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Zeus VS Typhon

5 main characters.

4 Main Events

Dressing Up prince Cadmus
Getting the sinews
Banishing Typhon

This is the story of Zeus and the Typhon: The Typhon was hidden in the mountain caves by mother Earth. It was so large that when it stood in the deepest water it only came up to it's waist. The typhon went to fight Zeus on mount Olympus. The fight shook the Earth like no battle before it, but in the end Zeus was the stronger of the two and he won out the battle. When zeus thought he was through the Typhon made one last terrific effort and wrenched the sickle that Zues had been fighting with form his hand. Then he wrapped his mighty body around him and held him captive. With a few mighty swings the Typhon cut Zues' immortal sinews off, leaving him motionless on the ground. he then retreaeted to his cave with the sinews. Hermes and Pan then found Zeus laying on the mountain and the went to get Prince Cadmus. When he was found they dressed him up as an elderly sheperd and sent him into the feild by the Typhon with Pan's pipes. He played the pipes to lull him to sleep and when the Typhon heard this he asked the sheperd to play him more. Prince Cadmus said that if he had some sinews then he could play his lyre for the beast, not knowing that the Sheperd was Prince cadmus Typhon gave him Zeus sinews. The sheperd then sent the Typhon off to sleep with his pipes saying he would go and fit his lyre with the sinews. After he was asleep the sheperd ran back to Zeus with the sinews and gave them back to him. When Zeus had his sinews back he went and banished the Typhon from his land and told him to never return.