Somerset's Birds of Prey

All images on this page are record shots of wild birds, as the quality reflects

A note on Merlins, Females and juveniles have very similar plumages .All photo's of Merlin on this page are of this type.

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Osprey (Ad. f)--Osprey (Flight)--Buzzard (juv)--Buzzard (being mobbed by Crow)--Buzzard--Marsh Harrier (m)--Marsh Harrier (m. flight)--Marsh Harrier (f/juv type)--Hen Harrier (Ad. f)--Hen Harrier (Ad. f)--Peregrine Falcon (m)--Peregrine Falcon (flight)--Peregrine Falcon--Kestrel (juv)--Kestrel (Ad. m)--Kestrel (Ad. m)--Kestrel (Ad. f)--Kestrel (flight)--Sparrowhawk (Juv. m)--Sparrowhawk (Ad. m)--Sparrowhawk (Ad. f)--Sparrowhawk--Sparrowhawk (being mobbed)--Hobby (juvs)--Hobby (Ad.Flight)--Hobby (flight)--Hobby (Ad)--Merlin--Merlin--Merlin--Merlin--Little Owl--Little Owl--Barn Owl--Short eared Owl--Short eared Owl