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Scholar Kevyn

Oh yes, the Kaos Shield. I was just talking about this to one of the merchants. We have figured out that it must be a centaur that holds this shield, though the name of this centaur is still a mystery to me. There are almost as many centaurs as there are trees in this land but I don't think they would give such a treasure to the village idiot.

Sphinx Seviach

The wind made it spin now a blade it may block
This heirloom of rulers where it's found is no shock
For ages house holds it as heraldry of the line
To away with this emblem don't carelessly try
His subjects are many, a kingdom for a horse
To withstand the onslaught have ready your force
If strong on the shore you hold back tides of war
Then his crest to the best it will be your reward

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