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Places where my friends and I go...You can go there if you think you can


Blue kaffee - A site created as a project, but has now bloomed into a massive site where Newfoundlanders can post daily journals, talk in forums about a large selection of topics, post things in a buy and sell column and many other different things. Keeps track of friends made and a cool points system, letting you know how posts and contributions you have made to the site.

Hotmail - Lets face it, if you don't have an email account by now, your screwed. I deem this site still one the best places to get a email account. has a great user interface and a good amount of space for keeping your mail. getting a hotmail account also gets you a .NET passport, which is required to run MSN messenger, one of the best IM programs to date. - It's simple, you type for what need, it finds it, download it, your done. I have found many useful programs just flicking through the pages upon pages of programs listed at this site. I search this site first before looking things up on P2P programs like Kazaa, because I believe that if it isn't on, it shouldn't be trusted.

More to come...obviously