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Half-Life 2 may beat The Sims 2 to the shelves... check out the News Page...



It is a popular misconception that only children play & adults sit in front of the TV with either a pint or with a pipe & slippers.  Due to the pressures of work, bringing up families, etc., Adults need to play more than children do.  For children, playing helps develop imagination & self esteem.  For adults it is a way to release the stresses of work, & the stresses of life.

Play time is THE most important time.


Despite the fact that we're already well into the year, the most anticipated games of 2004 have yet to make an appearance. The Sims 2 (PC), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2), & a recent addition to the 'Anticipation' list is Star Wars: BattleFront (PC, Xbox, PS2).

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