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Staff of the gods

Scholar Ashton

Careful seeking this, Paladin. Many have died trying. An item touched by a god is not really meant for mortal hands. No hands touch it now. It lays somewhere in Oceanus Mesothalassa. Swim with the sharks, Paladin, you might have some luck finding the trident then, but they've a taste for the god's blood, so be wary. And look for the lemon tree.

Sphinx Aidoios

Here is what I know of the Staff of the God:

A nameless god,
A weapon left,
In to a king's hand with utmost trust.
A single betrayer,
A warrior armed,
To kill the god with said weapon's thrust.
A sunless place
Is jagger shield
Who would eat the taker, even a waif.
A dry shore,
A frozen guard,
Who keeps the cleansing citrus safe.
A plum awaits,
Three prongs of gold,
The one who finds the cure and becomes the wise.
A drop of ichor
A frenzy makes,
So strip the crimson and claim the prize.

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