Meet Bill and Joan

Hi my name is Bill (of Bill and Joan) and I get to share with you a little about my life and my walk with our Lord Jesus.

Very early on we (my Mom and brother) were abandoned by my father and we were taken in by my grandmother and we lived on a farm. Grandmother was very Ďreligiousí and so we attended church three times a week. This is where I heard of God but not so much about Jesus. Young mind, great stories but they didnít relate to me.

Mom met a wonderful man, got married and we moved from the farm to Kansas City, Missouri. where I was raised. Not too much movement with our Lord at this time, I was too busy having fun.

Along came Vietnam and I decided that I didnít want to live in mud holes, so I joined the Navy were I met my beautiful wife. Also at this time our Lord Jesus took me aside and gave me some kindly yet FIRM advice about my life and where I was headed (lets just say that it was lake (of fire) front property).

With the help of my Lord and my wife, I have turned 180 degrees and am now a humble and dedicated servant to the Lord.

It is now my privilege and great pleasure to introduce you to my lovely wife Joan.

Hi all. It is with joy that I share a little about myself and then our family. I was born into a loving home. My Dad was kind of stand offish with us kids (an older brother, me, then another brother and younger sister) and somehow couldnít relate to us wanting to have fun as often as we did. He was born during the depression and their life was much harder than the one we kids were born into. We didnít have much and hand-me-down clothes were a part of our lives. My Mom always made the holidays special and gave so many traditions to us and I am blessed to see them being carried down to our grandchildren by our girls. I also learned much about God through my Mom, not so much by her words but by her actions. She walked in the fruit of the spirit without even realizing it. My parents married young and my Mom realized how much she needed Godís help in raising us kids and He was faithful to answer her prayer in this regards. My brothers and sisters were sent to church even though our parents did not always attend. I guess you could say I always believed in God but only knew Jesus as the one who died for our sins. I had a good fear of the Lord and that kept me in check, most of the time.

My youth was rather uneventful. Guess you could say my life really began when I met my husband, a handsome sailor. The uniform sure didnít hurt. God was invited to our wedding and He has been with us every since. Thank You, Lord!!! Being a service manís wife taught me a lot about dedication and faithfulness, to hang in there even when times were tough because a commitment is a commitment - plain and simple. To know the blessings of God and to know the blessings of this country is not to take either lightly.

Our marriage has not been without problems or challenges and we know with a certainty, had it not been for our God and our Lord Jesus Christ, we would not have survived many of the trials that were put our way. We are blessed with four beautiful daughters (where we have had to send out s.o.s.Ďs to the Lord much like my Mom did so many years ago!) Three are happily married and between them there are eight grandchildren that they have blessed us with. Another precious one is due to enter this world in late August or early September.

Early on in our marriage we took a class that opened up the Bible to us in a new and profound way and put us on a journey that we continue to take today, striving to draw closer to our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. There is much more we need to learn, more changes required in our lives so that we can become more like Him. We have found that the Lord has placed within our hearts a love for His people and for the lost and He has shown us how much He treasures each one of them. So do we so, please know that when we say we love you we honestly mean it. Billy and I are not special but His love that beats in our hearts is special and we want to share Him and His love with others. Should people allow us to do that, we are more blessed than are they. It is what God has called us to do, to love His people and to encourage them on as He has done for us. To God be the glory. God bless!

Bill and Joan

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