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falcon815's HRC Emporium
Strats and videos for the curious, the skeptical and the high-score challenged

    Videos are available for those scores which are in blue. All videos are in .wmv format, and contain the strategy from start to finish.  Due to space considerations, it may or may not contain the entire odometer runup.  However, all of the strat, with the timer, will always be in place, since I do not own an Action Replay.

    Strategies are available for all characters.  Simply click the character's name to bring up an ASCII text file containing the strategy I used.
Character Score
Dr. Mario 2670.3
Mario 3328.8
Luigi 2914.1
Bowser 2608.0
Peach 3248.4
Yoshi 3315.7
Donkey Kong 3947.6
Captain Falcon 4366.3
Ganondorf 9797.9
Falco 2174.6
Fox 3210.4
Ness 2533.2
Ice Climbers 3021.7
Kirby 2473.5
Samus 3302.2
Zelda 2365.5
Link 2370.8
Young Link 2396.0
Pichu 3282.6
Pikachu 3174.6
Jigglypuff 3712.0
Mewtwo 2393.1
Mr. Game & Watch 4780.3
Marth 2723.2
Roy 4374.1
Total (in-game) 84442.9