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This is me...accept me for what I am...not what I will become


            My name is Johnathon Clarke. I am 21 years old, born September 19th, 1982. I live in Goulds, Newfoundland right now, but I hope to be moving soon, far away to the mainland to make money and to do all the stuff that comes with being older than some forms of dirt.

            I have been a diabetic since August, 1990. I don't blame anyone or anything for that, I couldn't target a specific person for that anyway, I look at it as that I wouldn't be who I am without the discipline that comes with it.

            I like to read, do stuff like this web page, just about anything to do with computers for that matter, drink, eat, listen to music (I am very picky about my music), collect quotes, make my metal accessories and the like, talk and hang out with my friends (though I don't do much of that these day, because I am trying to save up to go away), and a bunch of other stuff which is unimportant and not very entertaining.

            Eventually, I would like to become something or other to do with computers and the internet, a webmaster or something of that nature. I believe that if you don't enjoy what your going to do for the rest of your life, it's just worth worth it.


As you can see, I like my steel, in my opinion, I think that the more you have, the better it looks. Ink is good too, but it just isn't painful enough in my mind.