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Cameron and Claire's Home Page

New Photos

Cameron Learning to Ride Sept 2005

Old Photos

July 2004

Cameron and Claire with Cousins Brittany, Adelaide and Sophia

Claire's First Birthday April 2004

Christmas 2003

Holiday to Bunbury, December 2003

Cameron and Claire November-December 2003
Cameron and Claire September-October 2003
Cameron and Claire August 2003
Claire at 2 Months
Claire at 3 Months
April 2003 Cameron, Claire and Geoff

Do you want to see all the gorey details. Warning! Some viewers may be offended!!
Photos of Claire in the operating theatre.
1st week at the hospital
Odile, Scott, Jess, Pete, Michelle, Jeremy and Evelina at the hospital
Adrian, Tim and Beck on Claire's 1st Weekend Home
Ist Bath at Home
Christmas 2002 Photos
More Christmas 2002 Photos