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          My name is Deanna Mazur. I'm 13 years old, being born on April 7th, 1990. I live in a 4 level split house in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. I live with my sister, Tamara, my mom, Cinthia, my dad, Donald, and a budgie, Indy. I went to Earl Buxton Elementary for every grade except kindergarten, when I attended Centennial School. After elementary, I moved to Riverdend Junior High for grade seven, and transfered to Grandview Heights, which is where I am currently. I'm in grade 8. My hobbies include ukrainian dancing (with Cheremosh not Shumka), ballet, playing piano, karate, swimming, skiing, and of course, art.

When I was in grade 5, me and my family went to Ontario and visited Casa Loma, Ontario Place, Lake Erie, the Parliment Buildings, and Rideau Hall. I have been to Jasper and Banff multiple times to ski on the mountains, and I have also been to Disneyland with my cousins when I was in grade one.

In school, my options are Drama and Art. Last year I took art and French. I'm still taking french this year. I'm in Grade 7 piano and I've been taking dancing for about nine years now.

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