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Diary of Freya Elaine

Welcome to my Diary. The only true use for this site is to provide a place to update my book every once in a while and still have people see it. I also might have some other random things like...below are pictures of a dress that I absolutely adore and you can not say that isn't a nice dress. You will know when you have reached the end of the story at that time when you see the blue, flaming Anastasia logo.

The last item I'm putting on this site for right now, is the first and second chapters in my book 'Symbolizing Deeit'. This is a tale about Freya Drayon, a young woman returning to her mother's home to find her rightful place, her life during the events, and the secrets she keeps within her.

Symbolizing Deceit – Part I
'Ways of the Realm'

Battles are fought and won, immortality may or may not be real. But it’s all up to the Realm you live in and what you believe. While orcs and goblins roamed this earth and magic was all but a myth, there used to be a Realm of which Fate was key and to survive you needed to believe anything was possible and that everything happened or didn’t happen, for a reason.

Hidden between the worlds, the Trinah Realm resides in it’s own. Only one enemy is strong enough and daring enough to challenge them. The Kinari are led by Trinah’s brother, Kovu Moon, the immortal human of his mother’s side.. Whereas Trinah symbol hold the Crescent moon, the Kinari represent the Full moon. The brothers had fought for Celi, a mortal whom married Trinah. Kovu, in his grief and lust, murdered the woman before she could give birth to Trinah’s child. The Bloodline continued however, because of Trinah and Celi’s younger relatives. Thus – beginning the Trinah Line for little did the couple know, their families were related by blood as well as marriage.

In this Realm, many species and races resided, living off the land and building on their bloodline. This Line was one long diminished yet that was strong enough to withhold time until a young leader stepped up and began to start and seek out the entire Line. This leader was Trinah Moon, a griffin of immortality, the only one of the Line who was. He married Celi, knowing she would die in her turn. And she died prematurely Trinah sank into a depression, casting a dark gloom over the Realm he built.

The battle had been fought…and lost. For now anyone who knows of the Trinah, who thinks they have what is the blood, take special journeys to seek out the Realm, take the Initiation challenge, and find their true Line. An effective way to keep the true line, yet harsh because of the location. A fighter, the Trainer of the Realm holds the Initiation battle with he that has come to the Realm. The Trainer has a gift, granted to them by the weapon symbolizing the job, a spear. This gift gives them the ability to see into the hearts of the other and see the true Line. If Trinah, the Trainer will fight the battle, yet once the information is found out, he will forfeit by allowing himself to become trapped or pinned. A meeting will be held for the announcement. Despite the decision, a party is held and all are welcome to drink and dance.

Throughout the Realm jobs are held to obtain order. There are three advisors, one leader’s assistant, multiple warriors, fighters, and magic-users, along with one fighter. Each job is represented by an amulet or object. The Fighters and warriors have their own personal weapon along with the traditional Trinah cloak and shield. The magic-users, sages, mages, and anything else, have amulets of long necklaces that are crystal, symbolizing purity in their magic whether white or black or both. The Trainer has their personal choice of any weapons being a trainer and warrior, yet also holds a blessed weapon that they brought with them into the Realm. This weapon will not break, shows the beholder who is or isn’t Trinah, and is lighter then any other weapon it’s size.

The three advisors are the Advisor of the People, Advisor of the Outer Worlds, and Trinah’s Advisor. The People’s Advisor holds an emerald pendant with a chain of green-tinted silver, Trinah’s Advisor has a gold pendant with a gold chain, and the Advisor of the Outer Worlds has an onyx pendant with a black silver chain. Each one tends to their special jobs of caring for the people, Trinah, and relations with other worlds and Realms.

Trinah himself also wear an amulet that holds his protection, power, and life. Guarded by the Elements, the gold chain is unbreakable unless by Trinah’s hand and the pendant is shaped as a star, four colors representing the elements earth, air, fire, and water, move in swirling colors of green, white, red, and blue.

Symbolizing Deceit - Part II
'The Captive'

Well-proportioned, strong build, a female stood amongst a quiet duo of thrones. This throne of rock and draperies are placed high among pedestals, one taller then the other, and holds a larger throne. The female, her name unknown, was kneeling on a single knee on a short, large platform in the center of a large rock-enclosed circle before the leader and his son, who sat upon the thrones.

