Living with three boys is sometimes like using a blender without a lid.

Blogdate: December 10, 2017
finding a tree

Looking all lumberjack-like, Rian just can't wait to fire it up and fall a tree.
It took over an hour to wander two or three acres of Douglas firs at a family farm in Langley, but we eventually found our perfect 8-footer. That was the easy part. The hard part was letting each of the three boys have their turn on the chainsaw without anybody losing any limbs in the process. All in all, the boys cut that sucker down, paid for it, then threw it on top of the car and came back home to decorate it.

Blogdate: December 3, 2017
celebrating Rian's birthday

Having tried his cousin's Ripstick in Ontario, Rian finally got his own on this his special day.
New helmet. New Ripstick. He's ready to rock.
Things get a little more hectic as we head into the holiday season. But we don't put up any lights, nor look for any tree, until after Rian's birthday celebration. This weekend Rian got to spend some time with mama and yeh-yeh, who got him a Ripstick for his birthday, and then he got to go to the movies to watch "Daddy's Home 2" with his brothers and a few of his friends.

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