslow Foreman married his second wife Eliza Harriett Wells on 28th February 1881 at St. Mildred's Registry Office, Canterbury.  The marriage ceremony was conducted, under licence, by Frederick Hardiman, and was witnessed by Richard Pettman and Mary Harrod. Eliza was born in Canterbury in 1851, a widow, the daughter of Thomas Nash, a labourer.  They had one child, who was:

                                    (4) Leonard James Foreman  (4th November 1881-1972).  In adult life he was an outfitter, of High Street, Whitstable. In 1901 he was Canterbury (St. Dunstan’s) working as “Hosiers Holds”.  He married Maud Larkin on 30th August 1909 at Sittingbourne Parish Church, in the presence of Annie Jane Foreman, Ellen Larkin, Herbert George Dale and Eliza Foreman. The ceremony was conducted, after banns, by Rev. R.H. Williams.  At the time of the wedding, Maud was living at 157 High Street, Whitstable.   Maud was born in 1880, the daughter of Edward Charles Larkin, a farmer.  Leonard and Maud  had three children.  They were:

                                                (5) Greta Noreen Foreman (1912).m.(1935) Terence H. Hurrell

                                                (5) Onslow Kenneth Foreman  (10th January 1919 at 30, High Street, Whitstable). M.(1950) Sheila Brownfield.  He worked in Whitstable Post Office for many years. 


                                                (5) Cecil R. Foreman (1920)


            (2) John (1799, Northbourne) m. Susan

            (2) Sarah (1801-1893) m. (26 Dec 1826, Seasalter) Thomas Hoult

                        (3) William Henry Hoult (bp. 9 Sept 1832, Whitstable) m. Frances P. (1833, Westerham) *In 1881 William was a Sail Maker. They were living at 36 Victoria Street, Whitstable.

                                    (4) Emily Frances Hoult (1862, Westerham)

                                    (4) Jane Hoult (1864, Westerham) m. (Q4 1886, Blean)

                                    (4) John William Hoult (1866, Westerham)

                                    (4) William Henry Hoult (1869, Westerham) *In 1901 William may have been a Commercial Traveller at Leyton, Essex.

                                    (4) Ellen Hoult (1871, Westerham)

                                    (4) Frederick Hoult (1875, Westerham)


            (2) Henry (1803)

            (2) Stephen (11 Jan 1807, Ash-27 July 1842, Whitstable Road, St. Dunstan) m. (2 June 1832, Blean) Sarah Andrews (1814, Hackington) In 1832 Stephen was a Labourer. In 1841 they were at Blean, St. Dunstan, he was an Agricultural Labourer. In 1851 Sarah and children were living with John Andrews (age 63, Whitstable, Bailiff). John was Sarah’s father.

                        (3) Stephen (17 Feb 1833, Blean-27 Jul 1842, St. Dunstan)

                        (3) John Redman (1834, Blean, St. Dunstan’s-1878) m. (31 Jan 1852, Blean) Sarah McGeary (d.Q1 1855) (m2) (27 Oct 1855, Thannington) Ann Richards (1837, Thannington). * In 1851 John was living with his grandfather, John Andrews, at Canterbury and working as a Farm Servant. 1861-1871 he was an Agricultural Labourer living at Tyler Hill, Hackington. John was already dead when his son, Stephen was born in 1878. In 1881 Ann was living at Walnut Tree Cottage, Canterbury with her 7 youngest children. In 1901 Ann was living in Canterbury, St. Dunstan’s parish.

                                    (4) Henry Thomas (23 Oct 1853, Blean) m. (Q4 1878, Blean) Harriett (1853, St. Stephen’s, Hackington) *In 1881 they were living at Giles Lane, St. Dunstan, Canterbury – Henry was an Agricultural Labourer. In 1901 Thomas was still living on Giles Lane, Hackington working as a Platelayer’s Labourer.

                                                     (5) Edith (12 Jan 1873, Hackington- Q3 1894, Blean)

                                                     (5) William (Q1 1875, Bridge,  Harbledown) *In 1901 living with parents and working as a Milkman’s Labourer

                                                     (5) Minnie (27 Apr 1879, St. Dunstan, Canterbury)

                                                     (5) Harry (1883, St. Stephen’s) * In 1901 living with parents and working as a Nursery Gardener.

                                                     (5) Frederick (Fred) (1886, St. Stephen’s) *In 1901 living with parents and working as a Houseboy.

                                                     (5) Margery (1895, St. Stephen’s) * Living with parents in 1901.


                                       (4) John Redman (Q1 1860, Blean) Living with his family 1861 and 1871 at Tyler Hill. In 1881 he was an Ordinary Seaman on board the ‘Hero’ at Chatham. There were 5 other unmarried seamen onboard including William Taylor Arnold (age 22) from Kingsdown.


                                       (4) William George (Q4 1861, Hackington) m. (8 Mar 1884, Hackington) Lucy Pierce (1858, Canterbury) * In 1871 William was a scholar at Tyler Hill (listed as George). In 1901 the family was living at 18 London Road, Canterbury (St. Dunstan) William working as a Gardener (not Domestic) . In 1915 he and Lucy were living at 35 London Road, Canterbury.

                                                (5) Florence Maria (Q1 1886, Canterbury- 3 July 1909,St. Dunstan) * Florence was living at 19 London Road at the time of her death. Not found on 1901 census. Not confirmed on this line.

                                                (5) Frank (Q1 1887, Blean) * In 1901 Frank was a Page Boy (not Domestic)

                                                (5) Alfred George (1889, Blean- Saturday 1 May 1915,Gallipoli,  Turkey) * Alfred served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, attached to the Otago Regiment (Private). He died at “Kanali Sirt (Bloody Ridge)”. He is buried in the LONE PINE MEMORIAL Cemetery, Turkey.


                                                (5) John William (Q2 1890, Blean)

                                                (5) Albert (Q3 1891, Blean-2 Dec 1918, St. Dunstan) * At the time of his death Albert was living at the Chequer’s Inn, Lenham.

                                                (5) Lucy Kate ( died 12 July 1896, St. Dunstan) * Died at 18 London Road, 1 year 8 months.

                                                (5) Gertrude Ann (Q2 1895, Blean)

                                                (5) Margaret (1896, Blean)

                                                (5) Kathleen (1898, Blean)


                                       (4) Harry (Q4 1866, Hackington) m.(Q2 1899, Canterbury) Florence (Flora) Jane Sinden (1864, Waltham) * In 1901 they were in Canterbury (formerly St. Peter), Harry was a Gardener.

                                                    (5) Lillian Annie (Q2 1890, Canterbury)

                                                    (5) Marguerite Ethel (Q3 1891, Canterbury)

                                                    (5) Ernest John (Q4 1893, Canterbury)

                                                    (5) William Redman (Q4 1895, Canterbury – Q1 1911, Canterbury)

                                                    (5) Stanley Charles (Q4 1897, Canterbury)


                                       (4) Frederick (bp. 26 June 1868, Hackington) m. (Q2 1893, Milton) *In 1881 Fred was an Errand and Post Boy at the Coach & Horses, Harblesdown.


                                       (4) Alfred (Q2 1870, Hackington- Q4 1908, Bridge) *Not on 1901 Census

                                       (4) Herbert (22 Mar 1873, Hackington- Q4 1909, Warwick) * In 1901 Herbert was at Dover working as a Poultry Salesman

                                       (4) Annie Laura  (7 Mar 1875, Hackington) m. (Q4 1893, Blean) Benjamin Fagg or Arthur Adolphus Tillman

                                       (4) Walter (7 July 1877, Hackington-18 Oct 1909, St. Dunstan) m. (Q3 1899, Blean) Annie Maria Walker *Not on 1901 census. Walter was living at 8 London Road, Canterbury when he died.


                                       (4) Stephen (9 Dec 1878, Hackington) *Not on 1901 census


                        (3) George (1836,Ewell-27 Apr 1866, Hackington) m.(13 Jan 1863, Hackington) Julia Maria Hennet (1839, Canterbury-3 Mar 1917) * In 1841 George was at Blean. In 1851 he was a House Servant to Mary Ann Baker, a widowed Farmer of 340 acres at Canterbury, St. Stephen’s. In 1871 Julia was a widow working as a Needlewoman in Hackington. In 1901 Julia was living on her own means at Canterbury (Holy Cross), her age was listed as 70 years and she did not know where she was born.

