College Cheerleading Scholarships

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Alabama State University
Scholarships are available.

Alvernia College Cheerleading
There are Scholar Athlete opportunities available.

America's Best
America's Best awards $500 college scholarships to individuals winning their division at one of three National Championships events.

AmeriCheer Scholarship

Ancilla College - Indiana
Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Anderson University - South Carolina
Scholarships are available and award amounts are based on scores at tryouts.

Appalachian State University - North Carolina
Cheerleaders receive full support from the Athletic Department with Student Athlete status. Football and Basketball Tickets are provided, plus uniforms and a meal Stipend when traveling.

Aquinas College - Michigan
The top 16, determined by try-out scores, will receive a $250 athletic scholarship.

Arizona State University
Scholarships will be offered in the near future.

Arkansas Tech University
The Spirit Squad programs offer a Leadership Scholarship of $40o/semester for squad members and $500/semester for Captains.

Auburn University - Alabama
Scholarships are available.

Auburn University at Montgomery - Alabama
Athletic scholarships are offered.

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Baker University - Kansas
BU provides all uniforms, poms, bags and traveling expenses to games and competitions.

Barton Community College - Kansas
All in-state persons that make either the cheer or dance teams will receive a full books and tuition scholarship per semester. All out-of-state persons that make either the cheer or dance teams will receive $500 plus books scholarship per semester.

Baylor University - Texas
The university provides all uniforms, shoes, bags, warm-ups, poms, and travel expenses to games and camp. Book stipends are given depending on seniority and there is an academic stipend awarded to those two students who have the highest GPA on their respective squads. Cheerleaders also receive a maximum of two HP credits.

Belmont University - Tennessee
All cheerleaders will receive a partial scholarship, depending on how many years you have been on the squad. Scholarships range from $1,000 - $2,500. In addition, all uniforms, shoes, practice clothes, warm ups, bags, traveling expenses, poms, megaphones, etc. are covered.

Benedict College - South Carolina
Athletic scholarships are offered to cheerleaders.

Bethany College - Kansas
All uniforms, bags, camp fees, travel expenses, etc. are paid for by Bethany College. All members of the cheer squad receive scholarship starting at $1,000 per year as an Athletic Performance Award, with more possible based on need and talent. Dual Athletic Award Scholarships starting at $1,500 are available to those students who maintain at least a 3.0 and are selected to be on the cheer squad and another athletic team after thier first year of participation.

Bevill State Community College - Alabama
Cheerleader scholarships, covering books, tuition, and fees, are offered at the Fayette and Jasper campuses.

Blinn College - Texas
There are 16 cheerleader scholarships and one mascot scholarship that covers tuition, fees and use of books. Members of the squad can also earn credit towards the required physical education classes. The college pays for all uniforms, poms, ponchos, travel accommodations and food.

Bradley University - Illinois
Scholarships available.

Brigham Young University - Utah
BYU's Cheer Squad members receive partial tuition scholarships. Additionally, travel to all away games is provided for (including per diem) by the university.

Boston College - Massachusetts
The squad is sponsored by Reebok, so all cheerleaders receive free Reebok sneakers, warm-ups, t-shirts and sweatshirts, and other team gear.

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California State University, Long Beach
Scholarships available.

Catawba College - North Carolina
Scholarships are available for all cheerleaders who qualify.

Central Christian College - Kansas
One credit hour will be credited for participation in the program.

Central State University - Ohio
Scholarships are given to all team members.

Cheer Ltd. Scholarship

Chipola College - Florida
Scholarships are available for squad members.

Christian Cheerleaders of America
Scholarships and prizes worth more than $1,000,000 are offered by the Christian Cheerleaders of America at their National competition.

Clemson University - South Carolina
At this time, Clemson offers 4 scholarships to cheerleaders: the Fuzz Burdette Scholarship- 1 scholarship of $750 for the cheerleader with the highest GPA, and the Johnston Cheerleading Grant- 3 grants of $500 each based on need and overall attitude. Uniforms, camp, camp clothing, shoes, warm-ups, travel, per diem money on away trips and a parking pass for home games are available for all squad members.

Cleveland State University - Ohio
After completion of one full semester as a cheerleader or mascot, all members are eligible to receive a full book scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on attendance, performance, dedication to the team, and current academic standing.

COA (Cheerleaders of America) and the Shirley Wedge National Cheer And Dance Scholarship Fund

Coastal Carolina University - South Carolina
Some scholarships are awarded to cheerleaders.

