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Fall Semester 2003

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Hey my name is Dustin Leonardo I am 18 and a Senior at Grandville High School. I play second base in baseball for my school. In my free time i like to play sports, hang out with friends, and watch sports on tv. My favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers and my favorite baseball players are Brett Boone and Derek Jeter. My Carear Plans are to go to college and go into education, and i plan on teaching and coaching baseball.
I have a job in the summer and i work as a lifeguard at Sunnybrook Country Club. Also in the summer me and my friends went to Cleveland and Detroit and saw two baseball games and we also went to Cedar Point and My Family and I went to Flordia. So overall i had a good summer.
In my family i have a a mom a dad and two sisters. My Mom works at my church and my Dad is a teacher and coaches cross country. My siters are age 14 and 11. I like the show One Tree Hill, cmm4eva "duke2" Chad michael murray is a great actor and plays on one tree hill and dawson's creek.

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