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My Top 10 Favorite Websites

  1. Lissa Explains - My idol webdeveloper. This is the best HTML help site I have ever been. This site also inspired me to make my own graphics and I'm not regretting it. I am very proud of the graphics of this site which I made alone, thank you.
  2. Nothing but Neopets - I love this site, helps me a lot in neopets. It's the ultimate neopets help site in the world!
  3. Ethonica - This site. What's wrong with likeing your own site?
  4. Fairy Visions - Jessica Galbreth's site for her fairy-themed paintings. I love the graphics of this site especially Jessica's paintings.
  5. Neopets - The best virtual petsite in the world! Although sometimes it gets a bit boring, I just go to the neoboards or chat at my guild's messageboard. I used to go here often but I'm getting busier and busier lately. Oh well....
  6. Fiction Press - Where you can post your original fiction.
  7. - Somehow like Fiction Press but you can only post fanfics here.
  8. J.K. - J. K. Rowling's official website. Oh how I wish I have flash.
  9. Fairy Forum - A message board that talks about anything and everything fay.
  10. Magicaltrio - When you want to talk about animé, this is the place to be

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