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Motivational Diabetes Presentations

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"I've lived with diabetes for more than 50 years. I've learned a lot about this disease, how it affects my life, and how to manage it effectively. I've learned through hard lessons and experience. I've developed a series of presentations on a variety of topics related to my experiences with diabetes. My greatest teacher has been that experience, which I share with the audience in all my talks. I'm an experienced speaker who can help you, your organization, and your community better understand what living with diabetes is really all about. Review the topics. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact me. I'm happy to develop new materials, which can be of benefit to people in the diabetes field, including patients and professionals." Rick Fusillo

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DIABETES HANDS-ON is a series of theme topics related to diabetes. Our presenter, Mr. Richard Fusillo (Rick), uses personal knowledge and first-hand experience to deliver each theme in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner.

Mr. Fusillo is not a medical professional. But instead, he considers himself a "Professional Diabetic" since he has lived with the disease for more than 50 years. His passion, and his presentation style help him develop, right from the start, a bond with his audience. He has learned a great deal about living with diabetes, and does a wonderful job of articulating his thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics related to his disease. Rick is a dynamic speaker who easily pulls the audience into his personal story.

Rick uses available, relevant diabetes information, story telling, and humor in all his presentations. His presentations and discussions are informative, interesting, and inspirational.

Rick makes it very clear that despite the many pitfalls he has faced and mistakes he has made, his journey so far has been one of experiential learning. He hits hard on the theme, "we must control IT, rather than have IT control us". Both his message, and his natural presentation style, help his audience realize, "he's one of us...he understands what we're going through".

He enjoys sharing his experiences with others. Rick offers no medical advice in his talks, but instead, shares his personal thoughts and feelings about living with diabetes.

Rick has taken insulin injections since 1952, and has been on an insulin pump since 1996.

"The road we travel with diabetes is filled with pot-holes, hurdles, and unpredictable turns. Only those of us who have traveled this road, can know what the journey is really like." - Rick Fusillo

The following outlines discussion topics Rick offers presentations on

  1. My Journey With Diabetes

    This presentation takes the audience back in time to the early 1950s when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He then proceeds on the incredible journey he has taken with his disease, sharing many experiences that all diabetic folks can relate to, bringing him to the present time. He also speaks of the technology advances that he has witnessed on his journey. Rick admits to his audience that the road was not a smooth one, it had many 'diabetic bumps', but he learned as a result, which has helped him improve his diabetes control

  2. How I saved My Sight

    This presentation addresses the complication, Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy, which Rick has. He also tells the audience about the laser therapy he underwent to save his sight. Rick sends a clear message about the importance of protecting one's eye sight.

  3. Don't Be Fooled By Sugar-free

    So many people, once diagnosed with diabetes, think that sugar is their enemy. This presentation shares Rick's experiences with sugar-free food, then driving home the fact that carbohydrates are what really matters in terms of blood sugar control. He also introduces carbohydrate counting, and how he uses it for better diabetes control.

  4. Got To Know My Numbers

    Blood sugar readings and glycosolated hemoglobin (a1c) are the focus of this presentation. Rick uses a school classroom analogy, telling his audience that each blood sugar test is like a quiz in school. It measures what you know and where you are at that moment in time. He emphasizes the importance of the a1c and refers to it as one's diabetic report card. Rick also touches on the importance of cholesterol and blood pressure in a diabetic's life.

  5. Oh, My Aching Belly

    Rick has had to deal with, and still does deal with gastroparesis, a digestive complication. In this presentation, he shares his experiences with this complication. Rick also clearly articulates how this condition can cause a 'roller coaster' ride in terms of diabetes control.

  6. A Diabetic's Lament - Having So Many 'Have Tos'

    Having diabetes means having many, new 'have tos' that must be tended to in order to maintain reasonable control. In this presentation, Rick shares his experiences regarding all the 'have tos', how they can cause depression, and how he has dealt with these issues.

  7. Insulin Pump Therapy - A Personal )Perspective

    With many diabetics turning to insulin pump therapy, this presentation addresses how this therapy has changed his life. Rick talks about all aspects of being on an insulin pump, how he was against pumps, and how his journey took him to where he is today...happily pumping.

  8. Walking The Diabetic Tightrope

    This presentation addresses the balance that is required to effectively manage diabetes. Rick talks about the 4 key elements that affect blood sugar... carbohydrates, medication, exercise, and SOBAM (state of body and mind), and offers personal stories, experiences, and techniques he uses to achieve this important balance.

  9. The 'Highs' and 'Lows' of Blood Sugar Control

    In this presentation, Rick talks about his frustrating experiences with high and low blood sugars, how they affected, not only him, but his family and coworkers as well. Rick takes his audience on a journey of uncontrolled blood sugars, to a point in his life where control has become the norm. He also talks about how he is now able to achieve better blood sugar control

  10. An Enemy Within...Stress

    In this presentation, Rick shares what he's learned about the impact stress can have on blood sugar control, and how stress is one of four fundamental elements which affects blood sugar.

  11. Diabetic Lessons I've Learned

    This is a powerfully informative, and motivational presentation. Rick shares many experiences he has been faced with, and the lessons he has learned as a result. Each experience was one of learning. Rick enthusiastically takes the audience on his journey, and eloquently drives home the lessons learned. Every lesson he talks about is relevant to all people with diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2.

  12. The Sentries Are Watching

    This presentation looks at those people in a diabetic's life who care about us, but who create additional stress as a result of watching our every move, especially when it comes to our diet.

  13. Why I Do What I Hate To Do...Exercise

    Rick talks about the importance of exercise in a diabetic's life, and his personal experiences in trying to avoid or put off exercise. The presentation then drives home the basic facts that led Rick to "get back on track and exercise".

  14. The Challenge

    This creative presentation looks at diabetes from the disease's point of view with a story being told in the first-person by diabetes itself. Diabetes extends a challenge to all those living with the disease...a challenge to control the disease.

Rick exercises great flexibility in order to suit his audience. He can combine any of the above topics to satisfy audience requirements. Rick is able, and willing to develop any presentation related to diabetes, which he has had experiences with. Rick's presentations can be customized to fit from 30 minutes to one hour time slots. He can also deliver the entire series in a 4 to 5 hour seminar.

Send Rick an e-mail with diabetes topics you, and your organization are interested in. He'd love to hear from you, and he'd really enjoy working with you.

Speaker fees - Fees are very reasonable. For details contact Rick directly.

Rick Fusillo
PO Box 3341
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
(928) 636-8482

Contact Rick Fusillo directly

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