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Winged Helm (Hermes)

Scholar Ashton

The story of Hermes is a strange one. I am not sure what to make of what I have heard. It seems he can not be killed! He resides in Oceanus Notos on an island of miniature statues! It is said he has no love of the harpies, and they share a mutual hatred.

Sphinx Aidoios

I will tell you of the Winged Helm.
I walk among friends, yet I'm alone.
I talk to them often, though none I have known.
My mind is different from those around.
I appreciate life, color, and sound.
The crown of gold I know is the key,
Though brave I'm not enough to see.
My life is eternal so long as its worn,
But 'ware the harpies, their claws and their scorn.
They of all creatures are something to fear,
For only they have the power to end the year.

Note: Scholar Ashton refers to [Hermes] but you have to "/say Winged Helm" to Sphinx Aidoios to hear the related story.

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