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These statements reflect what I currently believe to be true:


I believe that God is three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), not three functions, in one nature, one God. He is the uncreated first cause, the Creator of the universe and all life, the Sustainer of all things and He is transcendent above all things; totally separate from His creation. He is totally Holy and perfectly righteous, all powerful, all knowing, all present, eternally unchanging in his attributes and plans. He is love and thus He is a personal God as well; establishing personal relationships with those who are called His people.

The Bible

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, consisting of 66 books (39 in the OT and 27 in the NT; nothing more, nothing less). It is inerrant in its original manuscripts and infallible in its authority. It is the ultimate authority guidebook from God to Man, being necessary and sufficient for every person to know, if they so want to, everything needed for salvation and living a life on Earth for Christ. It is is inerrant in all things it mentions, including science, geology, history, archeology, philosophy etc, and is to function as a guidebook in those disciplines. As the ultimate authority, whatever it says is to be obeyed. The principle of interpretating it is thus found in itself.

I agree with the statements made by the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy


Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity. He is God from eternal past to eternity future, being the Word in Creation. He entered into the world through His incarnation in history as a baby, by being born of the virgin Mary, of the house of David, of the Jews, at the time of the Roman Empire. With this incarnation, he is 100% God and 100% Man. He was sinless throughout His entire life, with His mission being to come down to die on the Cross for our sins so that whoever believes in Him would be saved and have eternal life. He was crucified by Pontius Pilate at the instigation of the religious leaders and after 3 days, He rose from the grave and appeared to His 12 disciples, then to other eye-witnesses, before rising to heaven after some time. In the future, Jesus would come back again to judge the entire world.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is also a personal God and He is given to all believers in Christ during and after Pentecost without distinction at the time of conversion. His purpose is to convict Man of sin, and of righteousness, and the world of judgment. He directs Man to Christ as the Savior of the world and aids believers in their walk and growth in Christ. He also gives spiritual gifts as He sees fit, without any special emphasis on any one gift. The gifts of the Spirit are given to build up God's people and His Kingdom for His sake, and thus are not necessary for salvation nor sanctification.


God created the world in 6 literal days, in the order stated in the literal and historical record of Genesis 1. God created a real Adam and real Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden. The creation was initially very good, without Darwinian evolution — 'nature red in tooth and claw'.


Adam and Eve, our first parents, sinned against God by rebelling against Him and disobeying His first command.This original sin resulted in creation being cursed and death coming on all creation, including all mankind, his posterity. Death and suffering entered the entire Creation and Man died spiritually and will someday die physically. Because of Adam's fall, all Man are born sinful, hostile and rebellious towards God and confirm their sinfulness by breaking His law continually. Man is born spiritually dead and hate God, actively or passively through apathy, with a passion. The Fall affects our entire being, such that we are unable to choose good in God even when given the choice, and unable by our own autonomous reasoning to find God.


Because God is holy and cannot tolerate sin, Man who is sinful is hated by God. Those who reject God would face His wrath and would be sentenced to hell and the lake of fire, which was initially prepared for Satan and his demons, where there will be eternal torment and eternal separation from God.


God who is Sovereign, chose to save an elect people before the creation of the world, such that He would show His mercy and love on a particular people whom He has chosen, not because of anything they have done, but because of His Sovereign grace. Man who is depraved in his totality will not choose God whatever the circumstances, thus God by His free mercy pour out His saving grace upon this elect, regenerating them and opening their eyes to see their desperate condition before God. In brokenness and repentance over their sins, these people would by faith alone accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, whereby their sins are imputed to Christ and Christ's righteousness imputed to them, and as their Lord, thus living each day in obedience to God. Thus being justified, they learn to grow in Christ everyday by cooperating with the Holy Spirit in their sanctification.

Although God is the person who saves, evangelism by preaching is necessary as God is the one who has decrees that this is the method he has ordained to bring His elect to him. Thus, Christians must evangelize all people and trusting God to use us as an instrument to save the elect, whom we do not know, unto salvation.
Verses and elaboration.

Special and General Revelation

General revelation is that which is easily seen or induced from nature and from one's own reasoning. God has made it such that Man, if he is unbiased and willing to follow ideas and facts to their logical conclusion, would be able to know that God exists. Thus, because of this, all Man stand condemned for not finding Him even though He could be found, regardless of their inability to do so due to their sin. Special revelation is the revelation of God as seen in the Bible. It alone shows the way of salvation yet it is rejected by Man apart from the Spirit, as the message of the Bible and specifically of the Cross is a stumbling block and foolishness to the world. Only the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of the elect so that they may comprehend God's Word.


The sacrament of baptism is the outward sign of the inward sign of regeneration and conversion. As such, every believer should be baptized as soon as possible. Baptism by itself does not confer any salvific benefits; it does not therefore mean that those who are not baptized are not saved. There may be saved, non-baptized Christians as there may be unsaved, baptized 'christians'. There is only one baptism by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit entering into the person's life at conversion.

The Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper, or the Eucharist, is a sacrament ordained by the Lord, in which only believers are to partake of it and do so after they have examined themselves. It is a remembrance of our Lord's sacrifice on the Cross and waiting for His coming again. Also, it is a sacrifice of praise for His love and grace to us, drawing us out of darkness into His light. In it, we also feed spiritually as Christ, by means of this sacrament, draws us nearer to Himself as we meditate on His atonement and the New Covenant in His blood.


The Church of Jesus Christ is the invisible body of Christ, being made up of regenerate Christians from all denominations, ethnicity and languages. The visible body of Christ is made up of both regenerate and unregenerate people in churches who preach the true Gospel, with those who don't being apostate though they may still be called churches by people.


Jesus Christ would come back one day in the future, which only God will know, to bring history to an end, and to judge the living and the dead. These will come only after the time of the Antichrist, who would exalt himself above God.