She was chained, her hands bound behind her back, her head held high. Her face showed no sign of any emotion, cold and hard. A satyr stood behind her, off to one side of the platform with an iron lance-like spear in his hand and a sword at his side. He was dressed in the Realm’s battle armor and stood ridged, his eyes averted from the woman to the throne.

‘My liege, this woman was trespassing into our Ream! She cannot join us, surely, for she might be our feared Kinari enemy!’ The guard spoke to the leader, Trinah. He made to prod at her and she did nothing, hardly feeling the weapon jab into her thin cloth. ‘Speak when you are spoken to, wench! Tell us who you really belong to, you disgusting spy!’ He shouted at her, his gaze attempting to pierce through to her soul, an immpossible task for her cold heart.

‘Enough – Demitri. Leave her, for she has fought well against my son, Sendorn.’ The leader, a proud Griffin, stood from the taller, most grand throne, bearing a pendant of four swirling colors representing the elements – fire, earth, air, and water. The man, Demitri, shrank away, bowing his head. ‘Thank you. Now, my lady? Please, to your own expense feel free to address the counsel and make your point upon entry to this Forbidden Realm.’ He sat, and waited, propping one elbow on the arm of the chair and running his hand over his long beard.

The woman stood is a swift move, quickly, her glassy gaze never leaving the leader. The entire assembly shifted uneasily as if she had the most power or that she might turn on them all. Her head of silver hair fell from a clip that hardly pinned it up, her silver, stone-blue eyes flashed as the breeze brought the trees out of sight of the moon and illuminated the Meeting Circle.

The tall rock-walls that enclosed the circle seemed to groan as if expanding as the captive closed her eyes. A voice radiated in the wind, sounding lightly and playing in the ears of all who cared to listen.

‘I am Freya Celeste Elaine Alexi Drayon. Sister of Aeli Drayon, daughter of Cecil and Exlain Drayon – you may recognize her name…my lord.’ The woman stressed ‘my lord’ as if to prove a point, or to remind him of his rank. People and animals alike looked around at the leader who seemed calm despite the frustration of the voice.

‘Drayon, you say? That would certainly match for the charming wit you’ve shown us!’ He gave a laugh and it seemed the entire counsel laughed with him…they had all seen the battle. As her head bowed, Trinah, the leader, continued. ‘I known that name ‘Exlian’ as you say I should. Yet, I have a problem with you being her daughter for I have never seen a person so…different. I am sure you know my name and my rank in this Realm. But let me refresh you…. I am the leader, Trinah Moon. Griffin of the kindest source, and yet wisest you may find. Respect, I find a virtue, you seem to follow your mother in that regard alone.’

‘Aye, my lord. I am different from my foremost legendary mother.” Freya’s response was making puddles of sarcasm on the platform. “After all…” She gave her own laugh in a menacing way. “I am my own soul…and would not claim my mother if she were blind, tortured, and her head chopped off slowly.’ She folded her arms, her chest appearing gracefully curved. ‘And I mean that in the most sincere way imaginable.’ Freya added slowly, making her points undoubtedly clear. Her mother had been known as an assassin for no one, killing on her own will.

Trinah seemed, outwardly, to not take any offense to this accusation, yet in his soul he knew Freya meant what all she said. He knew Exlian as a fighter, never knew of her children. The closest to her, as Trinah knew, was Staga, the guardian wolf-shifter from the Kinari clan. Yet the wolf would never give information on Exlian or anyone associated with the assassin. And here her daughter stood before them all, demanding her rightful place in this Realm, knowing her penalty for her mother’s crimes.

‘Sendorn,’ Trinah motioned to the other throne. ‘Show her the Realm and then her chambers. She may stay on a trial basis – and her job is Trainer.’ He addresses Freya as Sendorn goes down the spiraling stone steps to stand by her. ‘If you are as true to your word, and are indeed not your mother…then you should withstand the trial. I do not want any problems from you, Drayon, or you’re back where you started.’ The moving colors of Elementals in the necklace began to slowly increase in redness, symbolizing Trinah was slightly angry just for mentioning someone becoming another Exlian.

Freya had no idea what her mother had ever done; she had hardly known the woman. But here she was to take her rightful place, having spent years in exile from her home, come to take from the minds of others the image of her mother’s daughter – deceitful, demonic, and playfully cunning. Exlian had left her those qualities as her father, whom ever he was, left her with an attitude of wolves, will of lions, each warring to take over the other. Left in indecision most times, Freya followed her heart, a trait her mother had yet to figure out. Yet Freya glanced to Sendorn, remembering their secreted conversations before and during the battle.

