Last Update: Saturday, December 25th. 1:00AM
Please e-mail me at or instant message me on AOL at Chuckwagon37. Id love to hear from you.

Saturday, December 25th

Merry Christmas!!! Well I have one success to report and that is of former Twin Rich Becker. I also got an RTS from Andruw Jones, I guess I'll try to dig up another address.

Tuesday, December 21st

Got one back today. Ben Petrick came back in a little under 2 weeks. He is a good man and really hope he is able to recover from his illnesses.

Monday, December 20th

Hey, sorry for the long wait for an update. Been busy with finals and the scanners been down, but anyway, we are ready to rock and roll now. I got the Tom Brunansky scan up. I also have two others to report that both came in Saturday the 18th. Chase Utley and Orlando Hudson. I was really happy to see both of those back. Hopefully I'll get some more mail and update before Christmas, if not, have a happy holiday!

Sunday, December 12th

On Friday I got an RTS from Jay Buhner. I think the Harvey list has the wrong addy so I tracked down another one and I'll be mailing it out on Monday.

Thursday, December 9th

I got one return in today, my first in over 5 weeks, and that was Tom Brunansky. My scanner is busted so I don't know when the scan will be up, but I'll try to get it up ASAP. Have a good one.

Wednesday, December 8th

Hello to anyone who still goes here. I'm updating here for the first time in about 5-6 weeks. I've been pretty busy with school and stuff so I haven't really had any time or money to send out stuff... BUT I think I should be getting some mail here soon. In the past week I've sent out about 20 requests and should be sending out roughly 20 more before the new year. So please continue to check back because I hope to be getting mail soon!!! Have a good one guys.