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Tralador Oracle

Scholar Ashton

Ah, this is a tricky one to find. The tritons in Hesperos, Mesothalassa and Borea often fight for this oracle. At the moment, I do not know who has it!

Sphinx Aidoios

Of the Oracle you wish to hear. Then bring to me your ear.
Under water, above the sands
Find the temple. It still stands.
Enter not without a war,
But make it easier with something more.
Inside dwells a mind of fear,
Only most loyal may gather near.
With treasure gathered through plunder and pillage
From repeated assault on that submerged village
Can hirelings be bought to guard the prize.
And maybe this will open eyes:
The income is vital; leave it not
So that the hirelings' wrath is wrought.
Turn in an instant, you know they will,
For gold in their hand is what pays the bill.

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