                                    (4) Nora Julia (1865-1866)


                        (3) Thomas (1838, Blean -8 Apr 1875, Orchard Street, St. Dunstan) m. 13 Feb 1862, Hackington) Sarah Jesty Court (1827, Blean) *In 1851 Thomas was a Milk Boy, living with his grandfather John Andrews. Sarah was probably the daughter of William (1811) and Annah (1810) Court. In 1881 William was a retired Dairyman at St. Dunstan, two of his brothers were also dairymen. In 1881 Sarah and the children were living at 29 Orchard Street, St. Dunstan, Sarah was a Laundress. Two visitors were also in the house, Elizabeth C. Parsons (1852, St. Stephens) and her son, Edward W. Parsons (1877, Ashford)

                                    (4) William Bond Goldsack (Q4 1869, Canterbury) m. (Q4 1894, Sunderland) Elizabeth Wilson * In 1885 William entered the Royal Navy (No. 133.907)

                                                (5)Thomas William Bond (Q4 1895, Sunderland)

                                                (5) William (Q3 1897, Sunderland-Q2 1899, Sunderland)

                                                (5) William (Q2 1899, Sunderland)

                                                (5) Margaret (Q3 1900, Sunderland-Q3 1900, Sunderland)

                                                (5) Sarah (Q3 1901, Sunderland-Q3 1901, Sunderland)

                                                (5) Margaret Ann (Q3 1902, Sunderland-Q3 1902, Sunderland)

                                                (5) Ralph (Q2 1903, Sunderland-Q2 1903, Sunderland)

                                                (5) Stanley (Q4 1906, Sunderland)

                                                (5) William (Q1 1910, Sunderland)

                                                (5) George (Q3 1912, Sunderland)



                                    (4) Annie Sarah Goldsack (Q3 1875, Blean) m. (Q4 1897, Sheppey)


                        (3) Edward John (1843, Canterbury)





            (2) Richard (24 Dec 1811, Whitstable- Mar 1888) m. (23 May 1840, Thannington) Sarah Richards (1821, Canterbury) * They were living at Sand Spit Houses, Hackington, St. Stephen in 1881. Richard was a Farm Labourer and Sarah was a Laundress. With them were daughters Sarah A. and Rhoda.  All children baptised at St.Stephen’s, Canterbury unless otherwise noted:

                        (3) Edward John (6 Sept 1842, St. Dunstan-1913, Bridge) m. (29 June 1867) Mary Hulse or Mary Keeler (1849, Chilham-28 Jun 1907) *In 1881 Edward was a Farm Bailiff at Beverley Farm, Hackington, St. Stephens, Canterbury. There were 4 Farm Servants living with them.  In 1901 Edward was a Farmer/Carter at Harbledown

                                    (4) Bertha May (1868,St. Stephens, Canterbury) m.(Q4 1889, Strood)  Charles J. Jury (1867, Canterbury) * In 1881 Charles,Jr. was living with George Wicks at Well Court, Blean. He was a Farm Labourer. His parents were living at Tyler Hill, Blean. Charles (1838, Margate) was a Plate Layer. He and Mary Ann (1841, Ash) had 9 children living with them:

William Jury (1862, Ramsgate)

Jane Jury (1864, Sandwich)

Emma Jury (1866, Sandwich)

Elizabeth Jury (1870, St. Stephens)

George Jury (1872, St. Stephens)

Esther Jury (1875, Blean)

Emily Jury (1877, Blean)

David Jury (1879, Blean)

Edward Jury (1880, Blean)


In 1901 the family was at Canterbury – St. Dunstans Within. Charles was a Police Constable. Charles parents (Charles, aged 63, and Mary, aged 60) were also at the same parish along with Charles’ younger brother Edward (age 21).

                                                (5) Ethel Jury (1893, Canterbury)

                                                (5) Amy Jury (1896, Canterbury)

                                                (5) Elsie Jury (1900, Canterbury)

                                                (5) Hilda Jury – no mention on 1901 census

                                                (5) Arthur Jury – no mention on 1901 census

** Note: The 1901 census shows 2 Edith Jurys at St. Dunstan – one aged 9, one aged 7.



                                    (4) Percy (17 Mar 1870, St. Stephens-26 Apr 1939) m. Ellen Charlotte Baldock (1869-1967)

                                                (5) Percy Clifton (16 Jun 1896-28 Aug 1982) m. ?Lily. m. Ellen Howett (d.22 Aug 1956)

                                                            (6) Marjorie Ellen Elsie (5 Dec 1923, London – 9 Mar 1975, Devon)

                                                            (6) Jeanette Audrey (18 Sep 1934, Welling) m. Billingshurst


                                                (5) Dorothy Ellen (1898, Deptford) m.(1923, Wandsworth) Frederick Goldsack

                                                            (6) June


                                                (5) Elsie Harriet (1900, London-1975) m. Edward Jury

                                                (5) Maurice (1904, Battersea, London) m. Frances

                                                (5) Marjorie (23 Mar 1906) m. Albert Gedge

                                                            (6) Maurice Gedge

                                                            (6) Valerie Gedge


                                                (5) Bertha May (16 Nov 1909, Battersea-11 Jan 1977, Albany Park, Kent) m.

                                                Cecil Stewart Finch (27 Jun 1908-26 Dec 1980, Albany Park, Kent)

                                                * Russ Finch Line follows here.              



                                    (4) Alfred William (25 Feb 1872, St. Stephens-1921) m. (Q4 1908, Bridge) *In 1901 Alfred was a Carter at Harbledown

                                    (4) Frederick (23 Apr 1873, St. Stephens-8 Dec 1956) m. Beatrice Helen Smith *In 1901 Frederick was a Gardener at Harbledown.

                                                (5) Raymond Ernest (Q4 1904, Bridge) m. Minnie

                                                (5) Frederick


                                    (4) William Ernest (26 Oct 1883, bp. 2 Dec 1883, Hackington) m. (Q2 1911, Canterbury) May Moyse *In 1901 William was a Cycle Repairer at Harbledown. May was living at St James, Westminster, London with her parents Arthur and Emily Moyse. Arthur was an Electrical Engineer.


                        (3) Frederick (13 July 1845, Harblesdown) m. (2 Nov 1872, Hackington) Charlotte Hazledene Filmer. (1849, Canterbury-1908) * In 1861 Frederick was an Agricultural Labourer at Hackington. In 1871 he was a Blacksmith at Tyler Hill. They were at 8 Oaten Hill, Canterbury, St. Mary Bredin in 1881. Frederick was a Farrier. Charlotte’s parents were Frederick (1811, Dover) and Ann (1810, Chilham). In 1881 they were living at 27 Artillery Street, Northgate, Canterbury. Frederick was a Bank Porter. Their  unmarried daughter, Katherine (1853, Canterbury) was living with them.

                                    (4) Frederick John (8 June 1873, Canterbury, St. George) m. (Q2 1898, Canterbury) Sarah

                                                (5) Mabel Filmer (Q1 1910, Canterbury)


                                    (4) Edith Kate (Q4 1874, Canterbury)

                                    (4) Harry (Q3 1876, Canterbury)

                                    (4) Charlotte Filmer (Q2 1878, Canterbury) m.(Q3 1908, Canterbury)

                                    (4) Marion E. (1880)


                        (3) Alfred (28 Nov 1847, St.Stephens -15 Apr 1908, St. Stephens) m.(5 June 1873, Blean) Fanny Kettle(1847, Bearstead-1908) * In 1881 they were living at 30 Palace Street, Canterbury (Archbishop’s Palace). Alfred was employed as a Cowkeeper.  In 1901 Alfred and Fanny are at St. Stephen’s Green, St. Stephen’s Hackington, Canterbury. Alfred is the Dairy Manager at Beverly Dairy.

                                    (4) William Ernest (Q1 1875, Bridge, Harblesdown- 31 Oct 1884, Hackington)

                                    (4) Annie (Q2 1877, Blean) * With parents in 1901

                                    (4) Alfred Ernest (Q1 1880, Blean-5 Jan 1882, Hackington)

                                    (4) Frederick Ernest (Q4 1887, Blean-1956) m. Caroline Elizabeth


                        (3) Stephen (17 Nov 1850, Hackington-1920) m (19 Nov 1871, Blean) Fanny Crow (1847, Canterbury) * Living with his parents at Giles Lane, Hackington in 1861. In 1871 he was a Carpenter’s Apprentice, living at Tyler Hill. At 16 Crossington, Canterbury, St. Mary Bredin in 1881 working as a Joiner. Fanny may have been the daughter of Edward (1818, Canterbury) and Ann (1817, Petham). In 1881 they were living at 16 St. George’s Street, Canterbury (St. Georges), Edward was a Cutlery and Plane Maker. An unmarried daughter, Ann Crow (1855, Canterbury) and grandson, John Davidson (1878, London) were living with them. Two sons were living on Broad Street. Pilcher Crow (1836, Canterbury) was at number 68. He was married to Elizaberth (1836, Canterbury) and was a Plane Maker. William Crow (1838, Canterbury) was at number 72. He was married to Mary (1838, Canterbury) and was a Boot Maker –they had 7 children with them.  In 1901 Stephen and Fanny were at Canterbury, St. Paul. Stephen was a Joiner and Fanny was a Grocer’s Shop Keeper.

                                    (4) Mabel Muriel Ethel (25 Feb 1872, Hackington) m.(19 April 1897) Percival John Nichol * From MJ Files - Not found on 1901 census for UK.

                                    (4) Ethel (Q3 1874, Canterbury)


                        (3) Sarah Anne (26 June 1853, Hackington) m. (6 April 1885, Hackington) George Holland. * According to MJ Files George was a Police Constable. Not found on the 1901 census.  In 1861 with parents at Giles Lane. In 1871 living at Tyler Cottage working as a Laundress. In 1881 still a Laundress, living at Sand Pit Houses with her parents.


                        (3) Thomas (1854, Hackington) m.(23 Oct 1870) Elizabeth Webb (1849, Elham) (m.2) (11 Apr 1889, Hackington) Jane Avery (1870, Speldhurst)  *In 1871 Thomas was a Groom at Tyler Hill.  In 1881 Thomas was living at 8 Mercery Lane, St. Andrew’s, Canterbury. He was working as a Domestic Gardener. Elizabeth was working as a Domestic Housekeeper. Elizabeth’s widowed mother, Elizabeth Webb (1811, Waltham) was living with them. Jane Avery was the daughter of William and Ann Avery. In 1881 William was a Wheelright on Johnson Farm in Speldhurst. In 1901 Thomas and Jane were living at Canterbury, St. Paul. Thomas was a Gardener and Jane was a Cook.

