KaSE StuDYs                            bAck To MaIn mENu

Everybody has a story. . . no matter how pathetic.  Here are some real interviews with real teachers.  The straight dope, right from the horses mouth.  If I may mix my metaphors.

New interviews will be posted as they occur.  Which unfortunately seems to be rarely.  Like to see your story up in lights?  Email me at englishteacherx@ lycos.com and it will happen.  Seriously!

Just click on a name. . .

Former Teacher Q worked for a few months in Bangkok and a few weeks in the Ukraine, but he's got a mouthful to say about both places.

English Teacher P is an old Thai hand, and he gives up a few thoughts about life and work in the Land of a Thousand Smiles (and considerably more prostitutes.)

English Teacher M is a self-described "frumpy, idealistic" type -- she's worked in Hong Kong, Australia and the US, and she offers us the feminine perspective on the job.

English Teacher K is one of my more respectable-seeming colleagues -- not only does he have an MA, he's worked for some fancy-sounding charity organizations.  He's worked largely in Russia and Eastern Europe and he shares with us the nature of the job and his attraction to it.