Colby Community College - Kansas
CCC offers athletic scholarships for cheerleaders.

College of Charleston - South Carolina
The College of Charleston offers limited Cheerleading scholarships. Lots of information on their site covering their program, tryouts and scholarships.

College of Eastern Utah
Contact the college for more information.

College of Southern Idaho
Incoming freshmen and other first-time squad members receive a $250 + books scholarship. Second-year members receive a $500 + book scholarship. All travel expenses are covered as well as uniforms, shoes and warmups.

Columbus State University - Georgia
Scholarships available.

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Delta State University - Missouri
Financial Support is offered to the coed (green) squad, consisting of a cheerleading scholarship consists of up to $500/semester and out of state tuition waivers. The mascot scholarship consists of up to $250/semester.

Dodge Community College - Kansas
All members of the Conquistador spirit teams will receive a tuition and loan of books scholarship.

Drexel University - Pennsylvania
All Spirit Team members receive uniforms, warm-ups, footwear, and other necessary equipment and apparel and eligibility for financial aid in the form of a "Cheer Award". They enjoy Student-Athlete status which includes full use of the athletic department training room and use of a gym locker for the year. Travel expenses and meal money is paid for.

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East Carolina University - North Carolina
Cheerleaders receive financial support as well as uniforms and equipment from the school.

Eastern Arizona College
Scholarships are awarded based on cheer experience and the coach's recommendation.

Eastern Kentucky University
Scholarships available.

Eastern Oklahoma State College
Memebers of the cheerleading squad may apply for a room scholarship.

Eastern New Mexico University
Each team member receives a scholarship.

Elon University - North Carolina
Squad members receive book scholarships.

Emporia State University - Kansas
Scholarships are awarded based on experience and skill.

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Fairmont State University - West Virginia
Scholarships are available.

Faulkner State Community College - Alabama
Offers full tuition scholarships including books and fees. All uniforms, poms, camp clothes, camp fees, travel expenses (including hotels and meals) are paid for by the school.

Fayetteville State University - Fayetteville, North Carolina
Cheerleaders are eligable to receive a Scholar Athlete scholarship award.

Florida International University
Scholarships available.

Florida State University
Florida State University does not provide any cheerleading scholarships or stipends; however, there are no out of pocket costs. All items needed for FSU cheerleading and all traveling expenses are covered by the university.

Fort Hays State University - Kansas
All FHSU cheerleaders who elect to live in residential housing are eligible for a $1,000 dorm reduction scholarship. Uniforms, warm ups, shoes, poms, megaphones, athletic bags, camp outfits, and all camp expenses are provided for each squad member. Also, up to two credit hours in physical education per year can be obtained by being an FHSU cheerleader.

Fresno State University - California
The Athletics Department provides financial and administrative support of the spirit squad.

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Gadsen State Community College - Alabama
The school gives 10 cheerleading scholarships per year. These scholarships consist of tuition, books and some fees for approximately 42 hours/year. A scholarship for the second year is based on credit hours earned as a freshman and cheerleading skill levels. Gadsden State supplies all uniforms, shoes, practice gear, and warm-ups for scholarship cheerleaders and invited walk-on's.

Georgetown University - Kentucky
All uniforms are provided, and cheerleaders receive sneakers, warm-ups, duffel bags and other athletic gear at no cost. GU arranges and pays for all travel accommodations, including food and hotels, and registration and housing fees for attendance at UCA summer college camp.

George Washington University - Washington, D.C.
GW offers a competitive scholarship program which awards stipends to all members of the Spirit Program. These awards apply to tuition and University fee charges.

Georgia College and State University
Scholarships available.

Georgia Tech University
16 gold squad cheerleaders receive a book scholarship every semester. 16 gold squad cheerleaders also receive a "meal scholarship". This consists of two meals a day that can be used for breakfast lunch and dinner (free of charge) in the Athletic Association's dining hall for the entire school year.

Grace College - Indiana
Athletic scholarships are available for all squad members.

Greensboro College - North Carolina
Cheerleading team members are eligible for a performance scholarship.

Gulf Coast Community College - Florida
Scholarships available.

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Harding University - Arkansas
Cheerleaders receive scholarships of $500/semester for a total of $1,000/year.

Hawaii Pacific University
Cheerleading scholarships are available for both incoming HPU students and current cheerleaders.