Note: Thomas appears in some documents as being born in 1847. It may be that he added a few years to his age when he married Miss Webb in 1870.


                        (3) George (1858, Harbledown-1859)

                        (3) Rhoda (23 Feb 1862, Hackington) m. (14 Jan 1883,Blean) Edward F. Hutson *In 1871 Rhoda was living at Tyler Hill Cottage. In 1881 she was still with her parents at Sand Pit House and working as a Laundress.  Not found on the 1901 census.


            (2) Peter (1814, Northbourne-1882) ** No further information available


Tree 2: Mark Goldsack (1770-1847)

Mark was baptised at St. Martin of Tours, Guston, Kent on 4 Feb. 1770.  He died at Whitfield (near Dover) on 3 Oct 1847 and was buried there on the 10th.  He married Sarah Jones on 3 Sept 1791 at St. Peter, Whitfield.  At the time of the marriage Mark was from the Parish of Northbourne. Witnesses were Mark’s brother Redman and Sarah’s sister, Elizabeth.  Sarah was the daughter of Redman Jones (1739-1826) and Mary Nash (1743-1820). (The following is a transcript of the 1820 Will of Redman Jones: This is the last Will and Testament of me Redman Jones the Elder of the parish of Whitfield in the county of Kent Yeoman that is to say first I will and desire that my Executors hereinafter named to pay and discharge all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and that my burial may be under their directions also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Morris widow the sum of forty pounds sterling unto my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Isaac Prior[?] the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds sterling unto my daughter Sarah the wife of  Mark Goldsack the sum of fifty pounds unto my two grandchildren Jane and William Kitham’s children of my divorced[?] daughter Mary late the wife of William Kitham the sum of ten pounds sterling each also I give and bequeath to my son William Jones of Whitfield aforesaid Labourer the sum of Three hundred pounds sterling and as to all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my personal estate and all my Real Estate whatsoever and where ever Subject nevertheless to the payment of several legacies hereinbefore given I give devise and bequeath the same and every part thereof unto my son Redman Jones the Younger To hold to him his heirs and assigns for ever and lastly do hereby nominate constitute and appoint John Coleman of Kersney Court in the parish of River in the said County Yeoman and Matthew Kennett of the Town and Port of Dover in the said County Gentleman executors of this my last will and testament and revoking all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made I declare this only to be and contain my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I the said Redman Jones the Elder that Testators to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal the 29th day of December in the year of our Lord 1820.  the mark & seal X of Redman Jones the Elder. Proved at London 22nd November 1826 before the Judge by the oaths of John Coleman and Matthew Kennett. Provided by Derek Jones, Nov. 2003)


Sarah was baptised 1 Mar 1772 at St. Peter, Whitfield and died 11 Nov 1834.  She is buried at St. Peter, Whitfield.  Mark worked as a Market Gardener.  The children of Mark and Sarah (dates are for baptisms at Whitfield):

            (2) Mark (5 Feb 1792-1861) m.(1 Oct 1811, Deal) Elizabeth Millen

                        (3)Thomas (1812, Mongeham-Q1 1867, Eastry) m.(Q4 1842, Eastry) Sarah Dixon- nee: Palmer (1812, Sutton – 18 Apr 1882, Gt. Mongeham) *In 1841 Thomas was working as an Ag. Labourer at Sutton for John Marsh (age 55). In 1841 Sarah was at Sutton with her parents, Thomas (1786) and Mary (1791) Palmer. She had a son, James Dixon (age 2) and was named as Sarah Dixon. ( She had married James Dixon in Q1 1838 at Isle of Thanet). In 1851 Thomas and Sarah were living at Sutton. Thomas was working as an Ag. Labourer, their three children are with them as was Sarah’s son, James (age 11, born at Worth, Fendersland)  !n 1861 they were still at Sutton with Mary and George. In 1871 Sarah was a widow living in Sutton with her unmarried brother George Palmer (1824). With them is her son James Dixon (widow) and James’ daughter, Susannah Dixon (1862, Sutton) In 1881, Sarah was at Walmer with her daughter Mary and her husband David Ellen

                                    (4) Richard (1844, Sutton) m. Charlotte Dixon (1833- 14 July 1879, Great Mongeham) Possible that Charlotte died during childbirth, or from complications following. In 1861 Richard was at Upper Farm, Sutton working as an Ag. Carter. In 1871 he was at Sholden working for Charles Chapman (Bailiff) as an Agricultural Servant. In 1881 Richard was at Sutton working as an Ag. Labourer.  With him were his daughters, Amy and Florence.  They are living at the home of his brother, James Dixon and his second wife Isabella Ann (1854, Gt. Mongeham). James married Isabella in 1873. Richard remarried in 1886 to Eliza (1846, West Cliffe) and they had two daughters. In 1891 they were living on Mongeham Street, Great Mongeham, Richard was and Agricultural Labourer. In 1901 Richard was living in Great Mongeham and working as a Farm Labourer.

                                                (5) Amy Edith (bp.28 Dec 1873, Gt. Mongeham) m.(Q3 1894, Dover) Jesse Ernest Burton

                                                (5) Florence (Laura) Louisa (bp. 26 July 1879, Gt. Mongeham) * May have been in London training to be a Domestic Servant in 1901. Unmarried.


Children of Richard and Eliza: In 1901 Richard, Eliza and Edith are at Great Mongeham. Richard is employed as a Farm Labourer.

                                                (5) Minnie Frances (1886, Gt. Mongeham) m. (1906, Great Mongeham)* At Northbourne in 1901

                                                (5) Edith Rose (1889, Gt. Mongeham) * At Great Mongeham in 1901


                                    (4) Mary (1846, Sutton) *May have married David Ellen. See “Origins Page”, Isaac (1846)

                                    (4) George (1848, Sutton-Q1 1903, Eastry) m. (Q4 1873, Eastry) Eliza Ann Marsh (1855, Guston) * In 1871 George was a Farm Servant at Court Farm, Sutton. In 1881 he was at Sutton working as an Ag. Labourer at Upper Farm. Living with them was George’s unmarried Uncle George Palmer (age 52, Navy Pensioner).

                                                (5) Julia Elizabeth (31 Dec 1876, Gt. Mongeham) m. (Q3 1896, Eastry) John Walker (1866, Sutton-1941) *In 1901 they were lodging in the home of Joseph Bodley (1861, Ramsgate) at St.Lawrence. John was a Brickmaker. Julia’s place of birth was given as Sutton.  In 1910 they were living at 11 Claremont Gardens, St. Lawrence. Later, John was Head Groundsman for the School on College Lane and cared for the Chatham House (grammer) School grounds and the Police Sports field in Ramsgate. Julia died at Chatham Court (near the Flour Mill on Station Approach Road).

                                                            (6) Eliza Walker (1895, Ramsgate) *Blind, died at 20 years of age.

                                                            (6) Sarah Walker (1897, 11 Claremont Gardens, St. Lawrence-c.1970) m. James (Jim) Swan *Younger brother of John Edward Swan. He died after 1 year of marriage in India – died “in spurs”, killed by a horse while serving in the Army. m2. Billy Smith (died during WW1)

                                                                        (7) Doris Swan  (4 Aug 1915) m. ? Cornwell * Raised by her great grandmother, Julia Goldsack. Living at West Dumpton in July 2003.

                                                                        (7) Billy Smith * Died as a young man during WW2 in North Africa.


                                                            (6) Agnes Ellen Walker (8 Dec 1898, Ramsgate-July 1979, Bracknell, Berkshire) m. John Edward Swan (23 Dec 1892, Chatham-March 1969, Bracknell). *In 1901 John was living at 63 Wood Street, Gillingham, (Chatham) Kent. His parents were John Swan (1865, Aldgate, Mile End, Middlesex, London) and Emily Clara Banning (1862, Malta). In 1881 John was lodging at Well Lane, Great Baddow, Essex in the home of Caroline Oliver (1845, Gt. Baddow). Caroline was a Shoe Binder and John was working as a Shoe Maker. His name was spelled Swain. In 1881 Emily was not in England. John married Emily at Medway in Q3 1892. In 1901 John and Emily Swan were living at Gillingham. John was a Master Bootmaker. Emily’s widowed mother, Sarah Banning (1833, Hants Whitechurch) was living with them. These are the children of John and Emily:

Sidney Swan (1890, Chatham)

John Edward Swan (1892, Chatham)

Richard Swan (1894, Chatham)

Emily Swan (1897, Chatham)

Albert E. Swan (1901, Old Brompton) * 2 months old on census day.


These are the children of John Edward and Agnes Ellen Swan:

                                                                        (7) John Edward Swan (c.1918, Ramsgate-1948)

                                                                        (7) Albert Sydney Swan (1920, Ramsgate)

                                                                        (7) Norman Valentine Swan (1924, Kilburn/W.Hampstead-1989, Romford)

                                                                        (7) Frederick Ralph Swan (1928, Kilburn/W.Hampstead)

                                                                        (7) Agnes Mary Grace Swan (1930, Kilburn/W.Hampstead) m. Raymond George Flavell (1925, Fleet)

                                                            (6) Gracie Walker (born in Ramsgate-1970, London)

                                                            (6) Male Walker * Twin of Gracie, died as an infant.

