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Gay Foot Fiction

The Gay Foot Stories of
Andres Brezo

Male Feet! Tickling! Bondage! Worship!

For all the guy feet you can handle, take a look around!

Many of you might recall my previous site, Gay Foot Fiction, in which I attempted to post a new story every week and eventually decided to charge for it. I wonít go into detail about why the site failed but will be positive and say that I am reopening the site as a free site. I am also including every story I had originally put on there, so you can go back and reread anything you like, free of charge.

In addition, I am not going to make any promises that I canít keep this time. I will therefore update the site when I can, but there will be no set schedule for updates as I had tried to accomplish last time.

Finally, and PLEASE READ THIS, I will post stories that you write if you want to submit them. Please note, I will personally decide if I think the story is suitable for my site and it will be up to my sole discretion as to whether or not I decide to publish your story. Please see my criteria here.

Of course, all the normal rules apply. You must be 18 years old to view this site and must be legally allowed to view homoerotic material wherever youíre located. If you do not meet BOTH of these criteria, you MUST leave this site at once without exception.

Thanks for stopping by. You can enter below.


Site Originally Launched February 15, 2003
Newly Launched December 11, 2003
Updated December 11, 2003
The gay male foot, sneaker, boot, stomping, worshipping webring
Gay Male Foot Fetish
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