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Pictures of Mutual Aid to Wayne County

1.Mike is an explorer with the Lincoln Fire Department. He is 14 years old, and helped out alot.
2.Ryan, George, Mike, and Gabi after pumping 5 inches of water out of someone's basement.
3.George (in the middle) asleep on the cots set up in the firehouse.
4.George is still asleep.
5.We were posted at the Lincoln fire house, along with another crew from Lansing, our neighboring fire department.
6.Ryan in the dispatch room. We were one of the few in Wayne County to catch the Syracuse final four game on TV.
7.242 in the Lincoln firehouse bay, ready for another detail.
8.Gabi manning the hose, pumping out another basement.
9.Ryan, waiting for the pumps to do their magic.
10.Gabi and Ryan
11.Gabi and Ryan
12.The Linconln fire house. Notice the "Nuclear Plant Meltdown" siren mounted on the tower next to the house.
13.The Lincoln fire house.
14.Arriving back in Ithaca.
15.George at the wheel.

On April 5-6, 2003, Assistant Chief George Tamborelle, and firefighters Gabi Benel and Ryan Urbanowicz of the Cayuga Heights Fire Department went to Lincoln, NY to help the fire department deal with emergencies related to a large ice storm. Over 300,000 residents lost power, many trees had fallen onto roadways and into houses, and power lines were down throught the region. Teams from fire departments across the state came to assist the local emergency crews.