                                                            (6) John (Johnnie) Walker (born in Ramsgate –at age 26) Blind

                                                            (6) Valentine Walker (born in Ramsgate – at 7 months of age)

                                                            (6) Teddy Walker (c.Feb. 1916, Ramsgate-1939) Went blind after measles at age 6. Died within 1 week of his father,



                                                (5) Henry Thomas (Tom) (29 March 1881, Fig Tree Cottage, Sutton- 1960s ) m. (19 March 1904, St.Lawrence) Edith Victoria Rigden (1886, Ripple). Tom and Edie were half cousins. In 1901 Henry was living at Mud Cottages, Betteshanger (Northbourne). He was working as a Carter on an Estate and lodging with John and Eliza Kemp. In 1904 Henry was a Carter. Edith’s father was Ernest Edward Rigden, Carter. Witnesses were Ernest and Minnie Rigden and Eliza Ann Kemp. In 1901 Edith was living at Ramsgate and working as a Domestic Servant. Her father Ernest was a Dredgerman at Whitstable in 1901. Minnie (1883, Ramsgate) was a Domestic Servant at St. Lawrence. During WW1 Tom served as a volunteer for the Royal Naval Division (Army). Later he worked in a Brewery at Walmer. Tom worked as a Carter, carrying wood and building stones in the Thanet area. He also hauled flintstones from Dumpton Gap and stone from the quarry at Walmer. They lived at 1 Cross Road and later rented at 23 Cross Road, Walmer.

                                                            (6) Lillian Edith Goldsack (Q1 1910, Eastry) * Never married. Member of the Salvation Army, still living at 23 Cross Road, Walmer in July 2003.

                                                            (6) Ernest (Ernie) Goldsack (died a week before his 70th birthday, c. 1978, In Buckland Hospital) * Ernie’s wife died in 2002.


                                                            (6) Reginald John Goldsack ( born Feb 2 1912, Eastry) m.( 11 Nov 1935) Jean * He was living with his father Henry Thomas Goldsack, a carter and wood merchant, at 1, Cross Road Terrace, Deal.  Before joining the force on 12.4.1935, he was in The Royal Corps of Signals for 7 years and 4 months, until 27.3.1935.  On 15.7.1935 he was posted to Sittingbourne.  He was reprimanded on 8.10.1937, for marrying without permission on 13.11.1935." From Pauline Clifford (2002). Reg served in India with the Army and was later a Chief Inspector for the Kent Police. He moved to Essex to be nearer his daughter and was still living there in July 2003.


                                                            (6) Frank Goldsack (died at about aged 90) *Moved to Northampton. Member of the Salvation Army. Married with 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). Youngest son was a Chief at the Northamptonshire Fire Service, Corby.

                                                            (6) Victor E. Goldsack (Q4 1919- died at age 83) m. Eleanor  * As a young man Victor worked with his father in the Timber hauling business. He married an American woman and moved to Medford, Massachusetts. Eleanor was still living there in July 2003.

                                                                        (7) Edward * Lieut Col. USAF. Stationed in Germany, wife living in London 2003

                                                                        (7) Jean

                                                                        (7) Beverly


                                                            (6) Alfred (Alf) Goldsack (1924) * Living at 31 Cross Road, Walmer in July 2003.

                                                                        (7) Mike



                        (3) Richard (1815, Napchester) * In 1881 was living with sister Susanna and Cousin Jane at Buckland. In 1891 he was living with Susan at 97 London Road, Buckland. He was a Retired Butler.                   

                        (3) George (1819, Sutton- Q3 1895, Dover) m. (Q4 1841, Dover) Alice Collard (1823,Whitfield-1907) * In 1851 George was a Farm Labourer at Whitfield. In 1861 he was still a Farm Labourer at West Whitfield. In 1881 he was at Upper Whitfield working as a Farm Labourer. In 1891 he was at Whitfield working as a Labourer. Alice was the fourth child of 8 born to John Collard (1785-1860) and Alice Ledner (1793-1883).  See  In 1901 Alice was a retired Laundress living at Parsonage Farm in Whitfield. Alice’s younger sister, Sarah Ann (1833-1860) was married to George’s brother, Stephen.

                                   (4) Susan (1841-died as an infant)

                                   (4) Elizabeth (1842-1842)

                                    (4) Emma (Q2 1843, Sutton) * At Whitfield in 1851. In 1871 she was working for Elizabeth Sankey, surgeon’s widow, Dover. Emma was unmarried in 1871.


                                    (4) Susan (1844,Sutton) * With the family in 1851.

                                    (4) George (1845, Sutton) * In 1881 and 1891 George was unmarried, working as a Farm Labourer and living with his parents. In 1901 George was a Shepherd at Whitfield, unmarried and living with his mother, Alice (age 78)


                                    (4) Anne (Anna) (22 Nov 1846, Whitfield)

                                   (4) Marie

                                    (4) Mark (1849, Whitfield)

                                    (4) Frank (1850, Whitfield)

                                    (4) John (19 Oct 1851, Whitfield) *May have been lodging at II Alexander Place, Buckland in 1891 – Carter.

                                   (4) Stephen (28 May 1854, Whitfield-Q3 1895, Dover)

                                    (4) Jane (1854, Whitfield)

                                    (4) Hannah (1860, Whitfield)


                        (3) Susanna (1818) *Living with her brother Richard at Buckland in 1881 and 1891.

                        (3) Edward (1820, Sutton) * In 1871 living with his brother Stephen at Whitfield.  In 1881 a Farm Servant working for William Baynes at Coldred. At Buckland, Dover in 1891. Lodging at 165, London Rd.  Agricultural Labourer. Unmarried.

                        (3) Mark (1821, Whitfield) *In 1841 he was a resident at Sutton

                        (3) Stephen (bp 25 Feb 1827, Sutton-Q4 1892, Dover) m.(Q4 1851,St. Peter, Whitfield – Banns called 21, 28 Sept and 5 Oct 1851)) Sarah Ann Collard (bp.31 Mar 1833-1860) (m.2) (Q1 1861, St. Peter, Whitfield – Banns called 22, 29 Dec 1860 and 5 Jan 1861) Ann Banks (1827, Coldred) * In 1841 working as an Agricultural Labourer at Sutton. In 1851 Stephen was still at Sutton, working as a Waggoner (Miller’s Carter). In 1861 he was a widower, working as a Miller’s Carter and living with his former mother in law, Alice Collard (1793, Ash), at Whitfield. In 1871 he is remarried to Ann and still living at Whitfield – still a Miller’s Carter.  In 1881 living at Whitfield, Stephen is an Agricultural Labourer . In 1891 he is a Miller’s Carter at Whitfield, his brother in law, Thomas Banks (age 57, Whitfield) was living with them. In 1901 Ann (74) is living at Whitfield.

                                    (4) John (1852,Whitfield) * Unmarried in 1881, working as a Farm Labourer/Bailiff .

                                    (4) Mary Ann (17 Sept 1854, Whitfield) m. (Q 2 1877, Dover) Arthur Whittingstall (1854, Dover) * In 1881 Mary and Arthur were living at 21 Princess Street, Folkstone. Arthur was a Grainer Writer and Gilder. Not on 1901 census.

                                                (5) Ernest W. Whittingstall (1879, Folkestone)

                                                (5) George E. Whittingstall (1880, Folkestone)




                                    (4) Edward (16 Nov 1861,  Whitfield) m. (Q3 1889, St. Peter and Paul, Sutton – Banns called 4, 11 and 18 Aug 1889) Ellen Johnson (1867, Sutton) In 1881 Edward was at Whitfield working as a Farm Labourer. Ellen was living with her widowed father, John, at Tonbridge.  In 1891 he is at Providence Cottage, Whitfield working as a Gardener.

                                                (7) Ellen Mary (1890, Whitfield) 9 months old on 1891 census day.

                                                                (5) Lily Amy Goldsack (Baptised 28 Feb 1892, Folkestone. Died 28 Jul 1974)


                                    (4) William Thomas (1864, Whitfield-1900) * Living with parents in 1891, unmarried

                                    (4) George Richard (5 Mar 1865, Whitfield) m. Annie ? *In 1881 George was a Farm Labourer, unmarried, living in the home of John Amos at Eastling Down, Waldershare.

                                                (5) George Leonard (19 Oct 1884) m. Emma


                                    (4) Susannah (9 July 1865, Whitfield)


            (2) Mary (bp.12 May 1793, St.Peter, Whitfield - 28 Mar 1852, Folkestone, buried at Whitfield) m.(31 Jan 1821, Whitfield) George Puttee * George was a Printer in 1821

                        (3) George Milton Puttee (1833, Folkestone-1902, St. Albans, Hertfordshire) m1. Mary Ann (1833, Edmonton, Middlesex) m2.(15 May 1893, Hertfordshire) Mary Ann Groom (1837, Redbourne, Hertfordshire) *In 1881 George was a Tailor. He and his wife were residents (on staff) at “Little Boys Home” Assylum in S. Darenth, Horton Kirby, Kent. In 1901 he was a Retired Tailor living at 7, Thomton Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

                        (3) Alfred Puttee (29 July 1834, Folkstone) m. Emily Terry (1834, Kent) *In 1872 Alfred was a Customs Officer living at 13 Albany Road, Old Kent Road, Surrey. Alfred was living at 49 Avondale Road, Camberwell in 1901. He was a retired Officer for HM Customs.

