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Phoebus Harp ? (Phoebus Letters)

Scholar Ashton

Phoebus wrote a great many other songs that we have found. The one that you refer to is not his best work, but it is certainly his saddest. From what I understand, the neriads of Oceanus Mesothalassa are quite fond of his music.

Sphinx Callia

I will tell you but one thing, to obtain the harp they sing.
Remove it when the Sky holds true...lest you be a warrior true.
The Sky will make it easiest yet. This will be your best bet.

Note: Scholar Ashton refers to [Phoebus Letters]. I have found no Sphinx that responds to "/say Phoebus" yet. Callia did respond to "/say Harp" however. It appears this may be a necklace, but I have not confirmed that.

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