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Welcome to Ethonica!

Hi there! Welcome to Ethonica, my one and only personal site. My name is Elisha, though you may also know me as ethonica, rainforest, rain, rainforest_001 or ethonia. Here you will find some things about me and the things I like.

The profile is where you can find some quick facts about me. While informations about my favorite things are in the favorites, if you want to see them ranked on which among all of my favorite things do I like most, visit the my top 10. The journal is where I jot down the things that are happening in this crazy life of mine along with the site's updates. The notebook on the other hand, is an excerpt from my original writer's notebook where some of my stories are posted. I'm not a good writer yet, but if I can finally write well, I'll let you know.

What do you think about my site? I made it all by myself, even the graphics. Tell me what you think in the guestbook or chat with other guests in the messageboard.

I hope you like my site! ^_^

Welcome to my online heaven,welcome to my personal den. Facts about me are what's in here, friends, hobbies and stuffs I hold dear. Feel free to explore all you want, you're the guest in Elisha land. And if you have a minute to spare, sign the guestbook, show that you care.

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