He had, as any male, covered his lust, but Freya could see he’d taken a hit for her. It showed, yet she was silent. As she looked to him now, she saw him staring at Trinah awaiting the dismissal to begin his duty. ‘Duty my ass – he’ll show me his chamber before letting me go.’ She thought roughly. Freya denied a secret liking for men in armor and yet she realized that the like seemed to be dying. Her own rogue clothing looking out-of-place amongst the crowd wearing blue, teal, silver, black, and dark green – Trinah colors. Trinah’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

‘You are free to go – report to me when this duty is finished. We have a meeting with the Advisors and the Kinari representative about the late King Agis’ land, now that he is passing.’ Trinah stood and saluted, thumping his fist over his chest standing at attention. Sendorn turned to Freya and took her weapon from the ground by the centurion.

‘We go, my lady. Unbind her, Demitri – she’s in my charge.’ He replied to Demitri, who turned her around and cut the binds with a single stroke. ‘Come, Drayon. First to the castle to show you your quarters. Then a walk to show you the premises.’ Sendorn smiled, charming. He saluted to Trinah before leading Freya off the platform, through the crowd that parted for them, and out of the meeting.

Woods covered the area surrounding, keeping sound from within out and giving anyone within a chance to hear whoever was coming. Sendorn trudged through, Freya gliding lightly among the leaves that had fallen to caress the ground. Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns were everywhere this Autumn, she glanced around and sighed. ‘Sendorn, long have you said you lived here. If Trinah needs you as his assistant, why are not you immortal, as well?’ She inquired curiously. When he turned to answer her question, he was confronted by a girlish pose, purposefully used to her advantage to catch him off-guard.

Her arms clasped in front of her, head tilted to one side and eyes batted. Her chest was enlarged slightly with her shoulders being pulled back…he tried to ignore this feature, and failed miserably. ‘Freya, no games. I am a warrior, a fighter as you. Trinah is the only immortal, thus to make the fight between us and the Kinari even and fair.’

‘Why? Why make something fair when you could win by keeping immortality a secret?’

‘Staga was a Kinari spy, her mind warped and used against her. We caught her and fixed the damage. She’ll never be the same but she made us realize that if we cheat, they will eventually find us out and devise plans to throw us off, finish us. They’d win in the long run – you know as well as me, we cannot afford such a loss.’

‘But…how can you be so such I’m nothing more then a captive? Maybe I’m a Kinari spy, giving up easily just to enter the Realm.’

‘I would have seen it in the battle. You fought too well and Trinah saw the essence of your mother, a true Trinah out-law.’ He replied, turning back around to continue the walk to the castle. ‘You’re now in my position. You will be able to tell from the battle who is and is not of the Line. That is the gift of the weapon you use.’

She sighed, nodded, and followed in his wake. The sun was far down already and the moon was waning full. Glancing up, she spied a hawk flying west and an owl in a tree nearby. In the distance, the Moon Castle shown, marble decked with draperies in Trinah colors, flags holding the symbol outside the gates and on each of the seven towers. Battlements carefully guarded by pacing centurions, flags at regular intervals bearing the off-white crescent moon on shadow grey, trimmed in shimmering teal borders. Grasping the reality of the beautiful structure, she kept her reaction till she was alone. Sendorn gave the password to the guard at the gate and introduced him to Freya. She was greeted by a light kiss on her hand and ushered in.

The enormous wooden doors opened into a large golden foyer, passages branching off guarded by double doors, these made of wood as the outer doors. The passage to the north led to the common rooms (kitchen, mess hall, dining area, commons room), the other passages to the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast lead to the chambers. Sendorn took her down each passage before taking the southeast passage to her room. Lined on each side were more wooden doors, a name engraved in rough letters above each doorknob, her name standing out as new -

‘Staga’, ‘Sendorn’, ‘Freya’, ‘Trinah’

They stopped at her door. Taking a skeleton key and inserting it into the old lock, a click, and the door swung open to reveal a large bedroom that curved in the back. A round, curtained bed stood against the back wall, the outer corner of the room wrapping around it, sheets of teal trimmed with silver glittered in the faint light of the torch by the door and the candles that were lit around the room on various platforms and columns. A bookshelf was to the left of the door and a dresser on the right. A large tri-angular window in the back wall after the bend was dark with the night outside. Freya walked to this and leaned on the sill. Sendorn watched her, she knew this but she paid him no mind. He stayed in the doorway as she inspected the room, ran a hand over the dresser, shelves, and came to rest on a dressing table opposite the bed. He instantly knew her question, or thought he did.