High Point University - North Carolina
Scholarships are available for cheerleaders.

Hofstra University - New York
Scholarships are available for veteran team members.

Holmes Community College - Mississippi
Scholarships are available.

Houston Baptist University - Texas
Cheerleading scholarships are offered. HBU pays for uniforms, camp, camp clothes, travel to away games, meals for travel, etc. Also, HBU pays for squad tumbling/stunting lessons.

Howard College - Texas
Scholarships are awarded to every cheerleader who is chosen. Scholarship amounts depend on ability. In addition to the scholarship, the Howard College Cheerleaders also receive credit for lifetime fitness, which is transferable.

Hutchinson Community College - Kansas
Full Tuition and book scholarships are available for Kansas Residents. Out of state residents may become Kansas residents after one semester and then qualify for full Tuition and Book scholarships.

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Indiana Tech University
All Indiana Tech Cheerleaders receive an athletic scholarship for their participation.

Indiana State University
Coed squad members receive financial support from the school.

Indiana Wesleyan University
Scholarships range from $250 to $1,000. They are based on tryout scores and financial need and freshmen are eligible. IWU provides all uniforms, shoes, warm-ups, camp fees, and travel expenses.

Iowa State University
Partial scholarships/stipends may be awarded to second, third, and fourth year members.

Itawamba Community College - Mississippi
14 scholarships will be extended to members of the cheerleading squad.

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Jacksonville College - Texas
Scholarships are awarded after tryouts to selected cheerleaders and the school mascot.

Jacksonville State University - Alabama
Scholarships are available.

Jennifer Morris Memorial Cheerleading Scholarship

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Kansas Wesleyan University
Scholarships are available.

Kent State University - Ohio
All Coed and All-girl team members receive limited book scholarships, all equipment and uniforms, and work out facility privileges. Additionally, all travel is paid for by athletic budget.

Kentucky State University
KSU offers book scholarships.

Kilgore College Cheerleaders - Texas
Junir College that offers partial scholarships for cheerleaders. Uniforms, housing, and one credit hour of kinesiology each semester are provided by the college. Financial Aid and campus employment may be available if requirements are met.

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Lawson State Community College - Alabama
Athletic scholarships are available.

Lees-McRae College - North Carolina
Cheerleading scholarships are available.

Lewis University - Illinois
Scholarships are available.

Liberty University - Virginia
Cheerleading scholarships are available.

Lincoln Memorial University - Tennessee
Cheerleading scholarships are available to all cheerleaders and mascots. Scholarship amounts vary up to $1,000 depending on skill, ability and experience.

Lindenwood University - Missouri
Lindenwood University offers talent scholarships based upon prior academic success, financial need, and an athletic skill evaluation.

Louisiana State University
Financial Service Awards are awarded based squad and number of years with the program. The LSU Athletics Department pays all expenses directly associated with uniforms and athletic attire, as well as any cheerleading travel expenses and camp training fees.

Louisiana Tech University
Scholarships available.

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Marian College - Indiana
Scholarships are available for each squad member.

Marshall University - West Virginia
Scholarships are available for cheerleaders.

McPherson College - Kansas
Cheerleading scholarships are offered. Also, all expenses for cheer and dance are paid. The school covers cost of uniforms, warm-ups, bags, shoes, camp, travel, food, etc.

Meridian Community College - Mississippi
$400 scholarships are offered for Fall & Spring semesters for both freshman and sophomore cheerleaders. One hour class credit per semester is given for Varsity Cheerleading, plus an additional one hour of class credit per semester is given for Sports Conditioning.

Methodist College - North Carolina
Cheerleaders receive college credit for cheerleading as a varsity sport. They also receive letter awards for each year of participation.

Michigan State University
Cheerleaders receive equipment and athletic wear/shoes from NIKE.

Middle Tennessee State University
Twenty Coed squad members receive a $800/semester scholarship. Sixteen All Girl squad members receive a $350 scholarship for the fall semester. Two mascots receive a $500/semester scholarship that is applied Additionally, textbooks are provided.

Midland College - Texas
Cheerleaders and Mascots are eligable for scholarships. Students may obtain other assistance through our Ambassador Program, and academic scholarships when qualified. All uniforms, camp expenses, and travel expenses are paid by Midland College and participants receive college P.E. credit by enrolling in a 1 hour Cheer/Dance class.

