1926 - Congress appropriated $300,000 for construction of world's first all-metal airship and the Navy assigned the contract to the Aircraft Development Corporation in August. The company purchased the Olds farm property and built an enormous hangar in which to build the metal airship. They cleared trees, and designated a 3,000 foot diameter circle north of the hangar as a landing field.

1927 - Realizing that the citizen complaints about taking off and landing at the Detroit River site could not be ignored, Lt. Com. Brodhead and Lt. Williams investigated other locations. They were attracted to Grosse Ile in part due to the operations of the Aircraft Development Corporation, and probably in part because Brodhead was a descendant of William Macomb, one of two brothers who settled Grosse Ile. The two men convinced the state of Michigan to lease a narrow five acre finger of land from the Aircraft Development Corporation, land which was mostly a submerged cattail marsh, extending southeast of the ADC hangar to a quiet bay known as Olds Harbor (now called Gibraltar Bay). Negotiations between the state and the Navy Department assigned the property to the Naval Reserve Aviation unit. Brodhead also secured a legislative appropriation of $100,000 to construct a seaplane base, and Williams was placed in charge of the project. They dredged and filled in this peninsula site and built hangars, living quarters, mess hall, repair shops, and other buildings on the piles they drove into the fill. 1927 marks the birth of Naval aviation on Grosse Ile.

1928 - Wayne County paved a 20 foot concrete roadway in a circle around the landing field and connected the road's northern end with Meridian Road at Groh Road. Work on the seaplane base was finished. The old tin hangar in Detroit was disassembled, loaded on a barge, and brought down to the base and located at the intersection of Meridian Circle Road and Quarry Road, a short east-west road leading to the old quarry which the reservists used as a swimming hole. (1).

From "History of the U.S. Naval Air Station - Vertical file, U.S.N.A.S. - General Information"