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Semail ophiolite geotourism

SEMAIL OPHIOLITE GEOTOURISM offers a great selection of value for money excursions, cruises and package holidays in Oman's most popular geologic destinations.

There is so much to see and do in Oman ! We are distinguished by experience and reliability New Page 1

We can develop "client specific " excursion portfolios and conceptual field work and exploration targets in Oman and United Arab Emirates. We maintain extensive contacts throughout all levels of geotourism in Oman and can act as advisors to clients seeking specific types field works and geological informations within our sphere of influence.

Geotourism representatives are available to discuss your requirements on any type of field excursion. For further information contact Radha Lawatia.


The Semail Oman ophiolite is the largest, best preserved, best exposed, best studied ophiolite in the world, widely recognized as a "world class" example of its type.

Routes and migrations with geological background in the Semail ophiolite are presented for the first time.

The record of the Earth's history in Oman is unique.

The Oman Mountain is well known for spectacular scenery and geology! The Semail Ophiolite, the Arabian basement, The Jabal Al-Akhdar and the Sand desert are just a few of Omanís natural gems. So much to see and so little time, even for those of us who are lucky enough to live here! And how about those people living half a world away?

Oman Geotourism permits those near and far to visit, at least in their minds, Oman is the real geology. The following web pages contain photographs of landscapes and other geologic features of Oman

We present several contest for geology students and scientists from all over the world

The geotouristic element plays an essential role to put geosciences into practice. Geotourism is the provision of interpretative and service facilities to enable tourists to acquire knowledge and understanding of the geology and geomorphology of the Oman Mountains beyond the level of mere aesthetic appreciation.

Geotourism might be best regarded as the provision of interpretative facilities and services to promote the value and societal benefit of geological and geomorphological sites and their materials, and to ensure their conservation, for the use of students, tourists and other casual recreation activities.

Numerous areas in the Oman mountains offer immediate opportunities for geotourism because of the presence of a diverse range of geological phenomena and outcropes including, amongst many, landforms, structures, minerals and fossils.

Oman's location at the margin of the Arabian Plate offers an excellent opportunity to study the complicated plate tectonic history that affected large parts of the Middle East.

The Oman Mountains include an excellent exposure of Precambrian to Recent rocks that are lateral equivalents of the sediments in one of the most importnat hydrocarbon-bearing sedimentary basins.

Geoological excursion can vary in length from one day to a 21 days through or across the mountains.

Omani hospitality 5 star service and some of Asia's best resort hotels and most luxurious spas at affordable prices

Whether you are looking for a quiet corner to enjoy a romantic retreat or an action packed time with plenty of colourful nightlife, it's all here. You'll be impressed with the geology of Oman

Need help planning your geologic excursion? Use our local knowledge and experience. We'll help you find the right excursion. Activity geotours, flexible transfers, packages, tours and trips - at the best possible value

Semail ophiolite geology

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For further information contact Radha Lawatia.