Midwestern State University - Texas
Scholarships traditionally range from $400-$600/semester. Uniforms and trips to camp are paid for by the university. Out of town travel expenses and per diem are paid for by the university. Shoes are provided once per year.

Milligan College - Tennessee
Scholarships are available.

Mineral Area College - Missouri
Cheerleading scholarships awarded may be up to $500 and is applicable toward tuition, fees, textbooks, and on-campus housing. Cheerleaders also receive a P.E. credit.

Mississippi State University
Coed Varsity squad members receive a $200-500 per semester scholarship as well as camp clothes, camp fees, uniforms, and travel expenses. All-Girl Varsity squad members receive a $200 per semester scholarship as well as camp clothes, camp fees, uniforms and travel expenses. JV squad members receive a $250 per semester scholarship as well as camp clothes, camp fees and uniforms.

Missouri Baptist University
Talent scholarships are offered to cheerleaders based on prior academic success, financial need, and an athletic skill evaluation.

Missouri State University
Scholarships are available up to $300/semester. Warm-ups, shoes, practice clothes and other equipment is provided at no cost, and all travel expenses are paid for.

Missouri State University, West Plains
There is a $500/year scholarship awarded and shoes are provided.

Missouri Southern State University
Scholarships are available for squad members completing the entire school year.

Morgan State University - Maryland
Scholarships begin at $250 book scholarships to $5,000 tuition/fees scholarships. Scholarships are usually given to participants that have cheered at least one year at MSU. However, special consideration will be given to rookies that exhibit exceptional talent and work habits during summer practice.

Murray State University - Kentucky
8 book scholarship and 10 partial room scholarships are awarded to squad members.

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Navarro College - Texas
There are 20 scholarships available in the amount of $1,350/semester to be used toward housing. The scholarships will be given to the top candidates at tryouts.

Nicholls State University - Louisiana
Scholarships are available for co-ed squad members: 1st year $100, 2nd year $200, 3rd year $300, 4th year $400. An additional $100 for the fall semester and $50 for the spring semester will be awarded to the team captain.

North Carolina State University
NC State cheerleaders are fully supported by the Athletic Department and have Student Athlete status. Partial scholarships are available. Uniforms, warm-ups, etc. are paid for and members receive meal stipends when traveling. Members also receive tickets to football and basketball games.

North Idaho College
Cheerleading scholarships are offered.

Northeastern State University - Oklahoma
Cheerleaders receive a tuition waiver ranging from $1,000 to $1,400.

Northern Arizona University
Returning squad members will receive a book stipend.

Northern Kentucky University
Scholarships available.

Northwest Mississippi Community College
Scholarships are available based on tryouts and recommendations from teachers and coaches.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Scholarships are awarded to qualifying individuals.

Northwest-Shoals Community College - Alabama
Twelve scholarships are awarded covering tuition, fees, and books. NW-SCC also provides uniforms and travel to required away games.

Nova Southeastern University - Florida
Tryout information, scholarship info, and more on their site.

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Ohio Valley College - West Virginia
Men's and Women's Athletics Intercollegiate athletic scholarships may be awarded for Cheerleading.

Ohio State University
The Cheerleaders Scholarship Fund provides need-based, merit scholarships for undergraduate squad members.

Oklahoma Christian University
Cheerleaders are offered a scholarship of $1,000 per year for up to 10 semesters.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University
OPSU offers cheerleading scholarships to both in-state and out-of-state students. Alternates are not eligable for scholarships.

Oklahoma State University
Scholarships available.

Oregon State University
Members of the cheerleading program will receive a stipend for their participation. All uniforms and Nike gear are provided free of charge. All members will have the opportunity to receive tickets for OSU athletic events and will receive four academic credits for the year. Travel is provided to required athletic department events.

Ottawa University - Kansas
Scholarships are available for those who meet qualifications.

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Palomar Community College - California
Scholarships available.

Penn State University - Pennsylvania
All cheerleaders (both coed and all-girl) recieve a book scholorship. All members are also eligable for the Dr. Alan Scholl Scholarship if their GPA is above a 3.0 by the end of their freshman year.

Pittsburg State University - Kansas
Scholarships are available.

Portland State University - Oregon
All returning members of the team will receive a book scholarship. All members of the cheerleading and dance team will receive uniforms at no cost and most travel expenses paid.

Pratt Community College - Kansas
Squad members receive up to a full tuition and books scholarship which pays for all tuition and book costs up to 16 credit hours a semester. Online application for scholarship.