                                    (4) Edward Alfred Puttee (20 Sept 1872, Aldington,Kent) m. (16 Nov 1896, Salford New Church, Lancashire)  Marion Adelaide Goldsack (1872, Liverpool, Lanchashire-1945)  * Edward was a Commercial Clerk at Camberwell in 1901. Marion was the daughter of Rev. Redman Goldsack(1838) and Elizabeth Pettet (1838). Redman officiated at the wedding. Marian was a Teacher at a Private School prior to her marriage.

                                                (5) Phyllis Laura Puttee (4 Nov 1897, 111 Shenley Rd., Camberwell-1971)

                                                (5) Hugh Redman Puttee(1899, Camberwell-1975)

                                                (5) Reginald Edward Puttee (1902, Camberwell)


                        (3) William Henry Puttee(1835, Folkestone) m. Elizabeth Allebone (1834, Northampton)* William was a Printer from at least 1864. In 1881 he was living at 2A Tontine Street, Folkestone. He and his wife were Printers and Paper Bag Makers.Elizabeth’s sister, Harriet Allebone (1843, Northampton).  In 1901 he was a Printer at Folkestone.

                                    (4) William Frederick Puttee(1861) m. (12 Jul 1888, Folkestone) Matilda Jane Boorn (1864) * Printer and Paper Bag Maker in 1881

                                    (4) David Joseph Puttee (22 March 1863, Buckland) m. Emily C. (1869) * Worked as a Hall Boy at the Pavillon Hotel, Folkestone in 1881. In 1901 he was a Checker at Folkestone. 3 daughters.


                                    (4) Alfred Allebone Puttee (20 Dec 1864, Buckland- died before 1866)

                                    (4) Alfred William Puttee (18 Jan 1866, Buckland) m.(18 Apr 1891,Eastbourne, Sussex) Susanna Thurston (1866) *In 1881 Alfred was a Paper Bag Maker, in 1891 he was a Milkman and in 1901 he was a Dairy Manager.

                                    (4) Arthur Puttee (25 Aug 1868, Folkestone) m. (15 Dec 1892, Folkestone) Gertrude Mary Strood (1869) * In 1881 Arthur was a Paper Bag Maker and then a Printer in 1892.

                                    (4) Agnes Mary Puttee (1871) m. (5 Sept 1896, Folkestone) William George Harrison (1863)

                                    (4) Elizabeth G. Puttee (1875) Unmarried in 1901, living with sister, Agnes Harrison, in London. A Grocer.

                                    (4) Harold Ernest Puttee (1876, Folkestone-1899)


                        (3) Edward Puttee


            (2) Sarah (4 Oct 1795) m. (1836) Thomas Price *There was a Thomas Price living with his son, Peter (1841) and grand daughter Elizabeth Price (1862) at Village, Sutton Valence, Kent in 1881. He was born 1797 at Sutton Valence and was a Shoemaker.

                        (3) Sarah Price (1836, Sutton) m. Charles Allam (1838, Lambeth)

                        (3) Peter Price (1841, Sutton Valence)

                        (3) Eliza Price (1842, East Sutton)

                        (3) Matilda Price (1842, Sutton)

                        (3) Sophia Price (1848, East Sutton)

                        (3) Ezekiel Price (1849, Sutton Valence)

* The above Price children were born in Sutton and appear on the 1881 census. No connection has been established



            (2) Harriet (10 June 1798-1829, Poorhouse, River, buried at Whitfield) m.(12 Oct 1824, Whitfield) William Marsh. *Also married to Thomas Field

                        (3) Edward Marsh (1826)

                        (3) Amelia Marsh (bapt. 30 Apr 1828-d.28 Dec 1864, Adelaide, South Australia)


            (2) Redman (17 Aug 1800-buried 26 Aug 1804, Whitfield)

            (2) Elizabeth (10 Apr 1803) m.(1826, Charlton in Dover) Edward Hopper (Ewell) – 8 children?

            (2) George (bp.8 Dec 1805, Whitfield) m. Ann  *Died after 1848. In 1835 he was a Labourer.

                        (3) George (13 April 1833, Whitfield- born at Charlton – 23 May 1916, Dover) m. (21 May 1854, Charlton) Emma Dixon (1834, Tilmanstone) * Emma was the daughter of  William Dixon.  According to MJ, George was a Master Mate (No. 100,452) From 1871 to 1881 George was living at 6 Prospect Place, Buckland In Dover with his wife,Emma.  George was employed as a Labourer. In 1881 his nephews, Charles T. and George L. were living with them. He later worked for the Dover Gas Company. Note: Baptism records show George as a son of George and Ann. See: “My Direct Ancestral Line, Isaac and Ann Hogben.


                        (3) Peter (Bp. 22 Nov 1835, Whitfield)


            (2) Jane Elizabeth (1808) m. (4 Feb 1837, St. Margaret’s) William Bowles Wellard. William was from Little Mongeham. Witnesses were John and Mary Wellard



            (2) Richard (18 Mar 1810) m.(24 Apr 1836, Whitfield) Elizabeth Baker (1810, Northbourne)

                        (3) Sarah (1860)


            (2) William (2 Feb 1812-24 May 1812)

            (2) Redman (8 Aug 1813) **See Australia 1

            (2) Stephen (25 May 1817) ** See Australia 2

Richard Goldsack (1776-1844)

Richard was baptised at Guston on 17 March 1776.  He died at Whitfield on 22 Feb 1844 (buried March 3rd)  He married Sarah Dixon (1781-1853) on 1 March 1800 at Guston.  Sarah was the granddaughter of Robert(1704-1789, son of John and Susannah Dixon) and Ann Dixon.

            (2) John (1733)

            (2) Robert (d. 29 Dec 1806, East Langdon)m. (16 Oct 1763, East Langdon) Ann Taylor (d. 10 Nov 1791 during childbirth) All children baptized at East Langdon:

                        (3) Richard ( 1 Apr 1766) *Born to Anne prior to her marriage to Robert Dixon

                        (3) Anne (8 Jun 1766-1776)

                        (3) Robert (6 Nov 1769- 19 Apr 1770)

                        (3) Jane (24 Apr 1770)

                        (3) Susannah (25 Oct 1773)

                        (3) Elizabeth (8 Feb 1778- 11 Jan 1850, Union Workhouse)

                        (3) Sarah (30 Sept 1782) m.(1800) Richard Goldsack (1776, Guston) s/o Mark and Elizabeth

                        (3) Sophia (13 Oct 1785)

                        (3) William (3 Nov 1791) His mother, Ann, died during his delivery.


Sarah died on 10 Dec 1853 and was buried at Whitfield on December 15th. The children of Richard and Sarah:

            (2) George (bapt. 15 Nov 1801, Guston-1 Jan 1886, Ringwould )m.(1 Dec 1832, Ringwould) Hannah Gardner(1804, Ringwould- 13 June 1882, Ringwould) *According to census material, living at Ringwould 1841-1881-George working as an Agricultural Labourer. 

                        (3) John (1834 -died at 3 days old, buried at Ringwould)

                        (3) Emma (Q1 1839, Dover) m. (Q1 1865, Dover) Robert Hood

                                    (4) Emma Eliza Hannah Hood (1865, Essex)

            (2) Anne (19 Aug 1804, Guston- Q1 1873, Aldington, Ashford) m.(4 May 1833, Whitfield) Richard Fagg (bp. 12 Jul 1801, Elham) Richard was the son of John Fagg and Lydia Matchum from Elham.  When Richard married Anne she already had a son, William Grant Goldsack.  The 1861 and 1871 census show the family at East St., Hythe – Richard is employed as a Dairyman.  Their children were baptised as noted:

                        (3) William Grant Goldsack (29 Jan 1826, Whitfield) * William’s father was William Grant.  Banns were read for William Grant of the Parish of St. Martin’s in Canterbury and Anne Goldsack of Whitfield – 1st time, Sunday June 25, 1825 – 2nd time, Sunday January 1, 1826 and the 3rd time on Sunday January 8, 1926. They were never married. William Grant Goldsack was baptized there 3 weeks later. William married Catherine Mary Pantry on 24 Aug 1850 at Aldington. Catherine (also known as Kitty) was baptized 28 May 1832 at Aldington, Faversham. She died 28 Mar 1856 at Aldington. William remarried Mary Hopper (nee Morris) on 19 Jan 1884 at Faversham. Mary was a 54 year old widow. William was at St. Margaret’s in 1851 working as a Journeyman Carpenter. In 1884 his profession is given as Wheelright.  In 1891 he is at Dover. In 1901 he is found at Faverham, he died there on 18 Nov 1913 at the Faversham Workhouse.

The children of William Grant Goldsack and Kitty Pantry:

                                    (4) Sarah Goldsack (bp.19 Dec 1850, Bilsington – 18 Aug 1859, Union Workhouse in Buckland)

                                    (4) Emma Goldsack (13 Sept 1852, bp.16 Oct St. Margaret’s– 10 Mar 1930, Faversham) m.(23 Aug 1874, Hythe) James Pointer (1850, Birchington). The 1861/71 census shows Emma living with her grandmother Anne and working as a Seamstress. In 1881 they were living at 52 Preston Street, Faversham, James was a Railway Signalman. Emma and James Pointer were the witnesses at the marriage of Emma’s father, William in 1884. In 1901 they were at Faversham. James was a Railway Signalman.

