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Scepter of the Meritorious

Scholar Mailla

Do you think you are worthy of finding the Scepter, Paladin? The information I have found indicates that various sobekites in Oceanus Boreal have been found worthy. I do not know if any sobekite has been chosen worthy lately or not, but if you want to find the Scepter of the Meritorious, I would begin looking there.

Sphinx Senia

Scepter, scepter, what you seek. Listen to me as I speak.
I speak in rhymes, sure and true. What is the scepter to you?
Always dabbling, always babbling. Crashing waves upon your breast. Creatures you need to best.
Many many want your death. Are you up for the test?
Find your friends, bring them round. Or you will be underground!
Find the Ferenc, evil thing. Beat him and you shall sing!
Scepter, scepter, all for me. Nothing less, Calderon's glee.

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