Presbyterian College - South Carolina
Cheerleading scholarship are given to each cheerleader and the amounts are based on tryout scores. Uniforms, equipment, and travel are covered by the college.

Purdue University - Indiana
Nike is an official corporate sponsor and members of the squad receive Nike practice gear, warm-ups, travel gear and shoes. Uniforms, poms and megaphones are provided at no cost. All uniforms are laundered by the equipment manager each team members is issued a locker in Mackey Arena to store practice gear and uniforms. All travel costs and competition fees are covered by the school.

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Ranger College - Texas
Each member of the RC Cheerleading squad receives $1,250/year or $625/semester and receive a one-hour P.E. credit for cheerleading. Uniforms are provided by the school.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick - New Jersey
Varsity cheerleaders receive a varsity letter, book stipends and meal money. Uniforms and equipment are also provided by the University.

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San Diego State University - California
Scholarships are available.

Samford University - Alabama
Scholarships are available.

Sam Houston University - Texas
Coed Squad members are supported financially by the school, which pays for all uniforms, poms, duffel bags, summer camp expenses, choreography fees, and travel fees. First year members of the coed squad receive a $500 scholarship per semester and veteran coed members receive a total yearly increase of $200 per year.

Shawnee Community College - Illinois
Squad members are eligible for four half-tuition scholarships and books are waived.

Southeast Missouri State
After two years on the squad, cheerleaders are eligible to receive a varsity letterman's jacket. The university supplies the cheerleaders with work out facilities, athletic trainers, official uniforms, warm-ups, shoes, megaphones and poms. Scholarships are available, based on seniority, that range from $300 to $1,000.

Southeastern Louisiana University
All squad members receive scholarships.

Southern Arkansas University
Scholarships are available.

Southern Mississippi University
Scholarships are available for all cheerleaders.

Southern Utah University
Athletic Scholarships are awarded by SUU athletic coaches.

Southwestern College - Kansas
Activity grants are available and vary according to the student's financial aid package.

Southwest Mississippi Community College
Members of the SMCC Cheerleading Squad receive full tuition scholarships up to four semesters.

Spartanburg Methodist College - South Carolina
Freshmen are given $600 scholarships/season and Sophomores $900 scholarships/season.

St. Francis University - Pennsylvania
Red Flash Cheerleader Scholarships are available.

St. Joseph's College - Indiana
Performance scholarships are available.

St. John's University - New York
Members of the Red Storm cheerleading team receive scholarships based on the number of years they've been on the team, up to $2,000 per year.

Stetson University - Florida
Scholarships available.

Stephen F. Austin University - Texas
The SFA Pom and Coed Cheerleading Squad are scholarshipped.

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Tarleton State University - Texas
A scholarship is awarded to all coed squad members. Coed members also receive two hours of physical education credit, and of state tuition may be waived for all out of state students.

Team Cheer Scholarships

Tennessee Tech University
Partial scholarships are offered to members of the Gold Co-ed squad. These scholarships are in the form of housing or cash.

Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Scholarships are distributed at the end of the season and may range from $200-$800.

Texas Tech. University
Cheerleaders receive a monthly stipend and out-of-state tuition waviers. Additionally, the university pays for cheerleaders' meal plans, uniforms and accessories, and travel expenses.

Three Rivers Community College - Missouri
Printable online scholarship application.

Tiffin University - Ohio
Extra-curricular scholarships are offered to all participants. Scholarship amounts are determined by ability, dedication and seniority.

Trinity Valley Community College - Texas
Scholarships are paid toward tuition, fees, room and books. Camp, pre-camp, clothing and meals as well as uniforms are paid for by the school. Additionally, meals and travel to games, athletic events and special events are paid for by the school. Cheerleaders can recieve Kinesiology credit - two hours each semester.

Troy University - Alabama
Scholarships are awarded to all cheerleading squad members.

Tyler Junior College - Texas
Scholarships are awarded based on academics, attitude, financial need, skills, seniority, and tryout scores. All qualified candidates will receive a scholarship in the amount of $400 plus books/semester.

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University of...

University of Alabama at Birmingham
All members of the cheerleading squad, dance team, and the mascot receive partial scholarships. UAB provides uniforms and pays for travel expenses.

University of Alabama at Huntsville
Scholarships are available.

University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
Scholarships are awarded.

University of Arkansas
All six couples on the Red Squad will be awarded scholarships. Additionally, six couples on the White Squad will be awarded scholarships.