                                                (5) Mabel Pointer (1876, Chatham)

                                                (5) Ernest B. Pointer (1879, Whitstable)

                                                (5) William G. Pointer (1880, Faversham) *9 months old on census day                 

                                                (5) Alfred Pointer (1881, Faversham) * Engineer’s Fitter in 1901 at Faversham.

                                                (5) Winifred Pointer ( 1886, Faversham) * Mother’s Helper in 1901 at Faversham

                                                (5) Allan Pointer (1889, Faversham)

                                                (5) Margaret Pointer (1890, Faversham)

                                                (5) Gilbert Pointer (1895, Faversham)


                                    (4) Ellen Elizabeth Goldsack (3 June 1854, Bilsington)


                        (3) Richard Fagg (1834, Nonington)

                        (3) Alfred Fagg (1836, Elham)

                        (3) George Fagg (1839, Saltwood)

                        (3) Lydia Fagg (1841, Nonington)

                        (3) Stephen Fagg (1846, Nonington) m. Sarah (1849, Hythe) * In 1901 at Hythe, St. Leonard working as a General Labourer.


            (2) Elizabeth (4 Sept 1808, Guston – 27 Sept 1834-buried 2 Oct , Whitfield)

            (2) Sarah Ann ( 9 Oct 1814, Waldershare) m.(23 Apr 1838, Whitfield) Robert King

            (2) William (17 May 1817, Waldershare – 4 Dec 1861, Whitfield) m.(30 Oct 1842, Little Mongeham) Jane Hopper (1823, East Langdon-1914) * William worked as a Farm Labourer at Whitfield from 1851-61. In 1861 they were living at Round House, Archer’s Court, Whitfield.  After William’s death Jane remarried William Fagg (1834/35, Northbourne) on 23 Apr 1863 at St. Martin of Tours, Guston. Her son, William was living with her at Guston in 1881.

                        (3) George (15 Jan 1843, Dover, bp. 20 Aug 1843, St. Martin of Tours, Guston - died at sea 14 Mar 1879) m.(22 Jan 1869, St. Mary’s, Dover) Charlotte Hedgecock (1849, Dover). * At the time of their marriage George was a Mariner. In 1851 George was at Whitfield. In 1861 he was an Apprentice Sailor at Whitfield. In 1871 they were on Adrian Street in Dover. In 1879 George was a Mariner on board a pilot cutter.  In 1881, 32 year old Charlotte was a widow (daughter of John Hedgecock, Publican) living at 12 Chapel Place, Dover (St. Mary) with her 3 children and her unmarried sister Alice Hedgecock (age 23).  Charlotte remarried in Q1 1884, Dover to William Philpott (1844, Canterbury). In 1891 Charlotte Philpott was living at 34 Chapel Place and working as a Laundress. Annie and Georgina were living with her. In 1901 Charlotte was a Housekeeper in charge of GHS and William was a Labourer at the Gas Company. They were living at Dover. 

(Note: all children baptised at Dover, St. Mary the Virgin):

                                    (4) William Henry (23 June 1872) m(Q4 1895, Dover) Rose Alice Pay (1870, Alkham) * At River in                            1901. William was working as a Gardiner Domestic.

                                                (5) Evelyn (1897, Dover)

                                                (5) Hilda (1899, River)


                                    (4) Emma Jane (15 Mar 1874)

                                    (4) Annie Eleanor (24 Oct 1875) m.(Q4 1898, Dover) Ernest Alfred Turner (1876, Dover)

                                    (4) Georgina Alice (Q3 1879) m.(Q4 1905, Dover)


                        (3) William (21 April 1845, Whitfield- 1908, Dover ) * Unmarried, Farm Labourer  in 1881. Living with his mother, Jane Fagg at Guston. In 1891 he was a General Labourer, living with his mother and brothers at Cheriton. In 1901 William was living with his brother Charles at Cheriton.     


                        (3) Henry (5 Dec 1847, Whitfield) m. (Q4 1867, Dover) * Henry may have been a Carter living in with James Smith, East Langdon in 1881.


                        (3) John (28 July 1850, Whitfield) m. (13 March 1873, St. Mary’s,Dover) Emma Goldsack (1849) * Daughter of John Goldsack.  Marriage witnessed by John and Mary Ann Goldsack. John was a Mariner, he died 16 Dec 1873 at Dover of Typhoid Fever. In 1874 Emma was at Waldershare working as a Laundry Maid.  Emma remarried George Morrison (1848, Skye) in 1882 at Helensburgh.

                                    (4) John (1873/4) Adopted by step father, George Morrison


                        (3) Stephen (1 May 1853, Dover - 1871)

                        (3) Richard (1856, Whitfield) m.(Q1 1877,St. Saviour’s,  London) Esther (1861, Dover)*A. B. Seaman on Board “Granville” in 1881 at Folkestone. Esther was a lodger at Portland Place, Hougham. Richard was still a Mariner in 1891 and living at 10 Albion Place, Dover. In 1901 still living at 10, Albion Place.  Still a Mariner. Richard worked for Trinity House on the pilot cutter boat out of  Dover. He died when he was swept off the break water in Dover during a storm”. From Great grandson Paul David Goldsack

All children born at Dover.

                                    (4) Ellen Ann (Q4 1881- Q1 1892, Dover)

                                    (4) Elizabeth Esther (Q4 1883) m. (Q2 1914, Dover) ? Read

                                    (4) George Richard (Q1 1886) m. (Q2 1912, Southwark) * Sailor Cabin Boy in 1901

                                    (4) Alfred John (Q1 1888) * Errand Boy for Wine/Spirit Merchants in 1901

                                    (4) Louisa Jane (Q3 1890) m. (Q1 1909, Dover) *8 months old on census day 1891

                                    (4) Edith Ellen (Edie) (Q1 1895) m. (Q3 1915, Dover) ? Young.  m2. (Q1 1926,Thanet) ?Griffiths

                                    (4) Stephen William (Q2 1897) m. Florence Beatrice Mills (22 Dec 1900, Dover- Dec 1986, Dover) * William served with the Royal Navy in both Wars.

                                                (5) Lilian E. (Q3 1920, Dover-c.1935)

                                                (5) Joan (24 June 1921, Dover- June 1934)

                                                (5) Sidney (c.1924-1926)

                                                (5) Sidney Hayden (Peter) (24 June 1928, Dover) m. (1950, Christ Church, Dover) Beryl Steena Weeks (30 Apr 1931, Smarden)

                                                            (6) Denise Jaqueline (12 Jan 1953, Dover)

                                                            (6) Roberta Michelle Susan (15 Aug 1956, Dover)

                                                            (6) Paul David (6 Aug 1970, Dover)


                                                (5) Gordon Cecil (31 Oct 1935, Dover

                                                (5) Shirley Anne (7 Jan 1944, Dover)


                                    (4) Ernest Harold (Q4 1899) m. (Q4 1926, Elham) ? Goodright


                        (3) Marianne or Mary Ann (7 Nov 1858, Whitfield)m.(15 July 1882, Folkestone) Jesse Coleman (1856, Wye) * In 1881 Mary was working as a Parlour Maid for John Green at PH The Firs, River. In 1901 Jesse was 44 years old, living at 32 Denmark St. Folkestone with his wife, Mary A., and working as a Railway Watchman. There was a 4 year old boarder named Dorothy Green living with them.                            

                                    (4) Marie E. Coleman (1882)


                        (3) Ellen (6 Dec 1860, bp. 1 Jan 1861 Whitfield – 26 Jan 1861)

                        (3) Alfred William (28 Dec 1861, Hougham- 6 Feb 1921, Cheriton) m. (Q1 1890, Elham) Ada Frances Baldock (1871, Chartham) * In 1881 Alfred was living with his widowed mother at Dover. Ada was living with her parents, Henry Baldock (1851, Chilham) and Sarah Hubbard (1859, Chartham) (they were married at Bridge Q4 1869) at the White Lion Inn, Cheriton Street, Cheriton. Henry was a Publican. Ada’s 5 year old sister, Edith was also there, as were Sarah’s unmarried siblings Jesse and Annie Hubbard.   In 1891 Alfred and Ada  were living at 2 Clifton Cottages, Cheriton. Alfred was a Railway Plate Layer. The family was at Cheriton in 1901. Alfred was working as a Coal Carter.

