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Why the Global Day of Prayer does not conform to Scripture

The Global Day of Prayer's 10 -year cycle has officially came to an end this year 2010. What are Bible-believing Christians to think about this event, which has supposedly being embraced by millions of Christians around the world?

Started by South African businessman Graham Powers in 2001, the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) event has spread to all corners of the globe. Based as it is on the heretical doctrines of the Latter-rain cult (being denounced by the Assemblies of God in 1949 as heresy), the event is part of the idea of "transformation", in which the supposed Dominion Mandate [1] would come to pass as the new apostles exercise their supposed apostleship over the seven mountains or spheres of society. Though the supposed power of prayer, the GDOP event hopes to "pray down" the kingdom of God and bring heaven down to earth through the power of intercession, thus bringing about societal transformation for the better.[2]

The terrible reality however is that the entire GDOP event is not of God and is in fact an abomination before Him. The New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) and the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) are heretical groups that are way off from any semblance of biblical Christianity, as Pastor Bob DeWaay has shown [3]. The roots of the GDOP are therefore rotten. Such doctrines as the Manifest Sons of God heresy (based upon the phrasing of Rom. 8:19 in the KJV), and the idea of the "Joshua generation", the "Elijah Company" and "Joel's Army" are concepts utterly foreign to Scripture and so repugnant that to believe them would almost destroy one's spiritual life, as this present author can testify to.

As it has been implemented, the travesty of ecumenism and compromise pervades the entire event. According to Dr. Robert O. Bakke, executive director of GDOP North America in the year 2006, Roman Catholics and Protestants in Ghana came together to "pray for the first time" [4]. The blood of the martyrs against the antichristian system of Rome cries out against such compromise of the Gospel. While there may be true believers in the Romish system, the system itself is antichristian, with Rome anathemizing the Gospel in the Council of Trent. and as such preaches a false gospel of faith plus works righteousness (Gal. 1:9-10).

As if that wasn't bad enough, the 2005 event held at Dallas, Texas saw the Sabellian Modalist T.D. Jakes, who denies the Trinity and as such is not a Christian, participating as one of the event speakers. So not only is the Gospel considered optional, even belief in the true Triune God is considered optional for the GDOP!

Some believers may hold out the idea that they join the event for the idea of prayer only, not endorsing the event even in part. However, even that itself is compromise. Prayer is not a magic bullet that works ex opere operato [5] — that is to say, it works by sheer fact of its being acted out. God is sovereign and we are not. In Ezekiel 14:12-23, we can see this principle at work. For even IF the three righteous men highlighted by God — Noah, Daniel and Job — were in a wicked city which God destined for destruction in judgment, God would still not spare the city on account of these three righteous men, but only they themselves would be saved. From this passage therefore, we can see that in prayer, although we have the privilege and are in fact commanded to humbly submit our requests to God, ultimately God is sovereign and He does not always have to answer 'yes' to our requests made to Him.

Prayer is furthermore not inherently virtuous. As it is written:

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but the prayer of the upright is acceptable to him (Prov. 15:8)

The parallelism makes it plain that whatever the wicked offer up to God even their sacrifices or prayers are abominations to God. Therefore, even "Christian" prayer in and of itself has no virtue before God, unless it is done in Christ, through Christ and according to Christ's commands in His Word.

Therefore, going for the GDOP event for the prayer, being a violation of God's command to be separate (2 Cor. 6:14-18), is displeasing to God. God is not pleased by the mere "fact" of prayer, but treat such prayers as the abomination that they actually are; a stench in His nostrils.

The GDOP therefore is manifestly not of God and is to be avoided like the plague. May God have mercy upon the deluded masses going for the event and save them from it. Amen.


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