University of Arkansas at Monticello
11 half-tuition scholarships are awarded to 10 cheerleaders and 1 mascot per semester. Additionally, one female and one male captain receive full tuition scholarships per semester.

University of Central Arkansas
Each cheerleader on the coed squad is eligible for up to a half-paid Tuition Scholarship.

University of Central Florida
Each varsity member receives a minimum of $1,000 per semester in scholarship money. In addition, out of state tuition waivers are available to a limited number of out of state team members.

University of Central Missouri
1st Year - $500, 2nd Year - $600, 3rd Year - $700, 4th Year - $800. Scholarships are awarded in the fall and spring semesters.

University of Central Oklahoma
Each squad member who is on the team will receive a $750 cash scholarship/year.

University of Delaware
The University offers scholarships of up to $7,500 per athlete (Full in-state tuition).

University of Evansville - Indiana
Shoes, poms, megaphones, and uniforms are provided by the school. Cheerleaders receive per diems for travel.

University of Florida
Partial scholarships for both the Orange and Blue Team. These scholarships are awarded based on years of participation, scholastic achievement and financial need.

University of Hawaii
There are between 12 to 14 full tuition scholarships set aside just for cheerleading which cover both in-state and out-of-state tuition. There is also a large number of WUE scholarships (partial tuition), as well as some financial aid tuition waivers for those that qualify.

University of Georgia
Scholarships are based on years of service to the program and the amount varies each year, ranging from $500 - $1,000 per semester. In addition, a small academic scholarship will be awarded at the end of the semester to all members who maintain a 3.0 semester GPA and who complete all requirements as set forth in the Performance Standards Contract.

University of Kansas
Scholarships include: $800/year for Blue Squad members + $100 if 3.0 GPA, $200/year for Red Squad members + $100 if 3.0 GPA, and a $2,000/year discount at Naismith Hall. Team members also receive free ADIDAS apparel and shoes, paid camp and competition fees, uniforms and warmups, two tickets to each home football game, and per diems during travel to away games.

University of Kentucky
All members of the Blue Squad will receive a scholarship equivalent to the amount of in-state tuition and a portion of the out-of-state fee will be paid. Also, all Blue and all White squad members who attain over a 3.0 GPA during the fall semester will receive a small academic scholarship at the end of the spring semester.

University of Louisville - Kentucky
The top ten guys and the top ten girls at tryouts are given scholarships.

University of Maryland College Park
Spirit Squad members provide 20 full book scholarships for the fall semesters. The selection process is based on several factors including: the number of years on the squad, need, talent, and attitude. The competition squad, as a DI sport, offers full and partial tuition scholarships.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
All team members receive uniforms, warm-up suits, camp gear, and 2 pairs of shoes. All travel expenses during the season are paid through the cheerleading budget.

University of Memphis - Tennessee
The coed squad receives 12 full in-state tuition scholarships and All-Girl Squad members receive $1,000 scholarships. UM provides uniforms, travel expenses, practice clothes, warm-ups, camps costs, competition fees, and any other necessary equipment.

University of Mississippi
All 28 (14 varsity, 14 junior varsity) squad members and both mascots receive $1,000 a year towards their tuition.

University of Mobile - Alabama
Scholarships are available.

University of Montana
Each Cheer Squad member receives a stipend to go towards his or her schooling. The amount may be based on years on the squad.

University of Nebraska
Cheer Squad benefits package is available to all team members.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Scholarship awards are available to team members that have completed a minimum of one consecutive year on the squad.

University of Nevada, Reno
Practice clothes, uniforms and warm-ups are provided. All Cheerleaders receive tickets to Football, Volleyball, and Men's & Women's basketball games. They also have access to the University Athletic trainers, training facilities, and athletic strength and weight facilities with team weight coaches.

University of North Alabama
Many different ranges of scholarships, including full tuition awards, are available.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
A maximum of $1,500 per cheerleader may be awarded. Eligibility and amount of scholarships are determined based on academic performance (GPA), individuals skills and financial need.

University of North Texas
Scholarships range from $200-$500 yearly. Uniform, camp clothes, shoes, warm ups, cold weather gear, practice facility, mats, etc. Out of town travel costs and per diem are covered.

University of Oklahoma
Scholarships available.

University of Oregon
Any team member who exceeds the standards set by the head coach will be eligible for partial scholarships ranging from $500 - $2,500 per year.