                                    (4) Edith Annie (Q3 1890, Elham-Q1 1894, Elham)

                                    (4) Henry (Q2 1893,Elham) m. (Q2 1918, Elham) ?? Bolton

                                    (4) Ivy Ellen (Q4 1894, Elham-1976) m. (Q2 1921, Elham) ?? Holwood

                                    (4) Elsie May (Q2 1897, Elham) m. (Q4 1920,Elham) ?? Walker

                                    (4) Florence Annie (23 Feb 1899, Cheriton-16 Oct 1957) m. (20 Dec 1933, Brighton) James Ernest Mitchell * Emigrated to Australia

                                    (4) Rose Mary (Q1 1901, Elham-17 Aug 1971) m. (3 Sept 1938) Ernest James Gladdis

                                    (4) Doris Lilian (Q1 1904, Elham)

                                    (4) Hilda (Q1 1906, Elham)

                                    (4) Charles (1908-1995) m. Marjorie R. Mitchell

                                                (5) Ernest C. (1932)

                                                (5) Marjorie B. (1933)

                                                (5) Douglas E. (1939)

                                                (5) Ronald Norman (1940)

                                                (5) Dennis G. (1943-1990)


            (2) Sophia Jane (25 Mar 1827, Whitfield- 17 Apr 1896, Folkstone) m.(28 Dec 1847, Buckland) William Pay (1 Apr 1824, Buckland) * William was the son of Richard Pay and Sarah Ann Prescott, he was baptized at Buckland on 11 Jul 1824. In 1881 they were living at 7 York Street, Ramsgate, William was a Railway Carman. They had a grandson, Augustus Pay (age 3, Plaistow, Essex.) living with them. In 1901 William was living alone at 27 Peter Street, Folkestone, a Retired Railway Carrier’s Carter.  Children baptised at Folkestone unless otherwise noted:

                        (3) William James Pay (1849, Dover- bp. 21 Jul 1850, Buckland) m.(24 Dec 1876, Folkstone) Alice Rebecca Ellen (1855, Folkestone)* In 1881 James was a Butcher. The family was living at 38 North Street, Folkestone. William was a General Labourer living at 31 North Street,  Folkstone in 1901 and Alice did House Work. They were in the house of Alice’s widowed father, William Ellen (1828, Dover). He was a Retired Butcher. In 1881 William Ellen and his wife, Annie Day(1832, Hythe) were living on Beach Street, Folkestone. He was a Butcher who employed 1 man and 2 boys. William and Annie were married in Q2 1853, Elham and had 5 children living with them in 1881, William T. (19), Annie (17), Esther (14), Lizzie (9), and George (4). In addition their was a nephew, William Day (14) and a niece, Annie Day (17).

                                    (4) Elizabeth Pay (1880, Folkestone) *4 months old on census day. Unable to work in 1901


                        (3) Richard Edward Pay (21 July 1850, Buckland) m. Harriet (1856, Dover) *In 1881 he was a Master Mariner living at 57 North Side Ovenden Street, Dover.  He was a Licensed Victualler at Folkestone in 1901.

                                    (4) Richard E.W. Pay (1879, Dover)

                                    (4) Elizabeth M. Pay (1881, Dover) * 2 months old on census day.


                        (3) Sophia Jane Pay (1852, bp.28 Oct 1864) m.(20 Sept 1874, Ramsgate) Francis James Fox (1853, Sandgate) In 1881 they were living at 3 Foord Road, Folkestone, Francis was a Paperhanger. Sophia’s sister, Lydia, was living with them. Francis was still a Paperhanger at Folkestone in 1901.

                                    (4) Florence S. Fox (1875, Folkestone)

                                    (4) Thomas W. Fox (1878, Folkestone)


                        (3) Drusilla Harriet (1854, 28 Oct 1864)

                        (3) Esther Harriet Pay (1856, 28 Oct 1864) *In 1881 with parents at Ramsgate – Dressmaker.

                        (3) Alfred Edward Pay (1862, 28 Oct 1864) *In 1881 living with parents – Railway Carman.  In 1901 at Portsmouth working as a General Carman.


                        (3) Lydia Emily Pay (1864, 28 Oct 1864) m.(Q4 1886, Thanet) Joseph William Stead (1865, Ramsgate) *In 1881 Lydia was living with her sister Sophia Fox. Joseph was living at St. Lawrence with his parents, Edward and Harriet Stead. Edward was a Police Sergeant. Joseph was a Clerk at the Gas Works.  In 1901 they were living at St. Lawrence. Joseph was a Gas and Water Collector.

                                    (4) Florence Stead (1887, Ramsgate)

                                    (4) Harold Stead (1888, Ramsgate)

                                    (4) Alice Stead (1890, Ramsgate)

                                    (4) Cyril Stead (1891, Ramsgate)

                                    (4) Spencer Stead (1896, Ramsgate)

                                    (4) Mildred Stead (1898, Ramsgate)


                        (3) Clara Ann Pay (1866, 7 Nov 1866) * Living with parents in 1881 – Dressmaker.

                        (3) Edward George Pay (1870,Folkestone, 7 Apr 1870) *In 1901 at Brighton working as a Railway Carrier Foreman.


**Children of Jane Goldsack (nee Hopper) widow of William (1817) and William Fagg (1834/35, Northbourne)

In 1871 Jane and William were living in a Crow Hill Cottage at Guston with Jane’s son Alfred, Robert and Charles. William was working as an Agricultural Labourer. In 1891 Jane was a widow living at 3 Oak Cottage, Cheriton. Her three sons were living with her.

            (2) Robert Fagg (1865, Guston) m.(Q2 1894, Elham) Sarah Ann Law (1866, Lyminge) * In 1881 Robert was a Navvy, living at 2 Alma Row, Brookland. Sarah was living with her parents, George and Mary Ann Law, in Broadmead Cottage, Folkestone. In 1891 Robert was a Railway Labourer, living with his mother at Cheriton.  In 1901 they were at 2 Cheriton St. Bridge Cottage, Cheriton – Robert was working as a Railway Platelayer. Robert’s mother, Jane was living with them.

                        (3) Robert C. Fagg (1895, Cheriton)

                        (3) Dorothy Fagg (1896, Cheriton)

                        (3) John Fagg (1898, Cheriton)

                        (3) Olive Fagg (1900, Cheriton)


            (2) Charles Fagg (1868/9, Crow Hill, Guston) m. Louisa (1871, France) *In 1891 Charles was a Railway Labourer living with his mother at Cheriton. In 1901 at Shorncliff Cottage, Cheriton. Charles was a Driver of a Stationary Engine. Living with them is William Goldsack (age 45).

                        (3) William Fagg (1898, Folkstone)

                        (3) Arthur Fagg (1899, Folkstone)


           (2) Emma E. Fagg (1876, Dover) * In 1891 she was a Nurse.

           (2) Annie E. Fagg (1881, Dover) *In 1901 she was a Nurse at Dover, unmarried


Australia I:  Redman Goldsack (1813-1883)

Redman Goldsack was born at Whitfield on 1 July 1813 and baptised there on August 8.  He was apprenticed as a blacksmith to Mr. Pilcher at Sheperdswell (Sibertswood), a little north of Whitfield.  He was still employed by him at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Paramor at Temple Ewell on 14 February 1842.  Elizabeth was born at Dover on 8 July 1814, the daughter of Richard and Mary Paramor.  At the time of their marriage Elizabeth was employed as an infant mistress at nearby River, Kent. The new couple moved to St. Margaret’s Lane, West Cliffe and soon the young blacksmith applied to an emigration agent for Australia and New Zealand  and the couple was accepted.  On 1 May 1842 they sailed from Gravesend on board the barque Sir Charles Forbes for Nelson, New Zealand.  Shortly after setting sail the ship, Captained by Thomas Bacon, ran into strong winds and was forced to zig zag across the channel.  The seas were so high that water flooded the deck and poured down the hatchways, washing passengers and baggage from their assigned positions.  After 12 days the weather calmed and the voyage continued for another 3 and half months.  On 27 August 1842 the ship arrived at Nelson.  Redman wasted no time in setting up a blacksmith’s shop.  Within a year the couple was living in a small cottage on Bridge Street, Nelson. A few months later their son, George, was born.  Conditions were not the best in New Zealand.  Conflicts with the Maori people, earthquakes, climate and a mountainous terrain were factors in Redman’s decision to move his family to Australia.  They set sail on board the schooner Star of China on 14 July 1844 and arrived on 27 July at Port Jackson, New South Wales.

At Sydney Redman met up with his brother Stephen (he and his wife had arrived there in 1838).  The family remained in Sydney until September.  At that time they left Stephen and sailed on the Brigantine Emma, arriving in Adelaide on 17 September 1844.  Redman immediately began working for the Glen Osmond Silver-Lead Mining Company as a blacksmith.  On 2 December 1846 Redman purchased 2 acres on the corner of Kensington and Glen Osmond Roads from James Quinn for the sum of 28 pounds.  He built

his blacksmith’s shop on Glen Osmond Road and the family home (Rose Cottage) on Kensington Road.  For the next hundred years the business would be family operated.  After Redman’s death his sons took over and the business was know as “Goldsack Brothers”.

During the 1850s Elizabeth Goldsack operated a Haberdashery Shop near the miner’s cottage in Glen Osmond.  She contracted rheumatic fever in the spring of 1866 and died on 12 March at the age of 51.  She was buried at Glen Osmond Cemetery.

The next year Redman married Christiana Webb (nee Glover) on 2 February 1867 at St. Saviour’s Church.  They lived at Rose Cottage until Redman died  on 6 November 1883 at the age of 69.  Cause of death was a cancerous stricture of the rectum.

The Children of Redman and Elizabeth:

            (2) George (29 April 1844, Nelson -1913) m.(29 April 1869, Glen Osmond) Ellen Jane Grylls (4 Oct             1841, Adelaide) The only child of James and Margaret Grylls, from Cornwall, arrived in Australia 25 Aug 1839.

