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The Cracks In My Mind And The Cracks In My Heart, Sealed By Love, Broken By Betrayal!

Hysteria Engulfs My Mind And My Soul, How Can I Go On When All I Know Is Hate!

Children Of The Devils, Living As Men, Dying As Angels!

The Fire Had Twisted His Features Until Even The Devils Rebuked Him

My Blackened Heart And Twisted Soul Shall Love Her Till The Day The Demons Take My Mind And Body Away!

She Stepped Over The Bodies Of The Innocent To Her Final Resting Place, She Lit The Fire At Her Feet, Praying That The Searing Flames Would Purify Her Mind And Cleanse The Evil From Her Body!

The Warm Blood Flowing From The Open Wound Covering My Face Like The Rain On The BloodSoaked Battlefield!

For From The Fires Of Hell Spawned Such Beauty, That Would Be To The Demise Of All!

The Darkness Of The Demons Blazing Deep Within His Heart, Twisting His Mind And Corrupting His Soul!

Looking Into The Mirror Of Her Heart She Realised That Her Mind Was Warped Far Beyond The Point Of Redemption!

Flying On The Wings Of The Devils, To A Place Wrought In The Minds Of The Damned!

The Song Of The Sirens, Ripping Through Our Heads, Their Decayed Tongues Offering No Mercy!

Striding through heaven, sending the angels scattering in my wake, their halos crashing to the floor, my dark wings rising above their feathered excuses, heading for heavens centre, the origin of all!