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Ring of Dances (Public Notices)

Scholar Jasmaria

Ah, these public notices, I have seen other notices, but not about this Ring of Dances. The last rumor I heard was based in Oceanus Notos, with the harpies. It seems they like to collect shiny objects as much as the Nerieds.

Sphinx Hesper

The Ring of Dances you say? Yes, I know of it. What can I tell you about it though, that is the key.
It remains on a seculded island that shouldn't be too hard for you to find.
But there will be challenges finding it, you know.
If I were you, I would try to either avoid the problems, or fight them.
Though...I don't know whether you alone would win the fight...
Nevertheless, take some friends, make a day out of it. Search for the ring on the island of the named harpy.

Note: Scholar Jasmaria refers to this as [Public Notices] but this does not trigger Sphinx Hesper to speak. You have to "/say ring of dances" to get her to tell you of this artifact. Public Notices are the scrolls that go to this artifact.

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