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We have been honored to have our ears opened to hear His pure sweet voice and to share with Him the joys and sorrows of His heart. Our Father has called us out to the web to sow the seeds He gives to us. There is much that has been already done, but there is much that must be completed before His return. Come grow with us, and bless us by letting us grow with you.

We desire to be use by Him to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the outermost regions of the world.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to believe and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. We here all welcome you and ask you to consider answering His call to you.

Below is a quote from a famous minister who led many people to the Throne of God. Follow your heart and ask the Lord Jesus to be your Lord. Call to Him and He will answer.

Any of us here at this board will be glad to help you in any way we can to help you understand any questions you have.


Enter a Sinner... and leave a Saint:

Let me take another illustration. There was the blood in Goshen. God says, "When I see the blood I will pass over you." Now He does not say, "When I see Moses' feelings, or the feelings of the people, I will pass over you"; or, "When I see you praying and weeping, I will pass over you"; but, "When I see the blood I will pass over you." It was the blood that saved them, not their righteousness. And a little child by that blood in Goshen was just as safe as Moses or Aaron or Joshua or Caleb. It was the blood that saved them. Look! there is the Jew taking the hyssop. He dips it in the blood, and strikes it on the doorpost. One minute it is not there: the next it is there. The moment the blood is there they are saved. God says, "When I see the blood I will pass over you." Some people say, "If I were only as good as that minister I should feel so safe" or, "If I were only as good as that mother in Israel who has been praying fifty years for the poor and unfortunate, should I not feel very safe? " My friends, if you are behind the blood, you are as safe as any man or woman who has been praying for fifty years. It is not their righteousness and good works that are going to save them. They never saved any one. God says, "When I see the blood I will pass over you." [ABCOG: Moody understands "pass over" to mean "bypass". It can also mean "hover over to protect"] And when I am sheltered behind the blood, then I am saved; and if I am not sheltered behind the blood, I am not saved. That was instantaneous, was not it? God says, "When I see the blood, it shall be a token, and I will not enter." Death came down and passed over Egypt; and where the blood was on the doorpost he passed by; but where the blood could not be found, in he went and took the victim away. The great palaces could not keep out death; wealth and position could not keep out death. He went and took the Crown Prince of Egypt; he took the richest and the poorest, the highest and the lowest. Death makes no distinction, except a man is behind the blood.

My friends, be wise to-night, and get behind the blood. The blood has been shed. The blood is on the mercy-seat; and while it is there you can be saved. God is imputing to His Son your trespasses and sins. He says, "I will look at the blood on the mercy-seat." Press in, my friends; make haste and get in tonight; for the Master of the house will rise up by-and-by and shut to the door, and then there will be no hope.

Taken from Dwight L Moody's Last Sermon in London. Preached July 11th, 1875


Crosslight Ministries Meeting Places

Crosslight Ministries

Crosslight Ministries is a seasoned group of Christians who have gathered together to grow in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You will find topics on all kinds of things. We have a Men's Only forum, a Women's Only forum, a Prophetic Forum where you can post what you have heard the Lord say in your heart, or post your visions, or if you do not yet hear the voice of the Lord, we have a teaching area where you can learn to be led by the Holy Spirit.

We are just now starting the first phase of Crosslight's Audio Learning Center. This is where we are going to get into practice of teaching the Word of God in our calls (if we have the call to preach). Some will just benefit from these seasoned teachers. I call them seasoned because they have walked with the Lord strong in their faith for years. Christ Jesus has been tested in their lives and they have made their choices.. to follow Him all the way.

There is a light side to our Forum too. We like to share the latest pictures we get from our emails, or jokes that hit our funny bones, or just talk about our pets. We have a little of everything. But, you will find that Crosslight Ministries is the home of the Holy Spirit. We keep a peace and joyful expectation of His always being there. We do not allow strife or division, arguements or things that cause harm to His sheep. We don't mind discussing thing, just that we want to keep everything in the love of Jesus.

We also have a prayer forum for you to post your needs, your testimonies, and share with us what you have learned over the years of praying. We know the Lord Jesus heals today, and we know He answers our prayers. So, you can post your prayers and expect a miracle. All we ask is that you come back and share with us the joy of your help in the time of need. That way, the faith of others is also increased.

Come and Join us today.

Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest is a private forum for young eagles who need support in growing in their positions with the Lord Almighty. Eagles, (Prophets) are a special breed, not as in more special than any other child of God, but just different. It is our desire that like minds come together and grow together without fear of rejection or misunderstanding. And, from one prophet to another, misuderstanding is easy because there is a lot we don't understand.

A prophet can be a seer, a scribe, or many other types. We receive things that, like children, we need to grow to understand what they mean. It can be confusing. It can be hard to find someone who will understand your time of 'trying to confirm' something is of God or not. There are issues of spiritual warfare, issues of styles, issues of rejection, hurts, wounds, hard sayings, and a totally different lifestyle than many others.

What I will need from you is for you to email me. (crosslight@verizon.net)Tell me a little about yourself. Tell me what you have been through, or when and how you received your call by the Lord. Write me. And after we have communicated a little and you feel comfortable, I will validate your request to join.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, but, everyone will get this same request. That way, you will know you are safe when you begin to relax and trust again.

In His Service, Stacie

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Friends and Family
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Crosslight is honored to aligned with two other ministries. These ministries glorify the Lord and His work here on earth now. The Prophet's Place, hosted by one of our ministers, Joan, is a place where prophets can gather and share what they are hearing from the Holy Spirit pertaining to the Church and daily living. The Healing School, hosted by Caroline, has been created to teach us what the Word of God says about spiritual and physical healing.

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