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1886 SE Lakeshore Dr

Springfield, IL 73496

Phone (481) 663-2754


Jarod DeVoogd


A part time job in a music-related field.


1999 - 2003                        Graduate of Fruitport High School             Fruitport, MI

 * Four years of Marching Band, Wind Ensemble concert band, and one year of Jazz Band on the trumpet, French horn, and keyboard

* 11 years of piano lessons and music theory

Awards received

USMC Award for Outstanding Musicianship, 2003

John Phillip Sousa Award, 2003


Three years of Spanish Education in high school

One summer of Spanish education in Oaxaca, Mexico

Extracurricular activities

Drum Major of FHS Marching Band 2002-2003

Four years of FHS Track

Four years of FHS Cross Country

Member of Fruitport’s National Honor Society for two years, and current holder of the Education Chair