I like to go old-school during the summer, and by this I mean camping, kayaking, caving, fishing, and bike riding.

Blogdate: July 31, 2017
cooling down in the river

Rian knows what to do when the temperature goes above 33°C.
Catching minnows and pretty much any other species of fish occupies most of Eli's six hours at the river.
Bodhi asks who needs overturned kayak re-entry skills when you can just stand-up board on the thing.
Summer time high temperatures meant that we got a phone call to join some friends at the nearest, swimmable river in Maple Ridge this morning. Judging from the number of people on a Monday at the Gold Creek River mouth which feeds into Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park, others were feeling the heat too and needed somewhere quick to cool down.

Blogdate: July 22, 2017
wedding bells and.....caving?

At the seaside gazebo in the Tigh-Na-Mara resort in Parksville, BC, our friend and neighbor Corey marries Karen.
Some pre-wedding caving, Bernadette gets some light on a tricky section of the Horn Lake Caves near Parksville.
While August will take all of us to Quebec for two weeks, July continues to be a good month for some travel in and around BC. Bernadette and I spent three days and two nights in Parksville on Vancouver Island for my good friend's wedding; he also happens to be our next door neighbor. The island is a great place to have a wedding celebration and the Tigh-Na-Mara resort has what may be BC's most splendid beach front backdrop for such an occasion. Turns out that Vancouver Island is also a playground for the adventure enthusiast and I had to pick between caving, rock-climbing, or fly-fishing as the only thing I (we) could do (together) on my (our) one free day.

Blogdate: July 5, 2017
hot and dry in the Methow Valley east of the Cascade Mountains

Having fun with Rian in the warm water at Pearrygin Lake in Washington State.
Bodhi and a friend kayaking some light rapids on the Methow River between Winthrop and Twisp.
Just before a 9:01pm sunset in the Methow Valley, Bodhi comes in after some late evening crayfish hunting.
Who says you can't have home baked goods out in the field? Bern makes banana loaf muffins on the campstove oven.
Tubing, rafting, and kayaking down the refreshingly cold Methow River with friends.
Taking a breather with the older boys as we bike our way around Pearrygin Lake (left).
Rian and Eli ready to take some stocked trout during some late afternoon fishing.
Eli, Rian and their friend from school show off a catch from Pearrygin Lake.
We spent five nights in a hot and dry valley outside of Winthrop, Washington, in the same camping spot we've been going to for nine years. It's our only set, pre-booked camping trip, and we like to start the summer off with it since the temperature usually gets over 35°C, hot enough that a bathing suit and flip flops are pretty much all that's needed. In fact, I didn't even pack pants or a jacket this year though in retrospect they would have been handy protection against the unusually high mosquito population this season. A five hour drive through the breath-taking North Cascades mountain range leads to the Methow Valley and our personal favorite lakeside camping spot at Pearrygin Lake State Park.

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