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Talent scholarhips are given as a tuition waiver of about $900/year.

University of Sioux Falls - South Dakota
Scholarships are awarded based on participation level, including captain status.

University of South Alabama
Scholarships are available.

University of South Carolina, Aiken
All cheerleaders receive a $200/year scholarship. Students selected who are out-of-state residents also receive a tuition waiver which reduces out-of-state fees to in-state fees (a savings of about $5,000/year). In addition, the Vickie Phillips Memorial Scholarship ($950) is awarded annually to a cheerleader who shows outstanding leadership, commitment, enthusiasm, inspiration, and academic success.

University of South Carolina, Upstate
Squad members receive a stipend each semester.

University of South Florida
Scholarships available.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Semester stipends are provided.

University of Tennessee at Martin
Scholarships are available and all practice clothes, shoes, travel expenses, etc. are paid for.

University of Texas at Arlington
UTA provides scholarships to all members of the cheerleading squads and the mascot.

University of Texas at Austin
Fall and spring semester scholarships may be awarded to Texas Cheer members based upon need, academic performance, cheerleading activity, and conduct. Scholarships range from $100 to $250 a semester.

University of Texas at El Paso
Financial Service Awards are given each semester.

University of Texas, Pan American
The University of Texas-Pan American Cheerleader Scholarship is made available for members of the cheerleader that meet the academic requirements.

University of Toledo - Ohio
Partial scholarships are given out to varsity cheerleading members.

University of Tulsa - Oklahoma
Cheerleaders receive scholarships, travel opportunities, and equipment and clothing as part of the TU Athletic Department.

University of Utah
Red Team members who take 12 credit hours per semester receive a $500/semester scholarship. Additionally, Captains of the Red Team (1 male, 1 female who take 12 credits) receive $1,000/semester scholarships. Bags, uniforms, and warm-ups are provided by the university.

University of Virginia
The school offers book scholarships to cheerleaders.

University of West Alabama
Scholarships are available.

University of West Georgia
Scholarships available.

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Vanderbilt University - Tennessee
Coed squad members receive a meal plan scholarship for both fall and spring semesters, which includes meals Sunday-Thursday. All-girl squad members receive a one-day a week meal scholarship for the fall and spring semesters. Scholarship Search

Virginia Tech Univiersity
All expenses associated with being a member are covered by VT. There is no fundraising involved as a member of the squad. All uniforms, practice gear, shoes, warm-ups, megaphones, poms, travel to away games, bowl games, ACC Tournaments, NCAA Tournaments, NCA/NDA Summer Camp and meals are paid for.

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Wake Forest - North Carolina
Varied scholarship money is available for up to 8 cheerleaders and 2 mascots.

Waldorf College - Iowa
Because Cheerleading is considered a sport at Waldorf, all cheerleaders receive scholarships.

Wallace State Community College - Alabama
WSCC offers two levels of scholarships: full athletic scholarships covering tuition, books, and fees and full tuition scholarships that cover tuition only. Partial scholarships are also available. WSCC also provides cheerleaders with all uniforms and assists with travel expenses, practice clothing, camp costs, and competition fees.

Western Kentucky University
Scholarships are available.

Western State College of Colorado
Cheerleaders are offered 10 scholarships, each in the amount of $250/semester. Selection of the scholarships will be based on the tryout/video, an essay, and an interview with coach and president(s).

West Texas A&M University
All members of the cheerleading squad receive a scholarship, which is awarded during the spring semester. The scholarship is based upon the number of years on the squad and is staggered as follows: first year - $200; second year - $300; third year $400; and last year - $500. Additionally, the University provides all camp clothes and camp expenses.

West Virginia University
Scholarships for the Gold team are awarded to in-state athletes.

Wichita State University - Kansas
offer a scholarship for all members selected to the co-ed cheerleading team. In addition, WSU will cover uniformss, shoes, camp, travel, meals for travel, and most other expenses that occur during the year for the co-ed team.

Wilmington State College - Delaware
Scholarships are awarded to selected cheerleaders based on talent, grades, and commitment.

Wingate University - North Carolina
Scholarships are available. Additionally, uniforms, shoes, cheer bags, etc. are paid for.

Wright State University - Ohio
Scholarships are awarded based on skill, grades, and seniority.

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If you know of a Cheerleading Scholarship or your College Cheerleading Program offers scholarships and is not listed on here, please e-mail me your information!