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Yum yum. New stuff is at the bottom.

All pictures drawn by the Angel unless otherwise noted. In case neither that nor the little bits of text on the pictures themselves didn't clue you in, don't steal the pictures. Remember: I have the originals. You don't.

That being said, on with the art! Bon appetit.

black and white; sharpie; april 2003
Character sketch of Julian. I don't like this one. Oh, and his shirt says "the Pearly Gates".
colour; sharpie, gel pens, and water; april 2003
The Pants! In full colour! (Lexus is just background details. He doesn't matter compared to The Pants.) His shirt says "Olive Green" because God and I were trying to figure out which colour would look worst with fuschia plaid pants, but then I decided I wasn't going to draw that.
black and white; sharpie; april 2003
Ginger holding her drumsticks. I think I messed up her left leg.
black and white; sharpie; april 2003
Our favourite pianist, Whisper. Her hair, by the way, is Tylenol-red.
color; gel pens; june 2003
The Heavenly Host. All five of us, minus one. Okay, maybe Sparky doesn't really count as a member of the Host. From left to right: God, the Angel, the Cherub, and the Seraph.
color; felt pens; june 2003
Lucy'n'Lily. Everybody, 'awwww' on cue! One, two, three... Awwwww.
color; felt pens; june 2003
Random Entities who are mostly but not completely on the side of the angels. From right to left: Sparky, Evolution, Fate, Fate's Assistant, Time, Mother Nature, and Death.
color; felt pens; july 2003
The Manager. Looks rather bitchy. I think maybe I shouldn't have coloured his lips quite so redly.
black and white; ink; july 2003
The Producer. Except for the clothes, I still think he looks like Shabranigdo, but hey! God approves.
black and white; pencil; august 2003
'K'. The clerk at Crouton's. He's taller than this, though. And his shirt says 'Byzantium'. If you wanted to know.
black and white; pencil; august 2003
Ashley. I was trying out perspectives.
black and white; ink; april 2003
Ashley again. I delayed putting this one up because Ashley hasn't been written in yet, but God says she doesn't care.
black and white; ink; april 2003
Kay: a character design. I rather like this picture.
colour; ink/watercolours; june 2003
Mmm, jailbait. (There are NO SPOILERS here. NONE. ) Again, delayed because of Ashley. Really, Ashley, you're holding everybody up! Have some consideration.
colour; photograph; school year; made by the Hand of God
[sings] It's only a paper band... Revel in the madness.
colour; ink/felt pens; september 2003
Ashley is such a... a girl. This was a birthday card thingie for a friend who likes Obi Wan Kenobi (he's the doll}.

... Yes, that's a dryer. No, it's not what you're thinking. Perverts.

color; watercolours & ink; september 2003
Lilith, being the sexy thang she is. Done for my friend's birthday, because we kind of sort of lifted Lilith's character design wholesale off her ^^.
color; watercolours & ink; november 2003
Ashley and Whisper! Being their eyeblinding selves!
black and white; ink; february 2004
Dorian and Griffin sitting on a park bench. ... There are no spoilers here. Really. [shifty eyes]