Blessings Beloved!

I want to share with you all things about me, so you will know I am nothing different than you and God can and will use you just as He has me, despite yourself. I know, I am living and walking evidence, as is my life.

I am both helpmate and wife to my husband, a mom, a grand mom, full-time student, and entreprenuer. I have 3 grown children, one who is about to leave the nest, and one who will be with us for some time yet. God is Good and He is a God of second and even third chances. In fact I have learned through my walk that He is a God of as many chances as we have need of in any area we have that need. Hallelujah!

Everything about my walk with the Lord is unusual and I have often been called a peculiar prophet. Nothing I have experienced ‘fits’ into any mold that is out there and so consequently…neither do I. The Lord called me through the prophet Jeremiah. When those Words became rhema to me my mouth literally burned for a week. Since then every prophetic thing I have learned it seems I have learned the hard way….and unlike everyone else. I would always see and hear things differently. I would always ‘appear’ to be out of step with the others only to be assured later through manifestation that I was rightly in step. So go figure!

Out of the most difficult time in my walk thus far God has birthed a ministry through me of restoration. So…yea I am founder of a 501(c3) ministry too, called Beauty For Ashes Restoration Ministries Int’l. I am still learning what this ministry is destined for.

I have not come to this place without seasoning. I have ministered in my local church in the area of leadership over a small group; have been involved in church planting, home fellowship planting and oversight, and prophetic school meetings. I have ministered in local revival meetings, and internationally through inter-net ministry with various organizations. I have a call to minister to and equip leadership with a special heart for women in leadership or who feel called into that capacity. I also have a call to minister healing and restoration to those who have been broken, abused and set adrift in the body. God has a more excellent way for us and division has no place in His body.

God has been gracious to me and brought divine connections to me, some have grown out of places of destruction, division and broken relationships that He has restored for His purposes and my refinement and purification. See I told you I am peculiar and the things that I come learn come in unusual ways and are contrary to the understanding of men. It is my hope that He will continue to use these wonderful people, situations, and circumstances in my life to bring me ever closer to Him as well as bring expansion in this area so, through me, others may also know Him more intimately


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