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Rules and Regulations

1. This is a Realistic Role-playing Game. Meaning sex, drugs, alcohol, & swearing are allowed, but there are limitations on the swearing. No major swearing, you all know what I mean. Either star it out or keep it to a minimum. But if you’re caught by the police high, raping, or drunk, in the slammer for you.
2.The name rule is a flexible one. If you want the same first name as someone else, you have to ask them, and if they agree, it’s fine by me, but you are required to tack on your last name or initial after the name. Last names must vary.
3. Pictures are flexible as well. If you have a personalized pic that you want to use badly, you must ask the original owner if you can use it too, but it must be personalized to show the difference.
4. No m.urders or
5. Language arts are required. Bad Example: hey dud what u doing. oh then c u lata. Good Example: Hey, dude, what are you doing? Oh, then, see you later. (You don’t need to use all proper speech) But there are things called “shift keys” above each control button. Use them. And there’s a spell check on Word Processor. If you don’t know how to spell a word, check it. And punctuate.
6. Animals are allowed to be role-played. Wild horses can play, but they have to live at the mountain board, forest board, caverns board, or beach boards. If a human posts saying they caught them at the boards, I’ll flip a coin. Heads you go, tails you stay. But keep in mind this is a human RPG.
7. We need managers for all the stores currently. If you want to manage one or have a new store, post in my office. Same goes for houses.
8. Respect all the players, and respect me, Sara.
9. Advertising on the advertising board. Kapish?
OK then. To prove you have read the rules, put Paradise Rockz in your post somewhere.