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Open letter to the Singapore Global Day of Prayer Committees for the year 2006 and the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore (EFOS)

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. The Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore (EFOS) has organized this event1 called the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) in Singapore for the year 2006. However, they have compromised on the Gospel in the process and have become unequally yoked with heretics. I have corresponded with them over this but to no avail. Since such is the case, this open letter is written calling on them to repent of their sins publicly before all believers, if they so do so. All Christians are hereby requested to kindly boycott the above event (the Global Day of Prayer in Singapore) and write and tell other Christians to do the same. Furthermore, if anyone of you do know the people involved in the GDOP Singapore committee personally, you are kindly requested to write letters to these people requesting their repentance or rebuke them gently in the fear of the Lord. Do not let these leaders of ours lead us down the road of compromise and apostasy. Hold them accountable before God for their actions. May God have mercy on the Evangelicals in Singapore and grant these ministers repentance for their sins.

To: All members of the Singapore Global Day of Prayer committees


Dear Sirs/Madams,

I am writing to all of you regarding the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP). Specifically, I am writing to you regarding the information on the Global Day of Prayer Singapore website at . As I have mentioned in my email correspondence with Rev. Dr. Alfred Ong, there are rather significant problems in the website, which I will sincerely hope that you do something about.

The first significant problem is in the video in youtube which is embedded in the GDOP Singapore index webpage. In it, the Sabellian heretic Bishop T.D. Jakes is shown in the video as being involved in the 2005 GDOP event in the USA. As professed Trinitarian Evangelicals, it is unbiblical for anyone of you to associate with this Trinity-denying heretic and thus violate God's command to separate from unbelievers in ministry as stated in 2 Cor. 6:14-18. Even though it has been revealed that no one can stop T.D. Jakes from joining in the GDOP movement due to the decentralized nature of the GDOP committees, the fact that T.D. Jakes has joined the movement should rightfully give one pause in similarly joining it. Therefore, if it has been decided to join the movement, the GDOP Singapore committees should in fact, condemned T.D. Jakes as what he is, a heretic. Not doing so would unwittingly give credibility to this heretic in the eyes of Man and show God that we are not interested in obeying His command as stated in 2 Cor. 6:14-18. However, not only has the GDOP Singapore committees NOT condemn the heretic T.D. Jakes, you have placed the promotional video on the main page of the GDOP Singapore website, thus implicitly promoting T.D. Jakes and telling others that he can be regarded as a Christian, when he is not. The GDOP Singapore committees are thus guilty before God of compromising the Gospel, not protecting the flock of Jesus Christ from the enemy, and of promoting a heretic as a Christian.

The other problems are less significant but are nevertheless still very serious. The second problem is found in both the blatant and the not-so-obvious eisegesis found on the GDOP Singapore webpage. You have misquoted and ripped both Is. 66:18 and Hab. 2:14 out of their contexts to say things they were never intended to say. (See & for documentation of your eisegesis). The GDOP committees are thus guilty of sinning against God and His Word and of misrepresenting Him.

I would also like to highlight a less major point which may have possibly high consequences. I have told Rev. Dr. Alfred Ong in the last email about the serious error found in the Apostle's Creed as found in the GDOP Singapore website. You have erroneously quoted it as saying 'descended to the dead' instead of the proper rendering 'descended into hell'. I have shown how the difference could be crucial to understanding the Apostle's Creed in Of course, this is a less serious issue, but by not quoting the Apostle's Creed properly, the GDOP Singapore committees have shown yourselves to be people with little scholarly integrity. This is especially so when it has been mentioned to the committee via Rev. Dr. Alfred Ong and he has refused to change it.

Now, for all the three charges, I have documented the many evidences which proves these serious problems beyond doubt mainly to Rev. Dr. Alfred Ong via email correspondence, however, to no avail. Despite repeated pleas and suggestions to rectify the situation (for example by removing the offending video from the GDOP Singapore website), absolutely nothing has been done so far. I have then gone on to the next stage to warn Rev. Dr. Alfred Ong and a few others about the serious sins of the GDOP committee in the eyes of God. However, all such warnings have been ignored. Since that is the case, I, being a watchman called by the Lord (Ez. 33:1-6), will go on to the next step which is now before you. This is thus an open letter calling for your immediate repentance for your grievous sins. There is still time for you to correct the situation before the GDOP event itself is held on the 4th June 2006. If, however, all of you are still obstinate and hard-hearted, take heed that this open letter has and will inform all who are concerned about your crime against God. The anger of the Lord is burning against what all of you have done and you will be punished for your sins. If you continue on with your sinful ways, take heed less the Lord would remove your lampstand (Rev. 2:5) and the word Ichabod (1 Sam. 4:21) will be written over you and your ministry. May God grant all of you repentance for your sins.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Mr. Daniel Chew.


[1] Global Day of Prayer Singapore (