Spring 2011
Vol. 19 No. 1

Spring is a natural resurrection, an experience in immortality -Henry David Thoreau

In this issue...

Reflections from the President

Habitat for Learning

Celebration for the Gibraltar Bay Unit of the Detroit River International Refuge

Gibraltar Bay Fish Survey

Colina Grant

2010 GI Conservationist of the Year Award

Second Sundays at the Wildlife Refuge/Nature Area

Sunday at the Wildlife Refuge

Freshwater Futures Grant

Michigan Amphibians and Mudpuppies Survey

Annual Meeting

Honors & Recognitions

Lifetime Achievement Award

Stewardship Corner

Land Acquisition

Memorials & Honorariums


Small Machines - Big Polluters

Did you know?

Upcoming Events...

May 1
Earth Day

1PM to 4PM
Centennial Farm
Contact Liz Hugel

May 13
Habitat for Learning Workday
8AM to 4PM
Parke Lane Elementary
Contact Courtney Solenberger-McNeill

Nature Area Open
Every Sunday
1-4PM, May 8 to Oct. 30

May 15
Interpretive Nature Walk
1PM to 4PM
Nature Area
Contact Courtney Solenberger-McNeill

November 5
Annual Meeting
10AM to 11:30AM
Centennial Farm


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Land Acquisition

Ingo Hasserodt is leading our Land Acquisition Committee this year. He is already in discussions with several landowners regarding property donations. If you’re interested in donating property or a conservation easement, please contact him ( or 734-671-5098) for information.

Earlier this year Congress passed legislation to extend tax incentives until 2011 for conservation easements. Efforts to make the incentives permanent have not yet been successful, so if you are interested in retaining ownership while conserving the natural features of your property, 2011 may be the time to do it. With budget cuts and the likely necessity for revenue raising, this could be the last year. The tax incentives include a deduction of up to 50% of adjusted gross income in any year (up from 30 percent) and the possibility of carrying over unused portions of deductions for as long as 15 years (up from 5 years) after the initial year in which the deduction was claimed.