Of all the paths you can take in life, make sure some are made of snow, mud, or dirt.

Blogdate: February 17, 2018
hiking at Rolley Lake

Closed for the season but open to those willing to walk in, the boys and a friend hang out at the Rolley Lake day use area.
With eight inches of snow on the ground the loop trail allows for a winter experience.
A fire-log and instant noodles cure a cold, wet, and hungry kid.
All the boys hoping to spot a fish or two, but not on this rather inclement day.
Happy to back in the van and about to head home, Eli gives a smile and a "let's never do that again."
Originally, we went to Rolley Lake today to test Rian's RC boat that he got for Christmas, but upon arrival and seeing over six inches of wet snow still on the ground, plus a closed park gate and light rain, we decided to stow the boat and hike the loop trail instead. Taking kids hiking in bad weather is good practice, though I am not really sure for what because kids just end up getting soaked completely in just about every part of their clothing. Nevertheless, heading out to one of our favorite spots means fun times and great picture opportunities regardless of what the weather is like.

Blogdate: February 12, 2018
family day at Grouse Mountain

After one hour-plus of snowshoeing we reach a viewpoint near the top of Grouse Mountain.
Bern, Bodhi, and Rian hike their way to the trailhead on Grouse Mountain during this Family Day in BC.
The view along the snowshoe trail: to the left is the chalet overlooking Vancouver in the distance.
I wondered at the time why this helicopter came so close to us, and later learned they were rescuing a snowshoer.
Eli clowning around at the outdoor skating surface on Grouse Mountain.
Surviving a morning of snowshoeing Rian finishes off the afternoon with a round of skating.
Generally speaking, if something looks easy it's only that way because you're not the one having to do it. Snowshoeing looks easy. And that's assuming you can even get your snowshoes on without having a hernia because the sun came out and now even despite layering, you're overdressed, plus you've already exhausted yourself helping three children get theirs strapped on. And then we hike four kilometers one-way on snow that I don't think is really snowshoe worthy so I'm feeling like I'm expending extra amounts of energy just to say I snowshoed. But I'll be a good sport about it and slog away, that is until you get to a steep, narrow section, and discover that it's not the snowshoes you really need but a good pair of metal crampons on the bottom of your feet. Nevertheless, we made it to the viewpoint only to discover that on the return trip, going downhill gracefully with snowshoes on is an even more difficult feat. Family day at Grouse Mountain meant lots of lineups but we started out first thing in the morning in order to get in a few hours of snowshoeing, an hour or so of tobogganing, and then an hour of skating.

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