            George and Ellen lived in a two story addition to  Bellevue” – the home of James and Margaret Grylls.  All their             children were born there:

                        (3) Elizabeth Grylls “Bessie” (1870-1958) m.(1898) Ernest Lancelot S. Tuck (1870-1944)

                        (3) James Grylls (1872-1957) m.(1899) Jessie Dale Stodart (1866-1953)

                        (3) Ethel May (1875-1941) m.(1920) George Marshall

                        (3) Stella Mary (1878-1954) m.(1924) James Besley

                        (3) Annie Margaret (1880-1883)


            (2) Mark (11 Feb 1846, Glen Osmond -24 Oct 1914, Glen Osmond) m.(15 Dec 1870, Glen Osmond) Mary Dalgleish Ferguson (22 Nov 1844, Glen Osmond-14 Jun 1909, Glen Osmond)Daughter of Daniel Ferguson (1796, Scotland) and Helen Ritchie from Glenunga. Mark and Mary built and lived in a bluestone house next door to the Glen Osmond Blacksmith Shop.  All their children were born there:

                        (3) William (1871-1957) m.(1898, India) Charlotte Somerville (1874-1969)

                        (3) Robert (1873-1949) m.(1901) Eveline Beatrice Messervy (1872-1947)

                        (3) George (1875-1875)

                        (3) Charles Glen (1876-1957) m.(1904) Julia Georgina Attrill (1881-1936)

                        (3) Osmond George (1878-1911) m.(1911) Myra Ann Player (1877-1968)

                        (3) Percy Seymour (1882-1960) m.(1913) Sabina Brown (1892-1986)

                        (3) Frank (1885-1946) m.(1911) Rebecca Edith May Pratt (1886-1969)

                        (3) James Ritchie (1889-1968) m.(1914) Emma Booth Gooden (1892-1974)


            (2) Mary (6 Feb 1848, Glen Osmond-6 Feb 1894) m.(21July 1870, Glen Osmond) Robert Kelly (1845-1920) Son of William Kelly and Jane Caley. Mary and Robert lived at “Oaklands”, four miles from Tarlee. First four children born there:

                        (3) Florence Isabel Kelly (1871-1951) Unmarried.

                        (3) Elizabeth “Bessie” May Kelly (1873-1973) m.(1897) David Kelly

                        (3) Robert Kelly (1875-1875)

                        (3) Mary Kelly (1877-1941) m. George Thomas Arthur

                        (3) Janet Mabel Kelly (1879-1962) m. Rev. W. Arthur Dunn

                        (3) William Stanley Kelly (1882-1869) m. Ada May Dawson

                        (3) Amy Kelly (1884)

                        (3) Hugh Craine Kelly (19 June 1894-18 Oct 1917) Killed at the Front – France.


            (2) Jane (22 Feb 1850, Glen Osmond-15 June 1851- buried at Marryatville)

            (2) Stephen (8 March 1852, Glen Osmond- 27 Apr 1874 – cause of death: tuberculosis)

            (2) Charles (29 October 1854, Glen Osmond-11 Dec 1909- cause of death: kicked in the chest by a horse)


Australia 2: Stephen Goldsack (1817-1880)

Stephen was the youngest child of Mark and Sarah Goldsack.  He was baptised at Whitfield on 25 May 1817.  He was married at Camberwell, London on 20 November 1837 to Jane Hannah McCloud (1815-1866). She was the daughter of John McCloud, Wheelright of Old Charlton.  Stephen was by trade a Baker and he wished to seek a better life in the new territory of Australia.  He and Jane set sail from Greenwich on 3 Dec 1837 aboard the Trusty. They arrived at Holdfast Bay on 15 May 1838.  The couple lived in a tent at the new colony. Their first know address was Penington Terrace, North Adelaide.  Times worsened in the colony, so in an attempt to avoid insolvency Stephen moved to Sydney where he was employed as a journeyman Baker. There he was joined by his brother Redman, and his family, in 1844.  Jane died on 17 August 1866 and is buried at West Terrace Cemetery.  Stephen married Eliza Sophia Bailey (1851) on 24 April 1869 at Adelaide. She was the daughter of George Bailey. Eliza died in 1889. During the visit of HRH Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh in 1867 a luncheon was held at the Hagen Arms Hotel in Echunga. The catering was organised  and supervised by Stephen. He employed several local girls to help, one of the girls was Eliza Bailey.

The children of Stephen and Jane:

            (2) Rev. Redman (19 Nov 1838, Adelaide -1904) m.(1867) Elizabeth Rosetta G. Pettet (1838, London, Middlesex -1937)

Redman returned to England in 1861 (residing in London) and did not return to Australia.  His children were born in England. He set up his Ministry in Liverpool. In 1881 the family was at 237 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool, Lancashire. Redman was the Minister of the New Church.  His son, Stephen James Cunnington Goldsack joined him in the Ministry.

                        (3) Rev. Stephen James Cunnington (1868-1957) m.(1894) Florence Evelyn Clarke (1874, London-1952) * At the time of their marriage Stephen was a Minister in the New Jerusalem Church, living at Bradford, Yorkshire. In 1914 Stephen was living in Scotland, at Lochiel, on Kirkhill Road, Mansewood.  On May 4, 1923 Stephen arrived at New York on board the “Mauretania” from Southhampton. He was to attend the New Jerusalem Church General Convention in Washington, DC, he was to stay for 15 days. He was 5’-11” tall, dark complexion, bark hair and grey/green eyes.


                                    (4) Eustace Redman (Aug. 1895, Keighley- 17 Aug 1975, Desborough) m. (1 Jan 1923, Glascow) Jean Stirling Smith (1897-1959) * After leaving school Eustace began working for a company that made fine linens. He served with the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Great War. After the war he resumed working for the Linen firm and in the 1920s he became the firm’s traveler to Scotland and the north of England.


                                    (4) Sydney James (26 Mar 1897, Keighley-24 Nov 1959) m. (28 Sept 1929) Margery Norah Phyllis Holst (1909-1992) * Sydney arrived in New York on June 22, 1922 on board the “Sixaola” from Kingston, Jamaica. He was in transit and was to leave in 2 days. He arrived again on May 3, 1923 on board the “Carrilo”, again from Kingston. This time he was in New York on business. He was 5’-7” tall, dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. On 5 Jan 1925 Sydney arrived in Halifax Harbour on board the “Columbia”. Sydney worked for the publishers Collins (now Harper-Collins) and became a director of the company. During the Great war Sydney served with his brother Eustace in the Royal Army Medical Corps.


                                    (4) Bernard Frank (13 May 1898, Manchester- Aug 1975) m. (1 Sept 1927, Anerley, London) Dorothy Owen (1904-1984)

                                    (4) Percy Stephen (c.1909-1940) m. (1937) Dorothy Marion Ida Greenhodge * Percy adopted Dorothy’s son, Tony (b.1936). Percy was a Corporal with the 141 Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps. He died on Saturday June 1, 1940 at Dunkirk and is buried at Nord, France.

                                               (5) Janet (1937)



                        (3) Edith Sofia (1869) Unmarried

                        (3) Sydney Ernest (1870-1884)

                        (3) Marian Adelaide (1872-1945) m.(1896, Salford) Edward Alfred Puttee (20 Sept 1872-1951)

                                   (4) Phyllis Laura Puttee (1897-1971)

                                   (4) Hugh Redman Puttee (1899-1975)

                                   (4) Reginald Edward (1902)


                        (3) Herbert Edmund (1874) m. Cecile Nelson

                        (3) Gertrude Mary (1876) Unmarried

                        (3) Lillian Annie (1878) Unmarried

                        (3) Leonard George (1881) m. Mary Peel

                        (3) Irene Rosetta (1882-1958) m. Alex Ewing (1892-1980)

                        (3) Hilda Florence (1884) Unmarried

                        (3) Winifred Ethel (1888) m. Michael Hogg


            (2) George (Sept. 1840-22 Jul 1841)

            (2) Mary (Polly or Popsie)

            (2) Sarah (21 Apr 1842-21 Oct 1912) m.(1 Mar 1870) John Michell (d.1933) A Baker from Moonta.

                        (3) Sydney John Michell (1871-1848) m. Elizabeth

                        (3) Francis Michell (1872)

                        (3) Amelia Michell (1874-1960)

                        (3) Jessie McCloud Michell (1875-1876)

                        (3) Jane Hannah Michell (1877)

                        (3) Jennie Michell (1879-1961) m. Charles Breaker

                        (3) Francis Albert Michell (1880)

                        (3) Lucia Michell (1882) m. Alfred Chalmer Hiern

                        (3) Arthur Michell (1884-1884)


            (2) Sydney (24 June 1844-9 Mar 1897) m.(16 Aug 1886) Isabella Will (1851-1919)

            No Children.  Sydney worked as a Baker with his father, pastryccok, caterer and bridal cake maker. Later he went into             business for himself.  He died on 9 Mar 1897 of apoplexy and exhaustion and his wife took over the business for several             years. He visited his brother Redman in England on two occasions.


            (2) Mark (1846-1914)

            (2) William ?

            (2) James ?


The children of Stephen and Eliza:

            (2) Stephen (1870-1877)

            (2) George (1873-1896)

            (2) Arthur E. (1875-1875)

            (2) William Charles (1878-1949)

            (2) Mary [Polly] Ann (1880-1959)


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