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Gay Foot Fiction

The Gay Foot Stories of
Andres Brezo

Stories List

Here is a list of the stories I have so far written. If you're interested in contributing a story, click here. Some of the stories I have posted are a little bit older and may be of lower quality than some of the others, but I have decided to put a good bit of my work on here, so enjoy. If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me . I LOVE to get e-mail.

The Auction
If you're a tickle sadist, this story is for you. A young man is rented at a slave auction and subjected to some intense tickle torture by a not-so-merciful master.

The Factory
Another sadistic tickle torture story, and one of my older ones. Young men are created in a factory to be sold for slave labor. As it turns out, their trainers, some hard task masters, tickle torture the young men beyond the brink of insanity.

The Frat Boys
Here's an interesting story about college jocks in a fraternity that use tickling as their way of hazing. If you're into hot college guys and tickle torturing them, this story is for you.

The Friendship
This story is somewhat warped. Please don't think of this as a personal reflection of how I work in the real world, but it's interesting anyway. This is not as much sadistic tickling as it is affectionate tickling between two friends who have obviously taken the dominant and submissive relationship a little too far.

The Spy
Another bit of a warped story, but still interesting. Two men have a certain need in their lives and use some affectionate tickling to fill it. You can spend entirely too much time thinking about this one, so don't lose any sleep.

The Swimmer
Another older story that involves some sadistic tickle torture along with some hard labor (which I think is HOT right before being mercilessly tickled). A young swimmer loses a match, so his coach decides he needs to learn a lesson. Tickling is an excellent form of punishment on the right person, and maybe Jake will learn to work a little bit harder next time.

The War
This is a series of stories involving a war (which ironically I sparsely discuss in them) and A LOT of tickle torture that is involved. I've had various responses to this work, and some chapters are better liked than others. I'm going to spare you a detailed description of each one, but you don't have to read them in order. So if one of them is not your style, maybe the next one will be.
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