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Table Layout VI - Two Backgrounds
Master Artist

Micheal Devlin

~Once a slave, he is now free. Goes by his given name Micheal (Mee-haul).
~Papers of manumission carried on his person at all times.
~A man of twenty, he has recieved the stabilization serums.
~Darkly handsome, he is a talented artist who
specializes in portraiture and landscapes.

Born Micheal Tyrone Devlin, in County Galway,
Republic of Ireland, he was the son of a potter
and painter from a sleepy little village
called Spiddal, on Galway Bay.
Micheal's family consisted of five siblings,
and they all helped out during the busy tourist
seasons in Galway in the Craft Village.
His life changed one day, when he was only 18,
after closing the Celtic Shoppe for the evening.
Used to so many visitors from around the world, Micheal
didn't expect anything out of the ordinary when two
men in a car asked directions to Bearna,
the next village down the road.

Friendly and helpful to tourists,
he never saw a third man step out of the darkness.
It was football night at the local, and everyone was
cheering for Galway on the telly,
so the commotion he made as he was attacked went unheard.
Micheal was shoved inside the vehicle,
drugged and never seen again on earth.

While he was unconscious, he was stripped,
tagged for acquisition, given inoculations
and stabilization serum.
He awoke naked and collared in a holding cage,
and put through brutal training.
It took quite a while to break him, but eventually
he yielded, and became the kajiru of a blue caste
scribe, named Lady Euphemia of Vonda.
For two en'var, Micheal served her to the best
of his abilities as her silk slave
and upon her death, she left a addendum to her will
that her faithful slave, micah, should be freed.
So the newly freed micah was given papers
of manumission, clothing, and coin to make his journey
into freedom, traveling from place to place.
He relied on his native born gifts of painting,
taught to him at an early age by his parents,
Kyle and Roisin, a love of creating masterpieces his.
Although he struggles, and misses his home dearly,
he realizes there would be no turning back,
and Gor is now home.

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