‘What’s this door here to?’ He was startled, he though she would ask something a bit more…abstract.

‘It leads to the Outer World. There are many realms outside this one, we have slight contact with them as they could be siding with Kinari and not realizing it.’ Sendorn took several steps toward her, stopping within feet. ‘You would have to ask Trinah, Staga, or the shifting-ranger Zekiel about what those Realms contain. As far as I know, nothing.’

This dissatisfied her. She was now even more so curious, but dared not use the door in his presence. ‘Had you forgotten about the door?’ She turned to him swiftly, seeking only her answers and not him. ‘Or had you simply thought I would ask something else? The air changed when you moved.’

He paused, hesitant to answer. ‘My lady, I had forgotten about the door. And if you make it known to Trinah that I told you he would wipe my memory of anything to do with the Door of Outer Worlds.’ Folding his arms, he continued. ‘Staga and Zeke have missions to these worlds. You may ask to join them on your off-days but that seems rare you would be able to. And Staga, I do believe, does not have any current missions and that being the case, won’t have for a long time.’

She followed this new lead. ‘So, Staga and Zekiel go on Missions. Don’t they have to fight? I thought Trinah said no blood was to be spilled by a Trinahian unless against a Kinari or provoked.’

‘Aye, he did. And we only fight on those occasions.’

She shook her head. ‘Leave me, I wish to be alone awhile, please.’ She paused, waiting for him to leave. ‘Sendorn? I said give me leave awhile. I have so much to unpack and do. I’ll find my way around the Realm. Go now.’ She ushered him out the door and shut it right behind him. Leaning on it heavily, Freya sighed and took several deep breaths. If he had moved any closer I would have been able to have no retaliation for any move he made…he knew that, that’s why he did it. She thought bitterly, walking over to the bookshelf. Full as it was, she saw only one book that she had never read, the title marred by perchance generations of age and use. Freya brought the book to the bed, stretching out with her feet on the numerous pillows propped up against the curved headboard that ran along almost half the bed, the curtains falling behind this. Freya had pulled the curtains back at least halfway so that she could be seen easily if any came looking for her.

No one came looking for her that night, or that morning either. She did not even leave her room for meals or roaming. There’s plenty of time for me to do so little a task as roam, Freya thought. Once morning came, Freya rose to the dawn and traveled the Realm. She met with Staga, the British shape-shifter who was probably older then Trinah, and Zekiel, the shape-shifting ranger originally of the some Middle Earth realm Edoras. Yet they were in a hurry. Staga had to go on her mission to some forest, yet she had to meet with Trinah first. After a hurried welcome, hello, and small talk, Freya left the two and returned to her quarters, greeted by a small tray, laden with oriental food. Who had known she had not eaten? Sendorn, the only one besides Trinah keeping close tabs on her.

Sure enough, out of the shadows behind a small plant nearby, Sendorn stepped up behind her. ‘I know you have not ate since you came here, so I thought I would bring by a meal. Unless you want the company, I plan on eating with Trinah and Staga, of whom I see you have met.’ It wasn’t a question but Freya answered.

‘The company is fine, I’m used to being alone. And yes, I have met her now, I can not say I spoke to her more then her back.’ She turned to him. ‘I have learned rather quickly the ways of your Realm, Sendorn. You can not hide much, if anything, well. Dine with Trinah and Staga…I will be alone.’

‘My lady, Trinah has given me leave only by your command that I dine with you instead of in the strict business atmosphere the dinner will overtake. I would be pleased to accompany you.’ She shook her head and he sighed. ‘Alright, a silent answer. My lady, I wish you well.’ He stalked off, sulking. Never before had his tricks failed, and now he met his match. Freya watched, feeling this true, and smiled with satisfaction. But maybe he thought the same? The thought scared her for if he did he would think the same and see her as his match, and not in the same way she did now.

Symbolizing Deceit – Part III
'Falsified Love'