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Wings Dive

Scholar Kevyn

I learned this much by studying the remains of several fallen islands and from a few discussions with the Sphinx, Ciramas. Apparently the magic that held these isles in the sky caused great winds underneath the cities. Some of the very brave would dive off of the side in order to ride these winds back up to the top. These leggings appear to have been made to assist in such a performance. They were not made of cloth from what I can gather.

Sphinx Ciramas

A queen once was trusting to laws that then broke A kings crown she chased for through air for an heir
As down went the crown so the sky did despair
The magic she wore fell with her from up there.
Then the sky itself falling, for the queen not a care
Her leggings of magic in the forest now found.
At the end of cloud cities she was first to fall down.
I know now who found them but if it may be known

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