Summer 2006
Vol. 14 No. 2
"Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them." - John Ruskin

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Nature Area Update

The Turtle

GINLC Involves Local Citizens in Water Monitoring

Happy Gardening

New Members Join the GINLC Board

Fundraiser Consultant Helps Steer Efforts

14th Annual Meeting Saturday, November 4 10AM

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November 4
Annual Meeting
10:00AM - Noon
Centennial Farm

Nature Area Open
Saturday 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Thursday 6PM - 8PM
through end of August then
Thursday 5PM - 7PM

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Nature Area Update
by Margarete Hasserodt

The Grand Opening Day at the Nature Area in April was a great success. Since we are now operating on summer time, please note the change in our Thursday evening open hours. June, July and August we open the gate from 6 to 8PM. September and October we change back from 5 to 7PM. Saturday will always be open from 10AM to 2PM until the end of October.

It seems that the hosts and hostesses who volunteer 2 hours during the open days at the Nature area are having a wonderful time. Some visitors have been there repeatedly and notice the changes nature has to offer. If you would like to help us out, please contact me at 734-671-5098. We can also make arrangements, if you would like to help with weeding, planting or cleaning up the trails from overgrown branches.

Now, I would like to recognize some special people. Tom Luley has volunteered at the Nature Area countless hours. He changed 2 windowpanes at the information kiosk, so one has a clear view at the large posters. He has finished one observation deck overlooking Gibraltar Bay West. Our thank you includes Bob Gronlund, who assisted him with placing the deck onto the cement footings. Tom is there when we need him.

Tom Luley builds the Observation Deck at Gibraltar Bay West. Working behind the rails is Bruce Jones.

Ingo Hasserodt built 3 birdhouses, which were placed east of the Meadow Trail. We had hoped they would attract Eastern Bluebirds, but within a few days Tree Swallows had them all occupied. They are having a wonderful time fetching insects over the meadow, feeding the young.

Carol Haskins and Patricia Hodson donated their big umbrella for the picnic table. Ute O'Connor donated two Adirondack chairs. It is now very comfortable to spend two hours greeting visitors, reading a book from our small library or sharing a lunch with a friend.

On May 27th, Cub Scouts pack 1261, den 6 and 7, under the leadership of Donna Plegue, enjoyed a special time at the Nature Area. The boys and accompanying adults were witnessing the spawning of the pikes at the seaplane pad. To see the large fish jumping in the clear water was certainly the excitement of the day! On a sunny Sunday in early June, Bruce Jones and I hosted some members of the Essex County Field Naturalists' Club at the Nature Area. That day, we all profited from Bruce's knowledge of nature and local history. The Canadians went home, excited and eager to take action on environmental issues in their own community. We always like to hear your comments. Hope to see you soon!