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My heights of boredom increased when we were given an hour to revise for SATs so I wrote this.

Down the darkened hall I walk,
Towards the fire that haunts my dreams.
The stake at my back,
The flames at my feet.
I see myself screaming,
Writhing in pain.
The devil's tickle of sparks on my face,
My once handsome features turn black.
Moonlight on my face,
Firelight on it all.
My audience, Satan's advocates, Jeer and laugh,
As agony strips my flesh from my bones.
My terminal cry signals the end,
Show's over they shout.
Back to their miserable lives,
My life is over.
The show is done,
But through the night the fire burns on.
I walk through the flame,
It burns me not now.
Hold my ashes in my hands,
Feel them crumble like my mortallity.
The dead won't live on, I'll be forgotten,
A spiritual tear falls from my ghostly cheek,
To stain the ground on which my dry bones lie
In fire, And smoke, With God, I Die!

Here's some other slightly nicer than mine love type poems from my mate Kayleigh.

He sits alone
She sits alone
He Drinks his coffe
She sips her tea
He stares at her and she smiles back
Could there be something between them?

He stands alone
She stands alone
He's dripping wet
She's stone dry
He stares at her and she smiles back
Could something be happening between them?

He moves in closer
She moves in closer
They stop and kiss
Is this the beggining of something new?

How do I take it
Day by day
How do I keep my mind on my work
How do I live through
All this pain
When all I want is you!
All this pain is caused by you!
And only you can take it away
Only you can release me from this pain
How do i take it
Day by day

She walks through the corridor
Her only hope is what awaits her
When she gets to the end

He walks through the corridor
His only hope is what awaits him
When he gets to the end

They both walk towards the same thing
True love and a life
That was taken away when they both
Enetered the corridor

They reached the end and realise
That the love they wanted was
Taking the journy with them

Not my personal cup of dargeline but good poems and hope you like them.