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Sharkskin Gloves

Scholar Mailla

Ah, I have read quite a bit about Mariasha and her Sharkskin Gloves. Unfortunately most of what I've read is nothing but hearsay and rumor - sobekites, tritons, even crocodiles! Pure rubbish, I tell you. The few legitimate stories I've found refer to Oceanus Hesperos and the sharks that reside there. If you want to find the Gloves, that's as good a place to start as any.

Sphinx Senia

Lying on the ocean floor, this is where you will want to soar.
Not manta wings nor harpy screams, but sharks are feeding on all it seems.
Feed on your bones, they surely will. Just enough to get their fill.
Get the gloves, hurry now! Do not become a sea-cow.
Be fast like me and you will see
There was nothing to fear my dear.

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